Glory for Me

Again, what more can I say to thank Alan for sharing all these stories…
Lest We Forget.

Wayne's Journal

From Glory for Me by MacKinlay Kantor:

When you come out of war to quiet streets
You lug your War along with you.
You walk a snail-path. On your back you carry it-
A scaly load that makes your shoulders raw;
And not a hand can ever lift the shell
That cuts your hide. You only wear it yourself–
Look up one day, and vaguely see it gone.
And one day it is gone if you are wise.

As quoted by John R. Bruning in The Patriot Journalist ( : accessed 26 April 2015).

Notes & Commentary

And now that Wayne’s Journal is finished, I would like to recognize those who over the years shared their stories with me . . . .

Bob, an infantry officer, who was in constant action with the 80th Infantry Division of Patton’s Third Army from August 1944 until the end of the war.

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