Davis Wing with a Nose for Art – B-24 Liberator

Research by Clarence Simonsen Link to the PDF version below Davis Wing with a Nose for Art Text version (all images will be added later) Davis Wing with a nose for art – B-24 Liberator In 1937, Mr. Reuben Hollis Fleet, president of Consolidated Aircraft, met with a freelance aeronautical engineer David R. Davis. Davis […]

Davis Wing with a Nose for Art – B-24 Liberator

Albert Cormier

Il y a trois ans, le 13 novembre 2019, j’écrivais ceci sur la troisième version de ce blogue dédié aux Alouettes, mais je ne l’avais jamais publié. L’histoire d’Albert Cormier est en train de s’écrire. Albert Alexandre Cormier faisait partie de l’équipage de Larry White. Le bombardier Halifax LK934 a été abattu dans la nuit […]

Albert Cormier

Three years ago, on November 13, 2019, I wrote this on the third version of this blog dedicated to the Alouettes, but I never published it.

The story of Albert Cormier is being written.

Albert Alexandre Cormier was a member of Larry White’s crew. The Halifax bomber LK934 was shot down on the night of 8/9 May 1944 over Kortrijk, Belgium.

Albert survived and his story will continue shortly.

June 12, 1942 A Night at the Beach

Much has been written about the eight central characters in this story. These individuals have been described by contemporary and subsequent sources alike, as Saboteurs, Nazis and Spies. Certainly to call them such, fed into the political expectations of the day. Yet their country had chosen them for this mission based on unique qualifications, separate and apart from whatever devotion they felt for the fatherland, or the Nazi party. It may be that these guys deserve every evil name that’s been heaped on them. Or maybe they were just eight guys who got caught up between two nations at war. It’s an interesting story. You decide.

June 12, 1942 A Night at the Beach