News from Paulson, Manitoba

I just got this message…

Boy, was I surprised.

Hello from Abbotsford, BC:

I have been viewing your story about #7 B&G School. As a newly graduated pilot with the exalted rank of Sergeant, I was posted to Paulson in September 9th, 1943 and left there for discharge on August 8th 1945.

My flying consisted of several hundred hours in Anson aircraft of various types, viz: Marks 1,2 and 5 mainly taking trainee Bomb Aimers over the targets located on the east shores of Dauphin Lake and also trainee Navigators after bombing and air gunnery exercises were discontinued. However, prior to that period I was transferred from Bombing Flight to Gunnery Flight and flew Bolingbrokes a much heavier and faster aircraft.

I have had the pleasure of walking on the old runways and also flying over the site of #7 on several occasions in past years. Memories of those days are quite clear and I have been fascinated in reading all the articles that have been written about this RCAF Station that was the largest B&G School in the BCATP.

My late friend had a collection of the Paulson Post magazines and I donated them to the CATP Museum in Brandon together with a few other items from those days.

Thanks for your efforts. I think that it is important that the memory of all RCAF training stations across Canada be preserved because the collective efforts had a real impact on our ultimate victory in the Second World War.

D. S.

I wonder if he met Eugène Gagnon…