The Last Japanese Holdout on Iwo Jima Didn’t Surrender Until 1949

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Excerpt: Speaking about POWs, have a little quip about the erroneous notion from the fascist officers of the Japanese considered refusing to surrender because it was “disgraceful that’s just parroting overt propaganda, the real reason is ugly. What, it’s “graceful to be killing each other for limited supples and cannibalizing, than surrendering? Doesnt add up. They refused to surrender because they firmly believed all the cannibalism of slaves and natives, POW brutality, raping underage girls was “normal and justified behavior and if ther imaginations ran wild thinking they would buffer the same if they lost. The Yamato samurai spirit and superiority over all races including the “cowardly capital white pigs whom they were told all sorts of racist lies (Like not putting radar on some ships for Midway was justified with only the blind white pigs need that, we just need our Japanese men with superior eyesight”)

Practicing the Art of War: Episode 11: Combat

September 1943 On September 4th, 1943, Convoy UT-1, carrying 13,000 American troops, including my father and the more than three hundred airmen of the Martin Provisional Group, arrived in Scotland. Within a day or two, the new bomber crews were at Combat Crew Replacement Center #11 at the airbase at Bovingdon just outside of London.…

Practicing the Art of War: Episode 11: Combat

Welcome Back to the CANAV Blog Remembrance Day 2022

Remembrance Day 2022 was well celebrated from coast to coast in Canada. This year I attended the service at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto, the final resting place of many Canadian aviators. The service centred on the mausoleum where Canada’s great W/C William G. “Will” Barker, VC, DSO, MC and 2 Bars, is entombed. A […]

Welcome Back to the CANAV Blog Remembrance Day 2022

Kenneth G. Roberts DFC, CD

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Ken was my mentor and close friend. I wrote a profile on him when I was in journalism school at Carleton U. in the mid to late 90s. I attended his funeral in Ottawa in ’97 and the profile was shared among his friends.

I will look for a copy to share here. He wrote other things, including a long story for children that I don’t think was ever published. He was on dialysis last few years. I remember he smoked and once when three of us were standing around smoking, I went to give him a light and he stopped me, explaining why the third light was bad luck: the enemy would spot you on the first light, aim at the second and shoot on the third.

While I had the pleasure of spending many hours listening to his stories and agree that The Way it Was is a great poem, Ken never spoke much about the way. My copy of the Way it Was is signed by him and says: “A life of research and writing is a great satisfaction.” Ken was a writer and my mentor.

Today, Nov. 11, I honor his memory as a veteran of WWII and am happy to read your account of his heroic life as Squadron Leader. Thank You.

Little is known about Squadron Leader Ken Roberts. I looked him up on Google. Not much. But since he received a DFC, I knew where to look.  Click here… ROBERTS, P/O Kenneth Godfrey (J89779) – Distinguished Flying Cross – No.158 Squadron – Award effective 15 March 1945 as per London Gazette dated 27 March 1945 and AFRO 1085/45 […]

Kenneth G. Roberts DFC, CD

JFK’s daring rescue mission on PT 59

On November 1, 1943, under the command of Lieutenant John F. Kennedy, PT 59 (pictured here) staged a daring–almost suicidal–rescue mission of surrounded US Marines on Choiseul Island in the South Pacific. This mission occurred less than three months after the sinking of PT 109 by a Japanese destroyer and Kennedy’s heroic efforts to lead […]

JFK’s daring rescue mission on PT 59

Welcome to the Fall 2022 CANAV Books Blog

RCAF 435 Squadron C-130H 130336 on the ramp at 17 Wing Winnipeg on September 28, 2022. This is one of the “H-models” delivered in 1986 as aerial tankers, but also to do the other many duties demanded of Canada’s Herc fleet. This day ‘336 was slated for a search and rescue training exercise in the […]

Welcome to the Fall 2022 CANAV Books Blog