Paul Sulkers Paying Homage to His Father

Paul Sulkers, Herm’s son, wrote me again and sent me this message…

Last month, he had sent me these two beautiful pictures of HMCS Athabaskan’s crew taken in April 1944.

Hi Pierre, on your site, which is such a great archive of history and special memories, you have highlighted several sailors by including their photo. I would be very appreciative if you could include my Dad’s picture along with the other material that you have already compiled for his memory.

I have also included a few other artefacts – a letter from the Manitoba Lt Governor indicating to my grandparents that he was missing that night 29th April 1944. Then post cards from Ham radio operators in the US that picked up Red Cross signals regarding prisoners of war, and then a letter from the Navy indicating that my grandparent’s son, Herm, was a POW. And then a letter from the Navy that my Dad has been released.

Sadly, 128 families only received the first letter from the Lt Governor.
Hope that you can use these.

Hope that you can post My Dad’s photo

Herman Cornelius Sulkers
Able Seaman
Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve

All the best as we approach the 67th Anniversary.


Come back tomorrow…

Hello, I Was Wondering If…

Hello, I was wondering if you have any photos of a crew member by the name of Russell Knight. 

Someone wrote me this last week. Russell Knight was her granduncle.

I found Russell Knight’s name in Unlucky Lady.

I went from there and look some more…

I asked her grandniece to identify him in the two pictures Paul Sulkers sent me…

She found him…

Now if I can find someone who knew my wife’s uncle who said he was a stoker on board when the Athabaskan sank on April 29, 1944.

Pierre Bachant’s name in not listed in the book.