Petty Officer G.E. Cooper

Petty Officer G.E. Cooper was a stoker working in the boiler room just like my wife’s uncle.

Both are not listed as being on board the Athabaskan when it was sunk on April 29, 1944.

I know my wife’s uncle did not make up such a story.

He said he was writing a letter in the boiler room when the ship was hit. The next thing he remembered was that he was in a liferaft and was picked up by the Haida.

He never wanted to say much more than that except how they checked for jammed pipes in the boilers using metal balls. They would drop them and wait for them to exit.

G.E. Cooper’s daughter wrote a comment…

My Dad is in this picture, 2nd row in the middle. He was a boiler engineer, CPO, by the name of George Edward Cooper, deceased 1990. He maintained he was on the Athabaskan when it was torpedoed and rescued, but the book, “The Unlucky Lady” does not have him listed as crew. 

Do you remember him?


Louise is surely glad she wrote me…

Petty Officer G.E. Cooper is in the green square according to the book Unlucky Lady.


The engine-room staff in September 1943