More About the Mid-Under Gunner Station

Mid-under gunner station on the Halifax

RCAF 425 Alouettes II

This is a post written in 2013.

Jack McLean had shared his story. He knew all about the mid-under gunner station.

The View From A Ringside Seat

Reprinted with the express permission of Airforce magazine

By Jack McLean — as told to Paul Nyznik

Jack Mclean 002-2

Halifax Mk III “Willie the Wolf” of 415 (Swordfish) Squadron which would carry mid-under air gunner Jack McLean on his tour-completing 32nd trip – a raid on a synthetic oil plant at Castrop-Rauxel, Germany on November 21st 1944. Note the mid-under gun position.

On the morning of a scheduled night mission, life on a bomber squadron in 1944 England stirs before dawn. And as the “new boy” on the squadron, I have already heard it all — about the crew failing to return from its first mission, from its “unlucky” 13th, its 31st — or any other number in between. In 1943-44 aircrew losses reached 55…

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