Paulson, Manitoba, 4 June 1942

I found this picture on the Internet of a Fairey Battle that crashed landed there.

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Eugène Gagnon flew on a such a plane before he flew on Mosquitos later in the war.

Eugène’s nephew has sent me more scanned photos or documents from his collection.

Some are priceless…

Eugène Gagnon was stationed at Dunnville and got his wings there.

I knew all that but now I have a picture.

Gene was transfered to Paulson on May 9, 1942.

He was most probably a witness to the crash landing of the Fairey Battle.

Lest we forget.

Paulson, Manitoba, 1942

Eugène was a  staff pilot at  Paulson,  Manitoba before joining the  RAF as a Mosquito pilot.

This  montage comes from Eugène Gagnon’s nephew and probably shows airmen from that base in 1942.

Jacques Gagnon knew very little about that picture.

I told him everything I knew about Eugène’s stay in Paulson.