A Soul Lost from WWII Comes Home – Part 7

A Soul Lost from WWII Comes Home – Part 7

Part 7…

Masako and Spam Musubi

vn 1 A Marine protecting Vietnamese children. This may be an AP photo.

I have a number of good friends who went to Viet Nam, another ugly war.  Without going into politics, my thoughts while on Leyte also went to these friends who fought on or were stationed in Viet Nam.

Unlike a certain former president, my buds did not evade the draft… or avoid, whichever term you prefer.  My friends did their duty.  When they got drafted, they reported for duty as any American man should have.

But while I certainly appreciate their sacrifices, nothing in what I’ve read gave a hint about the climate THEY in Viet Nam had to fight and survive in.  Having been on Leyte, I can now more fully sense it was indescribably WORSE than what was written, if any.

Just like for Uncle Suetaro and Smitty, their days were grueling and a throwback to the…

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20th August 1940 – Never in the field of human conflict…

Most interesting…


Winston Churchill knew how to coin a memorable phrase and the Ministry of Information knew how to use it. In the earliest posters using his words Bomber Command pilots were featured. Churchill included bomber crew amongst ‘the few’ when he spoke on 20th August.

Mes fidèles compagnons exemplaires du 91

About making contact through my blogs…

RCAF No. 403 Squadron

This is what Jean Demozay wrote me in a  comment in French about the picture below. 

His uncle was the Free French pilot Jean Demozay.

Vous aurez l’incroyable chance de côtoyer et de pouvoir parler avec le sergent  Connolly (sergent à la date de la photo ). Vous lui rappellerez peut être un détail important sur cette photo du Spit V: La bosse derrière le mât d’antenne, qui est le nouveau système de reconnaissance des appareils IFF pour Identification Friend or Foe. (identification des avions amis ou ennemis par les radars Anglais de basse et haute altitude).

Il est fort possible que Mr CONNOLLY garde un souvenir “mitigé ” de mon oncle.

Quand Jean DEMOZAY prend effectivement en charge le A Flight du 91, il reste Français avec un caractère bien “trempé “.

Malgré tous, dites-lui ce qu’il a écrit “MES FIDÈLES COMPAGNONS  EXEMPLAIRES DU 91”.



A Flight No…

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The Battle of Britain – Who remembers Darkie?

One of my readers added a  comment  on Contact made!


Interesting to note that another Derby born ‘Ace of Aces’ Arthur ‘Darkie’ Clowe was CO with 301 from August to November 1942. Previously he also flew in combat with 1 squadron in France where he received the DFM. He survived the war but died of cancer in 1949.


P/O “Darkie” Clowes climbing into his 1 Sqn Hurricane I at Wittering, in October 1940.


From the L to R; “Hilly” Brown, the Czech Sgt A. Zavoral, the P/O Hancock, the Czech, Sgt J. Stefan, “Darkie” Clowes, “Moses” Demozay, P/O JFD Elkington and the P/O Chetham.