Windsor Mills

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

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Hi Everyone
Just joined the group and am happy I found it. Dad served at #9EFTS St Catherines from 1939-44. Here is a picture of my actual Fleet Finch taken at #4 EFTS Windsor Mills Que
She is #4494 and I fly her in aviation events thru out Ontario.

A black and white photograph of E. Weldon McKay in winter flight gear in front of a Fleet Finch II Model 16B with a sliding canopy for winter flying.   The photo was taken while Weldon McKay was stationed at Elementary Flying Training School (EFTS) No. 4 Windsor Mills, Quebec.   Weldon McKay received his training at No.4 EFTS from November 22, 1941 to January 31, 1942. 

From the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Archive (source)

This is his plane…

More to come…

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Robert Barr

Remembering HMCS Regina K-234

This is how this story started. Kristy was replying to a comment left by a reader.

Hi Donna,

Robert Barr is my Grandfather. My Mother, (his youngest daughter) and I have quite a bit of info on his serving on the Regina including photos and newspaper clippings. I’d love to make contact with you so I can share these things. My Mother also has the medals he was awarded after his service. I didn’t know the story of his experience when the Regina sunk and am elated to have had some blanks filled in.
I could not agree more with you on the tragic circumstances of his death. We have the articles surrounding that sad occurence as well. Unfortunately he was not he only one to perish in the crash. My Grandmother’s best friend and two of her childern were also killed that day.

I hope that we can make…

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My Dad’s Missing War Pictures

RCAF No. 403 Squadron

Mark White writes about his dad…

My dad’s war pictures went missing for a number of years.

I had no pictures of my dad from the war.

In 2011 I contacted my dad’s only surviving brother, Tom, in Kenora, Ontario and asked him if he had any pictures.

He didn’t have any, but he obtained this picture from a local veteran, Edgar “Dink” Strain who had a wartime photo of my dad and three other Kenora vets onboard the New Amsterdam in August 1945.

Edgar took this photo:

(L to R) My dad George White, Clyde Hillman, Art Pykerman and Rolf Nelson.

I talked to Edgar Strain on the phone a few times. He had been a Warrant Officer with 421 Lynx Squadron during the war.

He was a very gracious gentleman and a very keen military historian with a tremendous amount of knowledge about the war.

When I talked…

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