Canadians in the Battle of Britain

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One attracted  my attention.
F/O J.P.J.Desloges a Canadian from No 1 (RCAF) Squadron was shot down on the 31st of August 1940 by a Bf 109 while attacking some Do 215’s. He baled out of his stricken Hurricane I (N2530) at 17:00hrs over Gravesend, he was severely burned. J.P.J.Desloges was killed in a flying accident in North Africa on the 8th of May 1944, aged 31.

RCAF Overseas volume 1

The next four days gave the Canadians a breathing spell. But on August 31st, while they were patrolling the Dover coast at 22,000 ft., they were attacked out of the sun by high-flying Messerschmitts and three of their number were shot down. So rapid and accurate was the attack and so deadly the fire of the enemy that only two of the Canadian fighters were able to bring their guns into action. The pilots of the three Hurricanes that were shot down baled out. Of these, F/O W. P. Sprenger landed uninjured, while Corbett and F/O G. G. Hyde received burns about the face, hands and legs. This was a costly lesson in the hard school of experience. The squadron was scrambled a second time on the same day and over Gravesend intercepted a large formation of bombers protected by a strong fighter escort. Blue section, composed of F/Os R. Smither, Little and B. E. Christmas, was split up in an endeavour to avoid the heavy anti-aircraft fire from our own guns and each pilot attacked one of the escorting Me. 109s individually. The result was that Christmas and Little each destroyed a Messerschmitt and Smither damaged a third. On the same scramble F/O J. W. Kerwin destroyed a Do. 215 and F/O B. D. Russel damaged a second. In this engagement Desloges was shot down in flames and was severely burned on the face, hands and legs before he could abandon his aircraft.


Update on Feldwebel Kramer

The people who have shared all this information and pictures want to remain anonymous for the moment.

Hi Pierre,

This is one of the photos, both are on our photo archives I’m sure. This is almost definitely Kramer’s plane at Shornemead.

Hope this is of some help.

11880769_990909790931047_853585246_nThis is the other picture although very faded.

11880302_990944814260878_710655407_n One of our members has all the facts and I believe she has Kramer’s helmet. She is assured it’s Kramer plane. I’m hoping to hear from her so will keep you updated.

I have briefly spoken to two members, they own the two original photos of Kramer’s crashed Me-109.

I am assured they are definitely his plane, they also own his flying helmet that was given to them along with the photos back in the early 70s, although they can’t be 100 percent that it is his. Sorry but have no photo of it.

Should I get a photo, I will certainly let you know.

Anyway I can tell you that Kramer was shot down in combat over the river Thames on 31/8/1940 approximately 13.30 hrs by Sgt Norman Taylor of 601 Squadron, he was also shot down by Kramer’s wing man. He bailed out and his plane crashed into the marshes not far from where Kramer’s plane crashed and burned out.

logbook page

601 Squadron Re-created
Norman Taylor’s family private collection

Sgt Taylor visited Kramer a few days later who was badly burned.

The two photos as far as I can maintain have never been in print and so shouldn’t have any copyright attached, I’m sure it would be fine to post them on site.

Contact made!


It’s fine to use them; give credit to ‘601 Squadron Re-created’ and to the family of Norman Taylor who provided those images.

Very Best,



601 Squadron Re-created

Norman Taylor’s family private collection


601 Squadron Re-created

Norman Taylor’s family private collection


‘601 Squadron Re-created

Norman Taylor’s family private collection

two pages

Source: Internet
Sgt R.N.Taylor joined No 601 Squadron flying in Hurricane’s on the 7th of August 1940. Taylor scored his first victory on the 18th of August and two more during the Battle of Britain. He baled out of his Hurricane(P3735) on the 31st of August 1940 at 13:30hrs. He had been in combat with a Bf 109 over Gravesend. Taylor was awarded the D.F.M. on the 29th of July 1941and the D.F.C. on the 15th of December 1942 for shooting down a Foke-Wulf 200 Condor as a “Hurricat” pilot in 1942. In 1943 he became a test pilot.

Take a deep breath – Trying to make contact…to give full credit

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I did a little research on the German pilot shot down by Norman Taylor.
Someone has shared two pictures of the downed Me-109. I am waiting for permission to use them.

I would like to post the three images related to Norman Taylor on my blog, giving you full credit of course.

This is my first post on Gunther Kramer written in 2014.

Best regards,

Pierre Lagacé, from Quebec, Canada


These are the images I want to post on this blog.

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Still looking

If you are wondering what’s that all about a German pilot shot down on August 31st 1940…
Stay tuned.

Lest We Forget

I am still looking for any lead in my search for Feldwebel Günther Kramer.

I even wrote to five Gunther Kramer on Facebook!

I found another piece of information here.

Eckehardt Priebe1916Oblt.331.08.40Gefangenschaft
Hans-Jürgen Ehrig1912Oblt.331.08.40Gefangenschaft
Hans Petrenko1917Lt.31.08.40Gefangenschaft
Walter Evers1912Fw.31.08.40gefallen, Luftkampf (Themsemündung)
Günther Kramer1918Fw.31.08.40gefallen, Luftkampf (Themsemündung)
Xaver Keck1917Uffz.31.08.40Gefangenschaft

I wonder where they got that information.

Feldwebel Günther Kramer (born 1918) shot down in an air combat over the Thames River. All six pilots were from JG51 “Molders” according to this Website.

I was tempted to look for the other pilots.

I could not resist.

Remember, I haven’t the faintess idea why I am doing all this.

PriebeSource here

Bf109BSpainnr6-33collageAeronet_PriebeSource here

I don’t know a lot about the Spanish Civil War.

It appears Eckehardt Priebe flew…

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