August 2, 1945

I want to share this story because of this…

Two of the veterans I met told me that they were witnesses to caskets being prepared in England.

After a crash, when little was left, they would fill the caskets with whatever body parts they could find of the bomber crew.

This is what happened with the 18 December 1944 crash at Tholthorpe. The veteran who told me that story in May 2015 had never told it to anyone before. One of his friends was the pilot.

He then broke up into tears. He felt this wasn’t right for the families who would never know.

Wayne's Journal

They All Came Home

Bonnie Gray & Harry Nordman Gray -- 1945 Bonnie Gray & Harry Nordman Gray — 1945 Wayne’s youngest brother, Harry Nordman Gray, returned to the United States on August 2, 1945. He celebrated his 19th birthday in Germany five weeks before. He was the last member of his family to have seen his brother, Verne, before Verne went overseas. Harry hadn’t seen his older brother, Wayne, since 1943.

Wayne’s younger brother, Robert Searls Gray, returned from Italy in 1945. The date, though, is lost to his family.

Ken Cline’s brother, Art, deployed from Guam to Japan in November 1945 as part of the occupation force. The 64th Engineer Topographic Battalion sailed from Guam on 4 November and arrived at Yokohama, Japan on 13 November 1945.1 On 15 November, the unit moved into the Isetan Department Store building and occupied the floors above floor three. The building stood undamaged at the intersection of Shinjuku-dori…

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