The man who shot down Günther Kramer

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After converting to Hurricanes he joined 601 Squadron at Tangmere on 7th August 1940. Taylor damaged a Ju88 on the 15th, claimed a Ju87 destroyed on the 18th and shared a He111 on the 30th. He destroyed a Me109 on the 31st. His own aircraft was then hit in the gravity petrol tank. Taylor baled out, unhurt. His Hurricane, P3735, crashed and burned out.


Rank: Flying Officer
Awarded on: December 15th, 1942
Action: Citation:
“In November, 1942, this officer was the pilot of an aircraft launched by catapult from a ship in convoy in the Atlantic Ocean, to engage a Focke-Wulfe 200. Displaying great skill, Flying Officer Taylor intercepted and drove off the enemy aircraft before it could deliver an attack on any of the ships in the convoy. Despite adverse weather and in the face of strong opposing fire, he succeeded in destroying the enemy aircraft from close range.
His courageous and skilful work earned the admiration of officers of the ships in the convoy who witnessed the operation.”