Remembering April 29, 1944 – April 29, 2012

I have to admit I had forgotten this anniversary.

Paul Sulkers just sent me an e-mail.

Hi Pierre, just a quick note to remember April 29, 1944.

If you want to share something about HMCS Athabaskan, just write a comment and I will get in touch via e-mail.

Paul Sulkers whose father was a sailor on the Athabaskan contacted me last year sending me pictures.

I have posted many articles on this blog about the Athabaskan.

Together we might pay homage to all the sailors of the Athabaskan.

Here are some of the sailors who lost their lives (in bold are the sailors I wrote articles about).

Adams, John C. – AB

John Cameron Adams was the husband of Ida Eileen Adams. He was the first to join the ‘RCNVR London Division” which was formed in August of 1938. He enlisted at HMCS Prevost in London and served aboard the destroyer HMCS Skeena. He was lost at sea, age 31, when the destroyer HMCS Athabaskan was sunk in the English Channel on April 29, 1944.

Agnew, John – AB

No pictures

Allison, Albert E. – AB

Amiro, Irvin V. – Tel

Annett, Robert I.L. – SLt (E)

Armstrong, George A. – AB

Ashton, Percy G. – AB

Barrett, Arthur E. – AB

Bell, Donald A.  – Sto

Berkeley, Alfred G. – OS

Bertrand, Laurent J.L. – CPO

Bianco, Anthony D. – AB

Bieber, Edgar E. – Sto. PO

Blinch, Harry C. – AB

Brandson, Thomas L. – Lt(S)

Brighten, Victor H. – ERA*

* information from a reader


 In speaking to my dad this morning, two things emerged. The website shows Vic Brighten’s rank as ERA. He was in fact Chief ERA. He had just replaced Ernie Mills, and was therefore no supposed to be aboard, but the changeover took longer than expected so he stayed aboard for the extra 2 days.


Burrow, William O. – LS

Chamberland, Paul H.A. – AB

Cookman, Edgar A. – LS

Cooney, Stewart R. – Stwd

Corbiere, Vincent G. – AB

Corkum, Gordon F. – AB

Cottrell, Sydney A. – AB

Croft, Mayle H. – AB

Cross, Alfred T. – O.Tel

DeArmond, Gordon, L. – LS

Dillen, Stewart C. – Stwd

Dion, A. Jean G. – L.Sto

Edhouse, Donald W. – Sto

Fleming, Harold L. – AB

Forron, Jack E.A. – Sto

Fralick, Earl I. – AB

Frith, William A. – AB

Fuller, Eugene M. – AB

Gaetano, Valentino J. – AB

Gibbons, Marshall L. – AB

Goldsmith, T.H. – C. Yeo. Sig

Gordon, Lloyd M. – AB

Goulet, Robert J. – Sto

Grainger, Roy J. – LSA

Guest, Carlton G. – AB

Hayes, Christopher – OS

Heatherington, John T. – Sto

Henry, Robert J. – AB

Houison, George D. – L.Wrtr

Hurley, Micheal P. – Sto

Irvine, Leonard C. – AB

Izard, Theodore D. – Lt (E)

Jarvis, Edmund A. – LS

Johnson, Elswood S. – AB

Johnson, Richard R. – L.Sto

Johnston, Lawrence R. – AB

Kelly, Lionel D. – Stwd

Kobes, John R. – LS

Lamoureux, André – LS

Lawrence, Ralph M. – Lt

Lea, Eric E. – Sto

Ledoux, Louis – AB

Lewandowski, Stan S. – Sto

Lind, Mekkel G. – Sto PO

Love, Walter M. – ERA

Lucas, Donald O. – Sto

MacAvoy, Gerald W. – PO. Cook

MacDonald, Ashley K. – AB

MacKenzie, Alexander – AB

Maguire, John W. – L. Sto

Mahoney, John D. – Lt (SB)

Manson, John L. – Cook

Matthews, George H. – AB

McBride, John L. – AB

McCarroll, Thomas G. – Sto

McCrindle, William D. – AB

McGregor, William – L. Sto

McLean, Daniel H. – AB

McNeill, John J. – Sto

Meadwell, Richard G. – AB

Mengoni, Eric J. – AB

Metcalfe, Donald I. – Elec.Art

Millar, Victor – AB

Mills, Ernest G. – C.ERA

Mumford, Leonard K. – ERA

Nash, Robert A. – SLt

Nicholas, Joseph R. – L.Sto

Ouellette, Joseph E.V. – AB

Peart, Hubert J. – AB

Phillips, John D. – AB

Pike, Brenton J. – AB

Pothier, Charles L. – AB

Rennie, John E. – PO

Riendeau, Joseph A.L. – AB

Roberts, John C. – ERA

Roberts, Raymond L. – AB

Robertshaw, Eric – AB

Robertson, Ian A. – AB

Robertson, William – Sto

Roger, Leo A. – Sto

Rolls, Raymond B. – AB

Ryan, Norman V. – AB

St. Laurent, Joseph L.M. – AB

Sampson, Francis L. – AB

Sanderson, Earl H. – AB

Sénécal, Jean G.L. – AB

Sherlock, Albert V. – Stwd

Sigston, George D. – Gnr

Singleton, John C. – AB

Skyvington, Francis G. – SBA

Sommerfeld, Samuel W. – AB

Soucisse, Paul E. – Coder

Stevenson, Elmer H. – Sto

Stewart, John L. – AB

Stewart, William G. – Sig

Stockman, Ernest O. – Lt (E)

Stubbs, John H. – LCdr

Sutherland, John W. – AB

Sweet, Charles C. – CPO

Thompson, Harry – Sto

Tupper, Allister R. – Ord.Art

Vair, James A. – L.Stwd

Veinotte, Joseph V.W. – Sy.PO

Waitson, Maurice – AB

Wallace, Peter W. – AB

Ward, Leslie – Lt (SB)

Watson, Reginald J. – Tel

Williams, Kenneth W. – ERA

Wood, John A. – AB

Yeadon, Robert L. – AB

Lest We Forget

Just call him Sir Dick !!!

My friend Thibaut just wrote…

Just call him Sir Dick !!! 

Ce vendredi 27 avril 2012, en reconnaissance de son travail dans la recherche des avions alliés abattus sur le sol néerlandais, Dick Breedijk a été nommé Chevalier de l’Ordre d’Orange-Nassau. 

This Friday, April 27, 2012, in recognition of his work in the search of Allied aircrafts shot down on Dutch soil, 
Dick Breedijk was appointed Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau. 


This comment…

About yesterday’s post…

Amazing, isn’t it. By the way, I was an AC-2 on a Station at Masterton, in New Zealand, while waiting to go into pilot training. We were helpers for Airmen who returned to NZ from flying Brewster Buffalos at Guadalcanal and were learning to fly the Kittyhawks that we had at the station. A number of them were killed in crashes in and around Masterton before I left there to go to ground school at Rotorua. You can imagine how we looked up to them as HEROES.

Richard Perry.

Click here to visit Richard Perry’s Website.

Great find and a great article

Found by Steve W Oatway.

Not the plane, the article…

Some time in 1942, a lone Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk bearing the 260 Squadron “HS” squadron code and the aircraft letter “B” settled down over a wide and remote expanse of North African sand desert called Al Wadi al Jadid. Perhaps low on fuel, perhaps lost, or with mechanical problems, the RAF pilot chose to land in the vast North African Sahara. He extended his landing gear, flared low over the sand and settled onto it. The gear snapped off, the desert camouflaged P-40 collapsed onto its belly and slid for a hundred meters or more shedding its radiators and propeller hub.

Click here.

Canadian Mosquitos

Click here…

This link was provided by Ken Meintzer who has a Facebook page on BCATP.

This is his introduction.

I decided to change the group name from merely Alberta to Canada as most of the photos I have acquired have been from outside of Alberta.

A group dedicated to remembering and preserving the history of the BCATP in Canada during WWII. 

There were installations built in very short order across Canada to train aircrew from all over the world to battle the Axis powers. Most of the remaining sites are being reclaimed by the prairie where they stood but a few strong reminders of the places where young men trained to fly and fight remain.

When the plan began, communities across the country fought to have one of the installations located at or near their locale. The depression years had barely ended and the prospect of having a town benefit from the economic stimulus of a BCATP training site were very attractive indeed. Sad that so much was spent to build these sites and to have so many of them completely abandoned or destroyed afterward.

Please feel free to share your interests in this subject. We would love to hear from anyone who has a story or even photos to share and help preserve the history of this plan.