HMCS Athabaskan revisited

Updated 17 August 2020

Comment from Sandra

In reference to the second pow photo with no names or numbers to identify any of these brave men.
Second from left , standing is Stanley Dick, from Toronto my uncle.

At first this blog was about a Canadian destroyer I had never heard about.

HMCS Athabaskan

Then it was about how some sailors were rescued when the ship was torpedoed and a few were rescued by HMCS Haida.

Athabaskan sinking 1944

In July 2009, my wife’s uncle said in a family reunion that he was among them.

Haida with survivors

That’s almost all he said about his ordeal adding he was a stoker.

Then relatives of sailors who were aboard HMCS Athabaskan on that faithful night started to contact me. Some were the sons of sailors taken prisoners, and they had photos to share.

athab 2

One relative was Jim L’Esperance’s son who has shared all he had about his father. He had these two pictures of the sailors who were taken prisoners.


prisoners 1

It will be hard to identify who is who until more people find this blog except for Gérard Tourangeau (6) and Jim L’Esperance (1).

marin Tourangeau

Gérard Tourangeau

To be continued later after I approve this comment…

The Mystery of AB William Dearl Trickett, Stoker (1st Class), HMCS Athabaskan G07
I thought you might be interested in a little project I’m working on especially in the light of the 75th anniversary of the sinking of G07 next year on Apr 29, 2019. Also, I’m trying to track down more information on my Great Uncle and the possible whereabouts of his missing Wartime Logbook.

25 thoughts on “HMCS Athabaskan revisited

  1. My Dad was a POW on this boat. His name is Donald Wilson Newman. He was a gunner on this ship. He helped with the book Unlucky Lady. I would love to connect with anyone who wants information.

    1. Hi Kerry.
      How interesting that your dad helped with that book. My biological grandfather was on the Athabaskan when it sank. He was pulled from the water by the Haida into a small boat and then helped to save others. He’s name is mentioned in the book. His name is Charles Thomas Burgess. He is in a photo of survivors at a reunion when he was much older.

  2. Please take a look at the attached link and let me know in your opinion if the newspaper photo of William Trickett (bottom right) corresponds with one of the numbered men in your last photo. I think it looks like one of them but I want your opinion first just to see if we both think we’re seeing the same man.

    1. Well, your guess, my guess and my parents who actually knew Uncle Willie all say no. 7. So I can say with some certainty that the man in the picture is AB William Dearl Trickett, Stoker (1st Class), RCNVR, V38773, POW 1295 interned in Wehrkreis X, Marlag(M), Westertimke, Germany.

      1. I wrote you a personal email a few days ago. I just want to validate with you one of your comments before approving it.

      2. Sorry, I might have missed that email. Which comment were you asking about?

      3. This is the part I want you to validate…

        Your comment has personal information that might not be proper to include on the blog.
        This is the part…

        Of course, complicating matters as I continued to dig, his *** had *** issues and is ***.

  3. My grandfather was POW on this ship. I am not sure of his position, his name was Ralph Cummins and I am positive he is #9 in the group photo. I can’t tell you how it touches my heart to see these pictures.

  4. My father was Berchman Ralph Burrows. He was in Radar. He was a POW. When my father was is radar and was found by his shipmates in the water severly injuried after the explosion. His shipmates knew since he was in radar he would by questioned by the Germans. So they traded his dog tags with another sailor on the boat who was dead. My father was picked up by the Germans and taken to a hospital and then a POW camp. He was presume missing for a very long time until he got into the POW camp and meet the Red Cross. We are now trying to find out who that sailor was to complete the story. My father died in 95. As children my sister and I went to the reunions.

  5. Hello!

    In reference to the second pow photo with no names or numbers to identify any of these brave men.
    Second from left , standing is Stanley Dick, from Toronto my uncle

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