Like a bottle in the sea… Part 2

Someone was looking for a dead sailor who was related to her grandfather, and I thought I had found him. He bears the same name, but it was not him.

This is Raymond Leslie Roberts.

Raymond Leslie Roberts

Raymond died on April 29, 1944, with many other sailors on the Athabaskan. The other Raymond Roberts died on June 8, 1940. He was a sailor on HMS Glorious.

Raymond Roberts

HMS Glorious was sunk with two escort destroyers.

On the afternoon of Saturday the 8th of June, 1940, the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious and her escorting destroyers HMS Acasta and HMS Ardent were intercepted in the Norwegian Sea by the German battlecruisers Gneisenau and Scharnhorst. The three British ships were sunk by gunfire in a little over two hours, with the loss of over 1500 officers and men of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, and Royal Air Force.

Raymond Leslie Roberts is on this picture.

He was with Herm Sulkers and Jim L’Esperance who are just beside him. Both were taken prisoners. Their story is told in part on this blog.

Raymond Leslie Roberts’ story is not.

Like a bottle in the sea…

I don’t write that much on my blog now. I write when someone finds it like finding a bottle in the sea.

Hi there,

Well this may sound really strange… but I came across your site on the April 1944 British sinking (which I knew nothing about until I came across it).

I was trying to do research on a sailor… which is how I came across your site… This sailor  is my grandfather’s father…..

I’m trying to locate any of the family as we’ve never met them and they don’t even know we exist even… Maybe you can help or know of some members, etc., pictures, anything…

Long story short and very interesting to me!

My grandfather tried to research it a bit years ago and found out he’s got a sister and a brother but never did find them but always wanted to. So I thought I’d try for him. It’s all very interesting to me.  Just to know there is a whole other side of our family we know nothing about.

Any information you can provide on this sailor  would be so appreciated…

Thanks so much.


Full speed ahead…