We Fight as One

The last Athabaskan, G07 sailor crossed the Bar October 3, 2022. Stoker Ernest Takalo, 98 years old, died in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He was the last of G07’s crew of 261.
Wishing him “Fair Winds and Following Seas” as he is reunited with his shipmates.
Sherry Pringle
Author of “All the Ship’s Men” 2nd Edition.

Remembering Philip Ensor

Before remembering Philip Ensor who was killed on a sortie on September 8, 1941, I have to tell you how I had created another blog in 2010 with the mission of remembering RAF 23 Squadron.

It was about remembering a RAF Squadron I knew nothing about. First it was about remembering a French-Canadian Mosquito pilot.


I had never heard about Eugène Gagnon before 2010. I was not alone in 2010. People here in Quebec don’t remember the Fallen that much. Eugène Gagnon did not die in the war. He died on October 21, 1947 in a plane crash.

The story of the crash is on the blog RAF 23 Squadron.

Eugène Gagnon was a night bandit as they were called back then. He would fly his Mosquito near German airfields just waiting for German night fighters to come back after shooting down RAF and RCAF bombers.

Eugène Gagnon flew 33 sorties but he never shot down a German plane. He was not an ace. But does it really matter?

Writing that blog led me to write about more and more about pilots and navigators who flew with 23 Squadron. I will spare you the list.

One of them was Alistair (Alec) Lawson. This is when I got this comment in August 2011 from someone I did not know… His name was Gilles Collaveri.

Good evening from France,

I am interested in 23 squadron for 2 reasons:

1) I met last year Alexander Lawson who flew Mosquitos with 23 Sq. and shot down a JU88 over Toulouse on 6 jan 1944; I found the remains of this JU88.
2) I shall look next week for the remains of Philip ENSOR’s Havoc I that crashed on 8 sept 1941 near Morlaix, Brittany.

If you wish to know more, let me know.

Best regards

Gilles Collaveri

To know more about Alistair Lawson, click here.

To know more about Philip Ensor, click here.

For your information

Larry wrote me…

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This might be of interest

February 2020

CANAV Books Special List

Hi again and here’s CANAV’s Summer-Fall 2020 special list of books, journals and misc. collectables. Have a look and let me know if you see anything you’d like. To reserve anything, email me at larry@canavbooks.com or tel. (416) 698-7559. For other news & updates see the CANAV blog http://www.canavbooks.wordpress.com Some of our recent items cover the historic Al Martin Photo Collection, such Canadian aviation luminaries as Russ Bannock, Hugh Fraser and Don McVicar, Sixty Years — the best ever single volume general history of the RCAF (here’s your chance to get one of the few remaining new copies), the Great War Flying Museum, and WWII aircraft mass production at Canadian Car & Foundry at the Lakehead. You can scroll back for days and not run out of informative and enjoyable reading! See ordering info at the end. Cheers … Larry Milberry *Be sure to let me know any time you get tired of these lists.

[ ] Canadian Combat and Support Aircraft: A Military Compendium By BGen T. Leversedge. A “must have” book covering RCAF and Air Command aircraft through the decades into the 2010s. From the post-WWI types like the SE5, Camel and Avro 504, to the Siskin and Atlas, all the WWII types, then everything post-WWII to the present from the Mustang, Vampire and B-25, to the Neptune and Argus, Lancaster, Sabre, CF-100, CF-104, Banshee, Voodoo, Hornet, all the trainers, transports and helicopters as well. Many rare entries. 348 pages, hardcover, large format, biblio. A book for anyone following the RCAF. NEW copy. $40.00 $24.00 A

[ ] The Roundel Vol.1No.1 November 1948 The first edition of this renowned RCAF Journal 48pp, Foreword by the Chief of the Air Staff. Very nice condition. Collector item. $60.00 Postpaid

[ ] Schwarzwaldflieger Vol.IX No.7 July 1962 Monthly magazine of RCAF No.3 (F) Wing at Baden-Soellingen.24 pp, very nice copy. Collector item. $25.00 postpaid

[ ] Orenda News Vol.14 No.2 1981 Typical 4-pager from the post-Arrow era. Local news, retirements, wartime memories, 4-page insert from CanCar rail division. 8×10 format, nice copy. Collector item $10.00 postpaid.

[ ] Racing Planes and Air Races Beautiful copies of this sought-after “Annual” series covering the great racing planes and air races in the USA by the renowned Reed Kinert. 96-page, softcover, 7×10 format with magnificent photos, diagrams, text, charts & index. All in excellent condition. Years include: 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 Each $14.00 B

[ ] Canada’s Aviation Pioneers: 50 Years of McKee Trophy Winners Sutherland (1978). Essential Canadian source book. The work on the subject to 1978. Thoroughly done with detailed bios + photos. 304pp, hc, lf, maps, index. Nice copy, should be in every Canadian aviation library. $18.00 A

[ ] Special publications offer: “The Aeroplane Spotter” … A collection of about 200 nice copies (4.5 kg) of this renowned British weekly news sheet from “The Aeroplane” magazine. Issues are dated from 1941-48 (Vols.1 to 9), but this collection does not include complete annual sets. These newsprint issues are in good condition considering their age. Seventy+ years ago, this beloved 7.5×11.5 publication kept everyone in the business, and, all the general fans current about developments in industry, in the air war, about the airlines, airport movements, etc. The wartime issues are big on aircraft recce and military intel. Postwar, military content holds its place, while there’s more about civil aviation’s resurgence. This lot is for some serious collector starting an “Aeroplane Spotter” collection. Lot only CDN$125 + shipping. A nice price if you’ve been shopping for this publication on the web. Serious enquiries to larry@canavbooks.com

[ ] Air-Britain News The first 4 volumes complete from Vol.1 No.1 January 1972 to Vol.4 No.12 December 1975 A very nice set. These were the early days of the 12-page 7×10 inch plain pamphlet format. Strictly for the collector. Lot only $65.00 A

[ ] Air International Case bound 6-monthly editions. You know this wonderful journal. If you are missing any, these numbers are available: 7, 9 to 15, 20 to 31. Each 12.00 A

[ ] Air Enthusiast These special editions available: Nos.17, 22 to 30, 35, 36, 37, 39, 40 Each $12.00 B

[ ] World Air Power Directory Several new copies of this seminal military publication: Vols. 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 15. Very classy productions, in-depth material all the way. Each $9.50 A

[ ] X-15 Research at the Edge of Space Very nice 1963 32-page, journal format, NASA publication with photos. Good condition. $12.00 postpaid

[ ] North American X-15/X-15A-2 Guenther, Miller, Panopalis
Aerograph Minigraphs from Jay Miller: 48pp profile, like new, packed with photos, diagrams, $14.50 postpaid

[ ] US Medium Bomber Units of World War 2, Northwest Europe Scutts. A very fine large-format hardcover dealing with its subject matter. Mainly covers the A-20, B-26 then the A-26. A visual feast with many superb large airplane and combat photos. 158pp, app’x, biblio, index. New copy $45.00 $20.00 A

[ ] Hero: The Buzz Beurling Story Brian Nolan’s excellent 1981 bio of the legendary RCAF fighter pilot. From Malta to Europe and Beurling’s tragic end. 200pp, hc, photos, biblio, app’x, index. MNice copy $12.00

[ ] Pathfinder: Record Breaking Pioneer, Bomber Pilot and Leader of the RAF Pathfinder Force Air Vice Marshall Donald Bennett’s story from pre-war pioneering in long-range commercial aviation, to his key role in the formation of Ferry Command to his leadership in forming and leading RAF 8 Group – “the Pathfinders”. Seminal RAF wartime history, essential reading. 270pp, sc, photos, app’x. New copy $16.95 $9.50 B

[ ] Bomber Harris: The Authorized Biography Saward (1984). Important bio by one who spent the war working under the great Arthur Harris – “Bomber Harris” — in Bomber Command HQ. 346pp, hc, photos, maps, index. Very nice copy, includes (loose insert) a copy of a 1982 letter from Harris to the Allied Aircrew Reunion in Toronto. $24.00 B

[ ] Bomber Harris: The Story of Sir Arthur Harris Saward Same book as above but 1985 ed’n with title change. $24.00 B

[ ] The Bomber War: The Allied Air Offensive against Nazi Germany Robin Neillands acclaimed history of this important subject. Massive detail of US daylight and RAF night operations. Many famous raid & campaigns are covered from the initial Luftwaffe blitz to the Dams Raid, Battle of Berlin, Dresden. Much about the German air defences, etc. 448pp, photos, index. Very nice copy $24.00 A

[ ] Bomber Offensive Sir Arthur Harris’ detailed analysis of his own operation – RAF Bomber Command. A superb summary all things considered, but today’s intellectually limited revisionists hate this book. 2nd ed’n 1947. 288pp, hc, map. Fair copy, some pencil markings, no dustjacket. $9.50 B

[ ] The Long and the Short and the Tall: An Ordinary Airman’s War Collins (1986). Acclaimed story of a young man’s wartime years in the RCAF. Training, overseas to the operational world, home again. Sought-after title for readers of WW2 RCAF. 134pp, hc. Like new. $12.00 B

[ ] Five Years of NATO: A Report on the Atlantic Alliance As it says. A very nice original 48-page history of NATO to date. Magazine format. Many fascinating topics from an overall 1954 summary to “Guarding the Seas’, “Strategic Air Power”, “Canada’s Contribution”, “Belgium’s FN Rifle”, reviews from the various members (e.g., “Norway: The Northern Flank”, and a very interesting (now outdated) overview of Turkey that suggests a future with such nations as Iran and Iraq also becoming NATO allies. Photos, chart, nice copy for any serious collector. $50.00 all-in

[ ] Sixty Years: The RCAF and CF Air Command 1924-1984 Milberry. The best ever single-source RCAF history book. More than 22,000 RCAF veterans & fans have ordered their copies. Early days, interwar, WWII, postwar to modern. 800+ photos, 95 colour profiles. Notes Aircraft Illustrated: “one of those all-too rare aviation books … a delight to read and a joy to possess … superbly produced and printed and is likely to become a classic collectors’ item … a masterpiece.” 480 pp, lf, hc, app’x, biblio, chron, index. Rare copy: new 1984 1st ed’n signed in 2020 by Larry Milberry. $60.00 A

[ ] Sixty Years: The RCAF and CF Air Command 1924-1984 Milberry. Ditto description except 2nd ed’n 1985 signed to F/L W.H.D. Meaden, DFC, 432 Sqn, also by F/O Harry Holland 427 Sqn Top condition. $30.00 A

[ ] Creation of a National Air Force Douglas, Greenhous, et al. Vol.II and the rarest of this great triumvirate of RCAF history books. Covers the interwar years and the wartime homefront including the U-boat war. 796 pp, hc, 200 photos, maps, foldouts. Essential to any Canadian av’n library. VG. $32.50 A

[ ] Canadair: The First 50 Years Pickler & Milberry. The best general history ever published about this great Canadian company. From early years at Cartierville airport near Montreal, the the great WWII years manufacturing PBYs, Norsemans and Harvards there, to the formation of Canadair in 1944. All the early projects from the DC-3 program and North Star to the F-86, Argus, Yukon, CF-104, CL-215 to the modern (and Bombardier) era with the Challenger, CL-415, CRJ, Q400. All the great Canadair people. A magnificent book for any serious reader. 392pp, photos, dias, charts, biblio, app’x, index. Very nice copy autographed by Milberry. $30.00 A

[ ] Canadair: The First 50 Years Pickler & Milberry. Ditto, very nice copy. autographed by both authors $50.00 A

[ ] Canadair: Cinquante Ans Pickler & Milberry. Ditto, very nice copy French ed’n signed by Milberry. Like new except has one page with a fold. $20.00 A

[ ] Bombardier: A Dream with International Reach Another beautifully-produced book, the 50-year history of this great Canadian company. From humblest roots into the recreational vehicle era, rail and aviation. Solid text and wonderful photos handsomely displayed on large pages. 142pp, hc, lf. Like new copy. Complements Canadair. $16.50 A

[ ] Power: The Pratt & Whitney Canada Story Sullivan & Milberry. A spectacular CANAV classic. From “round engine” bush flying years to the PT6 & PW100 in the Dash 8, ATR, etc. Photos galore of all the aircraft, etc. Airlines remarks, “An attractive example of how to make a company history come alive.” CAHS: “If you have enjoyed previous books published by CANAV, you will treasure this one.” Many years after Power appeared, this gorgeous book still draws a glance or two. In 2010 Pierre Gillard, one of Quebec’s leading aviation aficionados, noted (to the publisher’s delight): “Même si le livre est déjà assez ancien, il n’en demeure pas moins un indispensable.” Wow … how’s that for a gold star! 320 pp, hc, app’x, index. Like new copy autographed by Milberry. $23.50 A (also available one nice copy of the French ed’n Propulsion same price)

[ ] Boeing: An Aircraft Album No.4 Munson & Swanborough Top notch content from this series, a real gem loaded with facts and great photos. . Vol.4 from biplanes to the 747. 144pp, sc, medium format. Nice copy. $8.50 B

[ ] Pedigree of Champions: Boeing since 1916 (2nd ed’n 1963). Lovely 8×10 82-page photo review of all the famous Boeing designs. Put out by Boeing. Selection of the finest pictures in b/w. VG. $12.00 B (Both Boeings $17.50 A)

[ ] Flat-Top: The Story of an Aircraft Carrier Ommanney. A wonderful little 1945 hardcover book telling the story of the indispensible small aircraft carrier that helped the Royal Navy win the war in the Atlantic. Wildcats & Swordfish. 62pp, photos. Collector item, nice copy. $15.00 pp

[ ] Destroyer Ewart Brookes excellent history of the earliest Royal Navy destroyers. How the destroyer was the answer in the late 1800s to a new weapon – the torpedo, the problem being howto deliver a torpedo. How this new warship class fared in WWI and WWII. Solid history all the way. 212pp, hc, photos, biblio, index. Very nice copy. $12.50 B

[ ] The Last Good War The great J.L. Granatstein’s fresh retrospective about Canada at war 1939-45. The war on land, sea, and in the air succinctly treated, highlighted by many exceptional photos. Special recognition of Canadian war art. Stunningly beautiful yet horrifying coverage. 242pp, hc, lf, index. NEW copy $55.00 $16.00 A

[ ] 418 Squadron (RCAF) Reunion,1980 Very nice 18-page 8×10 booklet summarizing this gala event in the UK. Includes photos and a list of all attendees. Very nice copy $15.00 postpaid

[ ] 418 Squadron (RCAF) Reunion, Toronto June 1982 Very nice 12-page 8×10 booklet summarizing this gala event. Includes photos and a list of all attendees. Very nice copy $15.00 postpaid

[ ] 418 Squadron (RCAF) Reunion, Toronto June 1986 Very nice 30-page 8×10 booklet summarizing this gala event. Includes photos and a list of all attendees. Very nice copy $15.00 postpaid

[ ] Cold Lake Base Cold Lake welcome booklet. 34 pages that brief any newcomer to the base. What all the rules are, where everything is located, etc. From the days of 417 Sqn CF-104 and 419 Sqn CF-5, just as the CF-18 was arriving, so 1983-84. 5×8 inch booklet. Maps included. Nice condition. Collector item. $12.00 postpaid

[ ] Star in the Window: Reminiscences of the World War II Era and the Personal Impact of WWII A fine (1995) book compiled by Arizonians who were there. Wonderful written memories of land, sea and air from training days to combat to prison camps – what it all was like. From the front lines to the homefront and how these were intertwined. 154pp, sc. Very nice copy. $21.50 B

[ ] Canadair North Star 24×24-inch 4-view Scale Technical Drawings as found in the 1st printing of The Canadair North Star book. If you have the 2nd printing that excluded this wonderful fold-out insert, here’s a set to polish up your edition. Also shows details of the TCA colour scheme and 8 fuselage cross sections. As drawn for the book by the great TCA draftsman, Des McGill. Original 1982 set, like new. $15.00 postpaid

[ ] Decision and Order in the Matter of Applications by Canavia Transit Inc., Air Atonabee Limited, Dash-Air Inc., Bradley Air Services Limited and City Center Airways Limited to Operate Commercial Air Services between Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto October 1980 This 240-page Canadian Transport Commission 8×10 softcover document tells the story of this era in Canadian commercial STOL air service from start to finish. Each operator’s case is reviewed, the CTC then assesses every detail, conclusions are made. A wonderful, rare original Canadian document. Very good condition. $50.00 A

[ ] Propliner 2019 The best of all the propliner periodicals. 144 mesmerizing, action-packed pages with feature items by the experts covering such topics as the NWT’s Buffalo Airways Electra (pilot Tony Jarvis gives us all the details), the Red Bull DC-6B, the last DC-7 air tankers, the Skyways L729 Connie fleet, Dan-Air DC-4s, famous East African propliners of yore, DC-3s here and there, 748s, Viscounts, AN-12s, you name it. Of course, there are photos galore. Slightly used copy. $10.00 B

[ ] The Use of Aircraft in Fire Protect A solid 1975 overview/treatise by V. Gervais of this topic starting in 1919 with the HS-2L in Quebec to modern times. All the uses from aerial photography & detection, to the techniques of water bombing and aerial application. 36pp magazine format, many diagrams, biblio. Collector item, like new. $24.00 B

[ ] Air Transport in Canada Milberry. At 5kg and 1040 large pages still Canada’s grandest-ever aviation title. Pioneer days to TCA & CPA, Canada’s air force from Day 1 (incl. 5 WWII chapters), postwar airlines: EPA, MCA, Nordair, PWA, Transair, etc., DEW Line, SAR, aerial survey, Canada’s great types from North Star to Q400, helicopters, gov’t & corp. av’n, the airlines, CF overseas (Somalia, etc.), Canada’s in space. Largest published gallery of original Canadian aviation art. How say the reviewers? “These volumes are possibly the world’s most inclusive ever devoted to aviation history.” (Airways: The Global Review of Commercial Flight:) The Oshkosh of aviation books. (Aerographics). Impressive! The word is sometimes misapplied to a book that is merely interesting, but for these two volumes, it may well be an understatement. (Montreal Gazette). 53 chapters, 2 vols, hc, 800,000 words, 4000 photos, maps, gloss, biblio, app’x, index. Both volumes like new $65.00 A

[ ] Over and Above Capt John E. Gurdon’s autobio covering WWI days flying Bristol Fighters. Written in a novelistic style while Gurdon was recovering from combat wounds, this lovely book paints a wonderfully-detailed picture of the WWI fighter pilot’s life. His squadron (No.22) included such Canadian aces as A.C. Atkey & G.C. Bell (see Fighter Pilots and Observers). 182pp, hc, photos. New copy $29.95 $18.50 B

[ ] The Cutting Edge Fabulous US naval aviation colour photography by USN fighter pilot C.J. Heatley. All the modern types in wonderful views. Carrier life and much more covered in great detail in text & captions. Collector’s item. 152pp, hc, lf. Like new. $14.50 A

[ ] Holberg 1954-1984 30th Anniversary For those who collect RCAF sqn & base histories, this is a rare one. 80 page large-format hardcover with all the deatiils about this remote Canadian radar station on Vancouver Island. Like new copy. $60.00 A

[ ] US Air Force Colours 1926-1942 Dana’sd Bell’s lovely publication about this fascinating topic. Spectacular artwork and many beautifully-produced b/w photos covering the era. From such earlier types as the DH-4 and Curtiss Falcon to the Martin B.1 , P-36, P-43, B-17 and B-25, really an ace of a book. 96pp, sc, lf. Very fine copy. $17.50 B

[ ] The Spitfire Smiths: A Unique Story of Brothers in Arms S/L R.I.A. “Rod” Smith, DFC, and Bar. The authoritative story of these renowned RCAF brothers who fought at Malta. To be enjoyed by all interested in RCAF heritage. One died in service, one was in the postwar RCAF – all the exciting details. 224pp, hc, photos, index. NEW copy. $35.00 $15.00 B

[ ] Canada’s Air Forces on Exchange Milberry. A gem for any serious RCAF reader. Canadians on duty with foreign air arms – talk about subject matter, eh! From Barker, VC, on patrol in Iraq in 1925, to Canadians flying such interwar types as the Singapore & Gauntlet to post-WWII UK exchanges on the Meteor, Lightning, Shackleton, Comet, etc. In the US on the WB-47, F-104, F-105, F-106, C-97, C-17 + exchanges in Australia, Germany, Norway, Venezuela. You’ll be astounded at the adventures, everything from ditching in a Hastings to ejecting from an F-105 and (inadvertently) from a Canberra! Writes Bob Merrick in COPA Flight: “Truly an enlightening book … Those pondering the ideal Christmas gift for your local Fireside Aviator need look no farther.” 320 pp, hc, lf, 400 b/w & colour photos, lists, gloss, biblio, index. Nice slightly used autographed copy. $14.50 A

[ ] British Civil Aircraft 1919-59 Vol.1 A.J. Jackson’s renowned source book from the Putnam series, 1st ed’n 1960. Covers all types “from A to D”. 570pp, hc, photos, line drawings, app’x, index. Nice copy $18.50 A

[ ] British Civil Aircraft 1919-59 Vol.2 A.J. Jackson’s renowned source book from the Putnam series, 1st ed’n 1959. Covers all types “from E to Z”. 595pp, hc, photos, line drawings, app’x, index. Nice copy $18.50 A (Both Jacksons $35.00 A)

[ ] United States Air Force Museum Detailed guidebook to today’s collections from Wright Flyer to Stealth Fighter to the F-117 Stealth Fighter. 182pp, sc, lf, lovely photos. New copy. $14.00 B

[ ] Keep Business Flying Winant. Outsranding history of corporate aviation and the National Business Aircraft Association 1946-1986. A real gem especially for anyone who ever flew in this sector. How business aviation evolved from the early 1920s into the jet age, all the people who made things happen. Very nice autographed copy. 228pp, hc, photos, app’x. $18.00 B

[ ] Business Wings: 30 Years of the Canadian Business Aircraft Association Fred Hotson’s excellent history of the early years of corp. av’n in Canada. The only such stand-alone title covering this topic. 48-page magazine, photos. Collector item, nice copy. $20.00 postpaid

[ ] Typhoon and Tempest: The Canadian Story Halliday. Canadians fight and die flying the amazing Typhoon and Tempest on the most dangerous of operations. Writes the Calgary Herald: “A splendid book … pure history but … thoroughly readable… the book’s backbone is made up of those who climbed into the cockpits to dodge flak and telephone wires while taking out trains and tanks.” Very nice copy. 300 photos, app’x, maps, lists of aircraft, sqns, casualties, index. 208 pp, hc. Collector item. This copy autographed by 12 RCAF Typhoon pilots at a special get together on May 2, 2004: Bill Baggs 164 Sqn, Norm Dawber DFC 438 Sqn, Jock Duncan 440 Sqn, Norm Howe DFC 175 Sqn, Frank Johnson 174 Sqn, Graham Kennedy 137 Sqn, George Lane 198 Sqn, Walter McCarthy 440 Sqn, John McCullough 439 Sqn, Ed McKay 438 Sqn, John Thompson 245Sqn, Wally Ward 440 Sqn (John Thompson is the only survivor in 2020). Very nice copy. $350.00 A

[ ] The Colditz Story Reid. History of this infamous German “lock up” for unruly WWII POWs (Canadians included) as told by an inmate. 208pp, sc, ill. New copy. $15.00 $9.50 B

[ ] Operation Sea Lion: How Britain Crushed the German War Machine’s Dreams of Invasion in 1940 McKinstry. How Germany planned to complete its European conquest by invading the UK. Groundbreaking material covering 6 months in 1940 when Britain teetered. Churchill’s rise + victory in the Battle of Britain showed the nation that it could beat Naziism. Sea Lion fails. 486pp, sc, photos, notes, biblio, index. New copy. $24.95 $14.00 B

[ ] De Havilland in Canada Fred Hotson’s renowned classic. The best ever such history, covers all eras, all the magnificent aircraft and the people who made it happen. Thorough text + a visual feast! 376 pp, hc, lf, photos, app’x, biblio, index. Very nice slightly used copy. $24.00 A

[ ] Wilf White Propliner Collection Milberry. Do you follow the years of the great prop planes? You’ll revel in this book created from the files of a great photographer. Writes Airways The Global Review of Commercial Flight: “Milberry’s treatment of his subject is personal and meticulous, the photo selection is … evocative, the captions knowledgeable and informative … thoroughly enjoyable.” From DC-4, ‘6 and ‘7 through all the “Connies”, Britannia, C-97, C-124, Electra, Lancaster, Tudor, Viscount, etc. this book will keep you mesmerized. BOAC to CPA, Flying Tiger, KLM, Pan Am, RCAF, TCA, USAF, etc. Wilf’s photos take you through the UK, Canada and US. A gem for any true believer! 176pp, lf, sc, glos, biblio, index. New autographed copy. $40.00 $16.00 A

[ ] Leslie Corness Propliner Collection Milberry. 350 rare b/w & colour photos. From boyhood days in Edmonton, Leslie works on the DEW Line where he’s in “aviation heaven”, then in the UK, etc. You’ll be amazed at his DEW Line Kodachromes – C-46s, C-124s, DC-3s, DC-4s, Yorks, etc. Other subjects are the Bristol Freighter, Beverley, CL-44, DC-7C, Super Connie, B-17, Lancaster, Mars, Stranraer, XR6O-1, etc. Notes Airways: “A photo album with style and intelligence … to be savoured.” Why wouldn’t you want a copy of this beauty! 160pp, lf, sc, glos, biblio, index. Nice autographed copy. $40.00 $16.00 A

[ ] Aerograph Minigraphs from Jay Miller: These lovely 48-72 page profiles (all are like new, packed with photos, diagrams, etc. each $12.50 B:
Boeing B-52G/H Stratofortress Jenkins & Rogers
Republic F-84 Swept-Wing Variants Keaveney
Rockwell International B-1A/B Logan & Miller
McDonnell Douglas (Hughes) AH-64 Apache Monson & Peoples
Bell X-1 Variants Guenther & Miller
North American F-51 Mustangs in Latin American Air Force Service Dienst & Hagedorn

[ ] T-6 Texan in Action Sqn Signal No.94. Beautiful profile loaded with history, photos, c-profiles. 60pp, sc, like new $10.00 B

[ ] Barnstorming to Bush Flying Corley-Smith. Aviation in BC 1910-1930. Terrific coverage civil/military. An exceptionally well done book by a great Canadian bush flying and helicopter pioneer. 244pp, sc, lf, map, photos, charts, notes, app’x, biblio, index. New. $35.00 $14.00 A

[ ] Helicopters: The British Columbia Story Corley-Smith & Parker. CANAV first edition 1985, lovely collector’s item. Just as it says, the basic history from early post-WWII days to modern times. 128 pp, sc, photos, colour profiles, app’x, biblio, index. Very nice copy. $20.00 B

[ ] Helicopters: The British Columbia Story Peter Corley Smith’s renowned book about this important and fascinating aspect of Canada’s air transportation. Latest (1998) revised ed’n. 226pp, photos, index. Very nice copy. $12.50 B

[ ] Weather Ways Vintage 1952 edition of this famous Canadian DOT publication of all things meteorological as they apply to aviation. 127pp, sc, ill. This copy is well used with notes, underlining etc. From an RCAF transport pilot of the day. $8.50 B

[ ] Aeromedical Handbook for Jet Passenger Ejection Seat Aircraft 7×4 inch card-style handbook of required info from 426 Sqn Trenton (where the pressure training chamber was located) for this topic. About 100 cards, dif. colours by topic (hypoxia, pressure equipment, emergency procedures, etc.). c1980, very nice set. $15.00 B

[ ] Carl F. Burke, MBE: Canadian Aviation Pioneer Solid bio of the legendary aviator who founded Maritime Central Airlines. From Moth to DC-3, C-46, York. DEW Line contracts, pioneer trans-Atlantic charters, the CF-MCF disaster, etc. Author Allan MacNutt was one of the earliest post-WWII Canadian aviators to write aviation history and dare to self-publish. 204 pp, sc, photos, maps, fleet list, index. New. $7.50 B

[ ] Larry Lesh: The Flying Lad Thiffault. Bio of an incredible innovator. Lesh meets the aeronautical genius, Octave Chanute, then pursues gliding experiments in Chicago and (1907) Montreal. He conducts experiments and flies gliders. On one occasion, the 14-year-old takes off behind a motorboat to spend 24 minutes over the St. Lawrence River. He appears at flying events in the US, becomes an expert in the new art of radio, meets the Wright brothers and Bill Lear + studies the flying wing and other off-beat engineering concepts. When he dies in 1965, Lesh is impoverished. A valuable bio, a case study of the well-researched, well-written book. 186 pp, sc, photos, dias, notes, biblio, index. NEW copy. $25.00 $12.50 B

[ ] Chasing Icarus: The 17 Days in 1910 that Forever Changed American Aviation Mortimer. America and the UK clash for aeronautical supremacy in pre-WWI days. The Wright brothers, Grahame-White, Augustus Post, Glenn Curtiss and many other original great ones all appear through these fabulous pages. 304pp, photos, index. New copy $26.00 $12.50 A

[ ] Canada’s Fighting Ships Macpherson. Canadian War Museum Special 1975 publication. As it says. From Canada’s first naval training vessel in 1880 to the first RCN crusiers in 1910, on both world wars. All the details along with many wonderful photos. Into the modern era with the St. Laurent class destroyer types. 116pp, hc, lf, app’x, index. Fair copy, ex-library, but a solid book. $12.00 A

[ ] Victory in the St. Lawrence: The Unknown U-Boat War Essex. Superb monograph detailing all the U-boat activity in the region. The desperate need for defences as U-boats sink shipping the gulf and river. Arrival of the corvettes and Fairmiles. 258pp, sc, photos, maps, biblio. New copy. $16.00 A

[ ] Britain’s Merchant Navy A classic 1943 study by Sir Arvchibald Hurd Britain’s ancient dependence on the sea, the rise of her merchant fleets from sail to WWII. All the hazards at sea, much about the U-boat menace. The horrendous dangers and the steadfastness of the merchant sailor. Many technical details, photos, beautiful cut-aways of various ships, many maps with routes. Many survivors tales.256pp, hc, index. Nice 73-year-old copy. $15.00 B

[ ] Far Distant Ships: An Official Account of Canadian Naval Operations in World War II J. Schull’s classic RCN history 1939-45. A “must” for anyone who reads and enjoys Canadian history. 514 pp, softcover, photos, maps, index. New. $29.95 $15.00 B

[ ] Defying Limits: Lessons from the Edge of the Universe Informative, inspirational, captivating! From Canadian astronaut Dave William’s childhood (boyhood science projects, model airplanes, flying lessons, etc.) on to medical school and the ER, then into the space program. Missions aboard STS-90 and STS-118, then Dave’s time as a NASA aquanaut. Challenges & victories, even to winning back astronaut status after cancer. Post-astronaut days. A wonderful story beautifully done. 224 pp, hc, photos, index. $32.00 New copy $30.00 $12.50 B

[ ] An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth Chris Hadfield’s magnificent story gets you into an astronaut’s spacesuit for an amazing ride. The publisher observes: “As Commander of the International Space Station, Chris captivated the world with stunning photos and commentary…” A rare insider’s perspective, e.g., how astronauts prepare for the worst, sweat the small stuff and care what others think. Simply fantastic for any reader! 320pp, photos, hc. New copy $32.00 $12.50 B

[ ] You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes Superb production with Chris Hadfield taking you around the world a few times using his favourite photos taken from the ISS. Images of all the continents and waters, each with informative captions. A lovely production that complement’s Chris’ 2013 “An Astronaut’s Life” 200 pp, wonderful photos from space. New copy $29.95 $14.50 A

[ ] The Interstellar Age: The Story of NASA Men and Women Who Flew the Forty-Year Voyageur Mission Planetary scientist and space flight historian Jim Bell describes the Voyageur mission from conception to the point where decades later when the Voyageurs are 12+ billion miles from earth and still “alive”. $21.95, but this new copy $9.50 B

[ ] Airy Somethings: The Extraordinary Life of the Aviation Pioneer Horatio Barber New book … Terry Grace and Maggie Wilson have thoroughly researched the life of this eccentric Englishman and his many interests. In his global travels in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Barber spent time in the Australia, USA and Canada too often getting into trouble with women and business ventures. In California he swindled investors in a ranching scheme; in Canada, his chief focus was hustling shares in northern mines. Back in the UK he spent years promoting pioneer aviation ventures, earned Royal Aero Club licence No.30, promoted airplane designs and sales, sold aviation insurance, and served in the RFC in WWI, supposedly even being in America for a time promoting what became the hugely successful RFC training plan. The book concludes with all Barber’s shady schemes in the 1920s-50s to his death in 1964. A fascinating, thorough, most interesting and important biography. 236 pages, large format, softcover, photos, diagrams throughout, bibliography, index. Very nice altogether! $37.00 A

[ ] Sopwith Camel Guttman. Excellent, authoritative Osprey profile covering the Camel in fine detail. All the developmental story + operations & experimental flying. 64pp, sc, photos, colour profiles, index. New copy. $12.00 B

[ ] Fire and Movement: The British Expeditionary Force and the Campaign of 1914 Hart. A modern re-take of this much-studied year of war. Hart covers false or insupportable versions of events, e.g, “allows for a fuller appreciation of the full role of the French Army without whom the key victory of the Battle of the Marne never would have been won”. Solid history. 480pp hc photos, notes, index. New copy. $37.00 $14.00 B

[ ] War on the Western Front 1914-1918 Centenary Edition Sheffield. Another A-1 book covering “the war to end all wars”. Well worth adding to your WWI shelf. Massive, authoritative text, photographically impressive! 272pp, hc, lf, photos, art, dia, charts, index. New copy $32.00 $15.50 A

[ ] Isn’t All This Bloody: Scottish Writing from the First World War More solid culture – we all need a little. Historian Trevor Royle presents a range of military material by Scottish writers – poetry, fiction, news, letters, etc., showing how the war affected everyone not just in the trenches but (often pathetically so) at home. Literary resistance arose, so did Scottish nationalism, once the whole mess ended. Such legendary writers as John Buchan (The Thirty-Nine Steps, etc.) with his “War in the Air” essay. 306pp, hc, table of contents, biblio. $24.95 $10.50 B

[ ] Hell and Good Company: The Spanish Civil War and the World It Made Rhodes. Just as it says. From inception to all the details of how the two sides tore Spain and each other to pieces over ideologies. Very close-up coverage, beautifully written by a hardcore Pulitzer Prize man. Includes the air war (numerous mentions of Canada, but no mention of Canadian-built Grumman Helldivers being involved; much of Guernica). 302pp, sc, photos, notes, biblio, index. $22.00 $12.50 B

[ ] The Fourteenth Day: JFK and the Aftermath of the Cuban Crisis Coleman. 256pp hc, photos, notes, index. Untold story of how the Cuban Missile Crisis as not over on the famous 13th day when Khrushchev seemed to back down. There was still a chance of WW3 erupting. Coleman reveals the story based in part on his access to Oval Office tapes of the day. 256pp, hc, photos, index. $27.50 $13.50 B

[ ] Tirpitz: The Life and Death of Germany’s Last Super Battleship Zetterling & Tamelander. The great ship on the prowl, victories, Norway, final demise. Fresh look at this great episode. 340pp, hc, app’x, biblio. $32.95 $13.50 B

[ ] Great Harry’s Navy: How Henry VIII Gave England Seapower Moorehouse. Seminal study of the rise of Britannia as a naval powerhouse. Not to be missed if you read British & European history & the role of seapower. Superb reading. 372pp pb, maps/ill, app’x, notes, gloss, index New copy. $15.95 12.50 B

[ ] A Military History of Canada Des Morton’s best selling book beautifully summarizing it all from earliest years of colonizing through New France and the Seven Years War, onward with the British era, War of 1812, colonial revolutions, birth of Canada and on to WWI, WWII, UN to the present. An essential title for any Canadian military library shelf. 304pp, photos, index. Fine copy. $10.50 B

[ ] The Rideau Canada Then and Now Another of the great John McQuarrie’s spectacular books in his canal series. Text by Ron Corbett. 144pp, sc, lf, wonderful visual presentation, authoritative text. A real gem of a gift book. New copy. $14.00 A

[ ] Words of Valediction and Remembrance: Canadian Epitaphs of the Second World War McGeer. Ace of a book focusing on a touching subject. McGeer takes us to the battlefields & monuments where Canadians made their sacrifices. Having read this gem, you soon will find yourself inspecting the cemeteries & monuments in your own area. 312pp, hc, photos, index. Like new. $15.00 A

[ ] The Bombers and the Bombed: Allied Air War over Europe 1940-1945 Overy. A renowned author tells how Bomber Command & the US 8th Air Force executed their plan for total war against Germany, also how the target cities endured. Highly recommended. 562pp, hc, photos, biblio, notes, index. $42.00 $15.00 A

[ ] American Statecraft: The Story of the U.S. Foreign Service Moskin. A major book telling this vast history from 1776 to modern times. The history of the diplomats who’s jib it is to keep America out of war, shape & sell foreign policy, find markets for US business, rescue Americans in distress, etc. This is a real gem for the hardcore reader of US and global affairs. 928pp, hc, photos, notes, biblio, index. New copy. $40.00 $13.50 A

[ ] On Guard: Britain’s Gate Guardians, ATC Airframes and Others From the Merseysyde Av’n Society. Ken Ellis’ wonderful 1978 guidebook. 56pp, photos, very nice copy. Just as it says, all the then-available info. Strictly for the serious collector. $15,00 pp.

[ ] Canada’s Flying Heritage 1968 hardcover edition of this 1954 Frank Ellis classic. Essential for any Canadian aviation library, covers all the early eras in wonderful detail. From early 1900s through WWI, the booming interwar years, WWII and postwar eras. A key sourcebook. 398pp, hc, lf, photos, app’x, index. Nice copy but no dustjacket. $16.00 A

[ ] Department of Vehicle Development Vehicle Trials Winter 1948-1949 Northwest Highway Final detailed 200-page, large format report re. Canadian Army cold weather vehicle trials in the Yukon. Such equipment as Chevy and Ford trucks, Ford ambulance, Ford anti-aircraft tractor, Mack 6 and 10 ton trucks. Very detailed stuff for a hardcore collector. Fair-to-good condition. $25.00 A

[ ] The Douglas DC-4 Air-Britain 1967. Standard detailed production list. Very useful sourcebook. 6×9 in. 104pp, sc, photos. Very nice copy. $10.50 pp

[ ] Aircraft in British Military Service since 1946 Flinthham A wonderful production, large format, hardcover, encyclopedic 332pp, photos, app’x, index. Just exceptional! New copy $60.00 $22.00 A

[ ] Warships of the USSR and Russia 1945-1995 Pavlov A large-format hardcover with photos, specs and histories for hundreds of USSR vessels from “subs” to aircraft carriers. A gem of a book for any follower. 321pp, an amazing book from the Naval Institute Press New copy. $15.00 A

[ ] Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club: US Carrier Operations off Vietnam Francillon. One of the great classic air warfare books covering SE Asia in the 1960s-70s. Each carrier’s tours are covered, all the aircraft types you can imagine that served there. 214pp, lf, hc, photos galore, stats, etc. Nice copy, an amazing book. $18.50 A

[ ] There Shall Be Wings The great Leslie Frost’s 1959 in-depth history of the RCAF (on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Baddeck). 290pp, hc, photos. Nice copy, no dust jacket. $12.00 B

[ ] The Bremen Fred Hotson’s award- winning history of the first non-stop E-W airplane crossing of the Atlantic. One of CANAV’s most outstanding books. Writes the AAHS, “There are many books dealing with pioneer ocean flying, but only a very small number can be classified as important. This book belongs in that select group.” We agree all the way. You’ll totally enjoy this book. Photos, fold-out map, 3-views. 224 pp, hc. A real gem for any serious aviation library. New copy $22.95 $12.50 B

[ ] Some Died at Ortona: The Royal Canadian Regiment in Action in Italy 1943 Galloway. Day to day with the regiment preparing for and in battle in the Italian campaign. Then … the dreadful battle at Ortona at Christmas. All the details for any serious reader. 222pp, sc, glossary. New copy. $14.95 $10.50 B

[ ] At War on the Gothic Line: Fighting in Italy 1944-45 Christian Jennings excellent 2016 history of this massive yet sometimes tentative effort to shorten WWII. All the politics among FDR, Churchill and their generals, how it all came down to the fighting man confronting often superior German divisions. But the Allies finally carry the day. Much about such amazing units as the Black and Japanese American regiments, the Canadians, and the Poles and Indians. Really an excellent, well-balanced presentation. 356pp, hc, photos, maps, notes, index. Like new. $15.50 B

Vokes: My Story The 1985 autobiography of yet another great Canadian Army general, Chris Vokes, DSO. From boyhood to generalship. Campaigns in Italy and NW Europe. Then the occupation and home to Canada Much very personal coverage. 232pp, hc. Excellent history, nice copy. $12.50 B

[ ] Distant Thunder: Canada’s Citizen Soldiers on the Western Front Kennedy. A solid history of the subject from Canada’s rush to prepare for war in 1914 to the first great battles on the Western Front — Ypres, the Somme, Vimy, etc. All the horrors of trench warfare, artillery barrages, gas, etc. To the bitter end at Cambrais in November 1918. A lot of fresh info well delivered. 236pp, sc, photos, biblio, chronology, index. New copy. $35.00 $14.50 A

[ ] From Baddeck to the Yalu: Stories of Canada’s Airmen at War Noel Shannon. A really decent compilation. Good coverage starting at Baddeck with the AEA, on to the pioneers of aerial warfare in WWI (lots of solid detail), the interwar years, much of WWII with familiar and not-so-familiar airmen’s names. Finishes with Canada’s F-86 pilots in Korea. Really a decent effort written by a former combat pilot. 224pp, photos, index. Very nice copy $10.00 B

[ ] The Armed Forces of Canada 1867-1967: A Century of Achievement Authoritative in-depth history by the great D.J. Goodspeed, Directorate of History, Ottawa. An essential book to give added strength to your general Canadian military library. Beautifully produced large format hardcover. From Canada’s earliest militia, the Northwest Campaign, South Africa, WWI, formation of the RCN and RCAF, the interwar doldrums, on to WWII and the postwar era. A masterpiece and beautifully produced. Maps and photos, app’x, index. Nice copy, no dust jacket. $14.50 A

[ ] Canadian Airmen and the First World War, Vol.I DHist. As it says and in a class of its own. Indispensable source book if you don’t yet have your copy. 806 pp, hc, 200 photos, maps, foldouts. Nice copy. $40.00 A

[ ] Canada’s Air Force Today Larry Milberry’s classic 1987 overview. 100s of wonderful photos, in-depth text, authoritative. 152pp, hc, lf, photos, app’x, index. Nice new copy. $40.00 $14.00 A

[ ] Combat Legend F-86 Sabre Martin Bowman’s wonderful overall history of this classic fighter. The author boils the story down to the essentials from earliest post-WWII days through all the Sabre versions in all the nations. Much about the Canadair Sabre. Wonderful photos and colour profiles. A real gem of a book, especially to complement your copy of The Canadair Sabre. 96-page 7×10 inch softcover, app’x, index. New copy. $21.95 $15.00 B (this book + a new autographed copy of The Canadair Sabre $35.00 A)

[ ] The Bomber Command War Diaries: An Operational Reference Book 1939-1945 Martin Middlebrook’s incomparable record of every Bomber Command operation of WWII. Indispensible for understanding the air war over Europe. A book that you will use time and time again and never part with this one!. 804 pages, softcover, photos, index. New copy. $45.00 A

[ ] Bomber Command Losses 1945 From W.R. Chorley’s seminal series. Every bomber lost for the last year of the war with outline of the mission — each crewman’s name and trade, who died, who survived, the when and the where, the circumstances, etc. 100s of RCAF entries + the essential historical text. 224pp, sc New Copy $28.00 B

[ ] The Evaders: True Stories of Downed Canadians and Their Helpers in World War II Lavender & Sheffe (1992). Famous history covering many of the RCAF fliers on the run in enemy territorty. 264pp, sc, photos, doc, app’x, index. Nice copy $13 .50 B

[ ] Above the Trenches: The Complete Record of the Fighter Aces and Units of the British Empire Air Forces 1915-1920 Shores, Franks, Guest. This is the ultimate book covering the topic. All the many Canadians included. A wide-ranging, beautifully designed masterpiece of a book. 396pp, hc, photos, all the aces in alph. order, very easy to use. For any reader with the remotest interest. Very nice copy. $40.00 A

[ ] Immelman: The Eagle of Lille Bio. Of the great German fighter ace of WWI 208pp, hc, photos, list of victories. New copy. $32.95 $12.50 B

[ ] The Red Baron’s Last Flight: The Mystery Investigated Franks & Bennett. The final word on the fate of Manfred von Richthofen. On April 21, 1918 he was shot down over the front. Canadian pilots W.R. “Wop” May & A. Roy Brown were in on the action, but who fired the fatal shot? This study goes about as far as can be in finding a rational answer. 144pp, hc, photos, maps, docs, app’x, index. New copy, but two bumped corners $9.50 B

[ ] Shark Squadron: The History of 112 Squadron 1917-1975 Robin Brown’s outstanding covering of the renowned RAF squadron. From Camels in WWII through the 1930s to Gladiators and Kittyhawks in Crete and N. Africa, the Italian campaign with Mustangs. Many Canadian pilots. Postwar on the Vampire, Canadair Sabre, Hunter, finishing as an anti-aircraft sqn. 304 99, hc, photos, maps, intensive app’x, index. New copy. $50.00 $17.50 B

[ ] RAF Squadrons in the Battle of Britain Robinson. Just as it says, squadron after squadron, each one’s locations, aircraft, personnel, involvement, successes, losses and more. 288pp, photos, maps, app’x, biblio, index. New copy. $50.00, $17.50 B

[ ] Tobruk Commando Landsborough. The story of a daring 1942 British commando raid in Egypt/Libya. How a simple raid grew in scale with the planning, then fell apart in the execution. Very exciting story! 216 pages, hardcover, photos. 1st ed’n 1956, nice copy. $13.50 B

[ ] The Lion’s Last Roar: Suez 1956 Cooper. The genesis of this infamous crises, how its developed as a military confrontation (land, sea and air), all the forces at play. How Britain failed at this effort, suffering long term losses and opening the way in this region to the USSR. 308 pages, maps, notes, biblio, index. Nice copy. $16.50 B

[ ] U.S. Battleship Operations in World War 1 Jones/Naval Institute Press. As it says, in-depth coverage of this era in the US Navy’s (then) modern era. How the US fleet teamed with the Royal Navy’s Grand Fleet to give the latter, “an unqualified superiority over the German fleet”. The USN learns many lessons (gunnery, etc.) from the RN. All the great ships and naval leaders. 170 pages, photos, notes, biblio, index. Very nice copy. $18.00 B

[ ] A Terrible Beauty: The Art of Canada at War Robertson. A lovely, award-winning book covering its topic 1914-18 and 1939-45. Many classic pieces of Canadian war art with detailed text. “The Sinking of the Athabaskan”, “Bomber Run”, “S/L Hal Gooding, DFC”, “Pranged Halifax Q Queenie”, etc. All of Canada’s great war artists are included, a really lovely production 240 pp, hc, lf. 100s of colour ill. GC. $24.00 A

[ ] The Battle for Hell’s Island Moore. A really superb history of how US naval aviation struggled, then, finally succeeded in the early years of WWII in the South Pacific. Amazingly detailed and well written. Mainly focuses on the Battle of the Coral Sea and Guadalcanal and how USN aircraft carriers there duelled with Japanese counterparts. Many carriers go under, the losses are astounding. Dauntless and Avenger divebombers covered by Wildcats fight almost daily with formidable enemy bombers and fighters. 498pp, hc, photos, maps, app’x, biblio, index. A serious page-turner, you won’t regret this fantastic read! Very nice copy $15.00 A

[ ] Log book for SS Victorious Upper Lakes Shipping Co. laker Victorious’ log from Trip 1 1966 to her final sailing – Trip 18 1968. Vessel then was sold and used to help form a breakwater at Ontario Place, Toronto. All entries made in hand, showing departure and destination ports, cargo in detail by hold (Durham No.5 wheat, bushels per hold, coal (by type), salt) tons per hold, draft fore & aft, loading & discharging times, etc. Each page signed off by such officers as D. Fenton, H. Freeman, C. Hiscock, R. Smith. 198 pages, hardback logbook, first 74 pages are used for entries. Also includes various receipts for movements and transactions with such companies as American Grain Terminals Inc, Canada Department of Agriculture, Toledo Board of Trade. Great Lakes collector item only. Nice condition. $180.00 all in

[ ] Canada’s Air Force Today Larry Milberry’s renowned 1987 title, just as it says. Covers every Group from the day and a solid description of the work done by each – fighters, transports, maritime, helios, etc. Rich in colour photos 152pp, large format, hardcover, app’x, index. Includes a free copy of CANAV’s 24-page 1991 “Update” to CAFT. Very nice autographed copy. $16.00 A

[ ] Vintage Aircraft in Canada 1976 CAHS publication. 68-page booklet with photos listing everything known at the time. Still a useful source book, otherwise a nifty collectable. Nice copy. $14.00 postpaid

[ ] Mayday: Eisenhower, Khrushchev and the U-2 Affair Michael Beschloss’ ultimate coverage of this … one of the greatest Cold War episodes. The story of US-USSR standoff, the USAF, the CIA, Soviet air defences, Francis Gary Powers, etc. 494pp, photos, map, notes, index. Nice copy. $14.50 B

[ ] Explorers: The Most Exciting Voyages of Discovery from the African Expeditions to the Lunar Landing As it says and a gem of a production. Really nicely produced using many large fold-outs on card stock to show off the many maps and photos. Deals with all the continents, good coverage of the NW Passage incl. Amundsen + USS Nautilus.
NEW copy sticker price $29.95. $15.50 B

[ ] U.S. Commercial Aircraft The great Kenneth Munson’s lovely 1982 history of this basic and beloved subject. All the great types through the decades from the 1913 Benoist flying boat in Tampa onward to the modern jetliners of the 1980s. Beautifully produced, many superb photos. 224pp, hc, lf, chronology, appendix, index. Very nice copy. An ace of a Jane’s production. $17.50 A

[ ] McDonnell Douglas: A Tale of Two Giants Yenne. Ditto. 256pp, nice copy. $15.00 A

[ ] Alaska Airlines Airways Classics series by the great John Wegg. 75th ann. ed’n. 80pp, magazine format, photos galore, map. Pioneering days to the present, all the great people, planes and routes. Lovely copy. $15.00 B

[ ] Braniff Airlines Airways Classics series by the great John Wegg. Ditto Alaska. $15.00 B

[ ] U.S. Military Aircraft 1908 to April 6, 1917 From the Robert Casari series, Vol.3 Curtiss J, N, JN-2, JN-3 and N-8. 72 page 6×9 booklet, photos, index. Nice copy. $15.00 postpaid

[ ] Encyclopedia of U.S. Military Aircraft The World War I Production Program, The Curtiss Jennies From the Robert Casari series, 152pp, hc, photos, charts, drawings, index. In-depth cverage of the Canadian programs. Very nice copy $30.00 B

[ ] Dreams of Food and Freedom Booth. A fascinating local history. The men of Ontario’s Elgin County who served as Prisoners of War from the War of 1812 onward. Much of WWI & WWII, some airmen included. Each man’s early life is covered, then his military career and life as a POW, then how he fared after the war. New copy. $16.50 B

[ ] Dove and Heron Production List No.2 Published c.1980 by VHF Supplies. Early such list. 40 page booklet with a few b/w photos. Nice copy but has a few notes penciled in, collector item. $9.00 pp

[ ] The Constellation Air-Britain 1969. Ditto. 66pp, sc, photos. Good copy $5.50B

[ ] Civil Aircraft Registers of Canada 1996/97 Air Britain. As you’d expect. 304pp, sc. Nice copy. $12.50 A

[ ] Piston Engine Airliner Production List Eastwood & Roach. From the well-known series. Essential sourcebook. 1991 ed’n. Nice copy. $8.50 A

[ ] Turbo Prop Airliner Production List Vol.1 Boeing Roach & Eastwood. Ditto. 1990 ed’n. 400pp, sc. Good copy. $6.50 A

[ ] Turbo Prop Airliner Production List Vol.1 Boeing Roach & Eastwood. Ditto. 2007 ed’n. 472pp, sc. Nice copy. $7.50 A (Both turbo props $12.50 A)

[ ] Jet Airliner Production List Vol.1 Boeing Roach & Eastwood. Ditto. 2005 ed’n. 496pp, sc. Very nice copy. $8.50 A

[ ] Jet Airliner Production List Vol.2 All the others. Roach & Eastwood. Ditto. 2004 ed’n. 510pp, sc. Very nice copy. $8.50 A (both jet ed’ns $13.50 A)

{ } Airline Fleet Quick Reference AFQR 2013 Air-Britain. As it says, useful sourcebook. 272pp, sc. Nice copy $7.50 B

{ } Airline Fleet Quick Reference AFQR 2015 Air-Britain. As it says, useful sourcebook. 286pp, sc. Nice copy $7.50 B (Both $12.00 A)

[ ] JP Aircraft-Markings 71 Early example of the “JP” series 176pp, pocket book format, photos. Alph. order by airline. Nice copy $7.50 B

[ ] JP Aircraft-Markings 74 Early example of the “JP” series 238p, pocket book format, photos. Ditto Nice copy $7.50 B

[ ] JP Aircraft-Markings 75 Early example of the “JP” series 302pp, pocket book format, photos. Ditto. Nice copy $7.50 B

[ ] JP Aircraft-Markings 77 Early example of the “JP” series 330pp, pocket book format, photos. Alph. Order by airline. Nice copy $9.50 B

[ ] Airliner Production List Nigel Tomkins, 1978 ed’n. From the “World Airline Fleets” series. 362pp, sc, photos. Nice copy $8.50 B

[ ] Turboprop Airliners & Military Transports of the World 94 Standard excellent Air-Britain sourcebook – as it says. 408pp, softcover, good copy. $9.50 A

[ ] Jet Airliners of the World 1949-1998 Air-Britain 50th ann. ed’n. 336 pp, hardcover. As usual … alph. order by manufacturer. Very nice copy $12.50 A

[ ] Jet Airliner Production List 1949-1989 Roach & Eastwood Massive compendium. 460pp, sc. Very nice copy. $9.50 A

[ ] Jet Airliners of the World 1990 Air-Britain. Standard A-B publication that you fans know & love. 334pp, sc, nice copy $12.50 A

[ ] Canada’s Air Force at War and Peace, Vol. 1 Milberry. In September 2000 Britain’s Scale Aviation Modeller International selected Vol.1 as its “Book of the Month”: “Well, what can we say! This is a book that truly deserves the ‘must have’ title… one that all RCAF and Canadian aviation fans will want.” Writes Airforce: “…the most comprehensive history of Canada’s air force ever produced.” Canadian Flight says “the grand-daddy of all Christmas presents for air force vets.” Begins in 1914 with the feeble Canadian Av’n Corps, moves to Canadians in the RFC/RNAS/RAF. Ch.1 has more than 30,000 words: fighters, bombers, coastal patrol, training. Ch.2? Interwar years. CAF/RCAF from its start in training, photo, surveying, fisheries & sovereignty, treaty & training flights. The RCAF grows more military. Pix from HS-2L to Atlas, Hurricane. Ch.3? Home front 1939-45. 230 photos. BCATP, home defence, domestic transport, industry. Day Fighters 1939-45 – No.1 Sqn in the Battle of Britain, D-Day, the march through Europe, Far East, etc. Hurricanes, Spitfires, Typhoons, etc. Vol.1 296 pp, 700 photos, 200,000 words, 9×12 lf, hc, glos, biblio, index. $69.50 sticker price. Small ding at top of spine. Good autographed copy $10.00 A

[ ] Behind the Glory: The Plan that Won the Allied Air War Barris Canada in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in WW2. Excellent history of this great enterprise in Canada, many first-hand interviews, full of exciting action in time of war. 358pp, sc, photos, map, biblio, index. Nice copy. $10.50 B

[ ] Behind the Glory: The Plan that Won the Allied Air War Ditto except hardcover ed’n. Some slight marking-up by the previous owner, but really quite a nice copy. $12.50 B

[ ] Day of Infamy Walter Lord’s famous history of the Japanese surprise attach on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. First ed’n 1957. All the basic history as known to that time. The background, the attack, America’s unpreparedness, the aftermath of this historic day in world history. 242pp, hc, photos, maps, index. Decent copy. $8.00 B

[ ] British Journal of Photography Annual 1967 Wonderful book of archival + contemporary b/w images + great tech gen about cameras & photography. Many key themes of the day – Vietnam War, disasters, Dorothea Lange section, auto racing. For the connoisseur/collector. 258pp, hc, lf. Very nice copy. $16.00 A

[ ] The Greatest Flight: Reliving the Aerial Triumph that Changed the World McMillan. Lovely, impressive big book covering the 5-week 1994 flight of a full-scale replica Vimy bomber from the UK to Australia, re-enacting in glorious form the original 1919 flight. 256pp, extra-large format, all the photos in “then and now” layout, just magnificent. Lovely copy. $15.00 A

[ ] It Seems Like Only Yesterday Philip Smith’s seminal history of Trans-Canada Air Lines. Essential Canadian aviation content. 368pp, hc, photos, index. Nice copy. $14.50 B

[ ] My Lady of Courage G/C Z.L. Leigh’s tribute to his wife, Linny. Their lives together in the world of aviation 1930s-80s – in the bush, TCA, RCAF, retirement. Another side to the Canadian aviation story and good stuff. Complements G/C Leigh’s own story And I Shall Fly. 280pp, sc, photos. Good copy. $8.50 B

[ ] And I Shall Fly G/C Z. L. Leigh’s autobio. From prairie barnstormer to Arctic aviator, to his job as TCA’s first pilot. On to coastal Hudsons, overseas transport operations with B-17s, the founding of Air Transport Command, etc. Chapter re. Newfoundland air transport c. 1930 + Goose Bay post-WWII. 212 pp, sc, photos, index. New copy $18.00 B (Both copies $24.00 B)

[ ] Hubbard:The Forgotten Boeing Aviator Brown. Important history of one of the great early aviators. Hubbards many “firsts” including the 1920 Seattle-Victoria air mail. 226pp, sc, photos, biblio, index. Very nice autographed copy. $12.00 B

[ ] Bombardier Global Express Official invitation from Laurent Beaudoin to the rollout of the Global Express at Downsview in August 1996. Nicely done in a thick board 7×7 inch velvety cover. Rare, collector item only. $20.00 B

[ ] The Truth Straight from the Top about Air Canada Robert Milton answers his critics and he “gets it straight” for the historic record. You can imagine how these two books differ! 266pp, hc, notes, index. Like new copy. $13.50 B

[ ] Census of U.S. Civil Aircraft as of December 31, 1964 FAA publication, massive treatment of the topic from many perspectives such as totals of aircraft by names, by engine, by state, by manufacturer, e.g., 35.012 Cessnas vs2357 Mooneys vs 1782 Douglas vs 947 Lockheed. Rotary wing & gliders incl. 170pp, sc, maps. Nice copy $14.00 A

[ ] The American Heritage History of Flight Josephy et al. (1962). A magnificent history of aviation in the USA and its interconnections abroad. 416pp, hc, lf, photos, profiles, paintings. Simply a lovely production. Nice copy. $15.00 A

[ ] Skyward: Why Flyers Fly Richard Munson’s magnificent extra-large format glossy-page book with some of the best ever aircraft photos, includes many detailed profiles of men and planes by people who just live to fly. Beech 17 & Ford Trimotor to classic Stinsons, on to modern airliners, bizjets, homebuilts, ag planes and warbirds. One of the most beautiful such productions. 208pp. Good copy. $15.00 A

[ ] Leading Edge Walter Boyne’s (Dir. NASM) fabulous history of aviation in text + magnificent colour photos. Truly one of the most delightful such books, anyone will love a copy. 232pp, hc, lf, index. Like new. $12.50 A

[ ] US Navy & Marine Corps Air Power Directory Donald & Lake. From World Air Power Journal. Indispensable guidebook that holds its usefulness year after year. Histories of all modern types, all bases and units. 232pp, lf, hc, photos, 3-views, maps, charts, app’x, index. Like new except one folded blank page at the very end. $21.50 A

[ ] US Air Force Air Power Directory From World Air Power Journal. Indispensable 1992 guidebook that holds its usefulness year after Esatmooyear. Histories of all modern types, all bases and units. 232pp, lf, hc, photos, 3-views, maps, charts, app’x, index. Collector item, very nice copy $12.00 A

[ ] Veteran and Vintage Aircraft Leslie Hunt’s amazingly detailed 1974 compendium covering the world’s preserved aircraft, where they are, what’s their status, etc. Very detailed notes for many of the entries, 100s of photos. A gem of a sourcebook. 336pp, sc, index Nice copy. $9.50 A

[ ] The National Air and Space Museum Haber. Wonderful visual spectacle showing the museum’s collection in glorious colour. 128pp, extra-large format, detailed write-ups. Another gem of a museum book, a photographic art event! Very nice copy. $12.00 A

[ ] Modern Commercial Aircraft A delightful and useful 1987 sourcebook by the great Wm Green et al. Very good details with photos, 3-views and cutaways of the main aircraft in use then globally. Beautifully laid out book that will be a delight for year. 208pp, hc, index. Very nice copy. $14.50 A

[ ] The Evolution of the Cruise Missile Werrell, Air University Press, Maxwell AFB. 286pp, sc, photos, app’x, index. As it says. Begins in WWI to modern days. Rare book, good copy but some loose pages.290pp, sc, photos, dias, app’x, index. $9.00 B

[ ] Douglas F3D Skyknight (“Naval Fighters Number 4”) Beautifully compiled in-depth history of this 2nd generation jet fighter, a type that endured from pre-Korea to Vietnam. All the details pilot report and weaponry incl. of this versatile all-weather interceptor and ECM workhorse. 82pp journal format. Nice copy. $20.00 postpaid

[ ] Flying Magazine November 1966. Special 156 page Vietnam air war edition. Also covers Blue Angels flying the Grumman Tiger. Nice copy $10.00 B

[ ] Air War Vietnam Middleton (1978) A classic study, so a delight to anyone reading in this area. 360pp, photos, maps, charts, gloss, index. VG. $20.00 A

[ ] A Time for War: The United States and Vietnam 1941-1975 Schulzinger. The complete overview of US involvement in SEA from the start, when Ho Chimin was interested in being an alie of the west to the collapse of American power there. Much about the air war. 396pp, sc, photos, notes, biblio, index. Nice copy. $13.50 B

[ ] Last Flight from Saigon Laval (1978). USAF Southeast Asia monograph series. Official history of the last days of the USAF in South Vietnam. 138pp, sc, photos, maps, charts, index. $10.00 B

[ ] Air Force Heroes in Vietnam Schneider (1978). USAF Southeast Asia monograph series. Official history of many USAF personnel. 86pp, sc, photos, maps, charts, gloss, index. $10.00 B

[ ] Gulf War Debrief Morris (1992). Ultimate word on the First Gulf War air campaign. All the resources, bases, order of battle, you name it. 100s of photos, say no more! 224pp, hc, maps, 3-views, app’x, index. Collector’s item … still wrapped. $35.00 A

[ ] Soviet Military Power 1990 9th ed’n of this ever-useful overview of the West’s No.1 potential enemy since 1945. Emphasis on the USSR’s air and missile prowess. Frwd by Sec. Defense Dick Cheny.104pp, lf, sc, photos, charts, index. Nice copy. $14.50 B

[ ] Illustrated Guide to the Canadian Establishment Peter C. Newman’s 1983 blockbuster book about Canada’s wealthiest families (many having aviation interests). From the Bassetts to the Eatons, McCains, Molsons, Richardsons, Siftons, Woodward, etc. This was the book of the year in 1983-84. 408 beautifully laid out pages, magnificent photographic content, app’x, index. A fine copy. $15.00 A

[ ] Water Transportation in Canada McCalla A seminal study of the importance of water transportation to Canada to 1994. The historic context, the geography of it all, then various important case studies incl. the containerization port at Saint John, NB, evolution of the port of Montreal, development of the St. Lawrence Seaway, Vancouver and the future of Arctic sea transportation. Very important & topical material. Many charts, graphs and stats, maps. 260pp, hc, biblio, index. Good copy. $15.00 B

[ ] Time Flies: Heathrow at 60 Alan Gallop’s wonderful 2005 history of this global aviation hub from that days of the Dragon Rapide, Lancastrian, Tudor, Brabazon, Connie and Argonaut through all the subsequent airliners (Comet, 707, Concord, 747, etc.) all the details are here. From the initial sod-busting to how the terminals, airliners and air carriers evolved and came and went at Heathrow. 220pp, hc, photos, index. Like new. $18.50 A

[ ] 1959 Journal RCAF Staff College Very rare item. Published at the end of a year’s study for Course 23 at RCAF Staff College in Toronto. Many papers covering defence topics of Canadian import … global security, US partnership, the “Surprise and Blitzkrieg in Soviet Eyes”, “Limited War Strategy in the Nuclear Era”, “Logistics in the Missile Age”, etc. Student and staff photos. 128pp journal format, many nifty adverts of the day. Lovely copy.$50.00 B

[ ] 1960 Journal RCAF Staff College similar to 1959 $50.00 B

[ ] Canadair Public Relations Press Clippings Internal document, 2kg, cerlox bound covering Canadair from the North Star in 1944 to the CL600 Challenger in 1982. All clippings via Jane’s publications. Only original copy in existence. Very nice condition for a document that was in regualr use for decades in the PR office. $75.00 A

[ ] Canadair Ltd. Summary Corporate Information 28 January 1985 A very rare internal document summarizing the company in such terms as accounting & financial, management & key employees, sales &marketing, engineering & technical resources, R&D, manufacturing & operations current 5-year plan. Nice copy, cover a bit smudged. Cerlox, about 60 pages $75.00 A

[ ] Peacekeeping Intelligence: Emerging Concepts for the Future. Important 2003 compendium re. the importance of “intel” to global peacekeeping operations, where Canada has excelled since 1956. The failures of the past, the goals ahead. Eclectic but fascinating sourcebook. 532pp, hc. Nice copy. $12.50 A

[ ] For Love and Glory: A Pictorial History of Canada’s Air Forces J.A.“Tony” Foster’s quite decent 1989 history of this basic topic. Collector’s item, should be on any fan’s bookshelf. Like new copy. $15.00 A

[ ] A Broken Arrow: The Story of the Arrow Air Disaster in Gander, Newfoundland Capt T.C. Badcock’s 1988 look into this infamous event – the mysterious crash of a DC-8 that took 265 lives. 164pp, hc, photos. Very nice copy. Rare item $25.00 B

[ ] Disaster in the Air Brookes Excellent “Ian Allen” series compendium of famous air disasters from the Hindenburg to the B-25 that crashed into the Empire State Building, the failure of the giant Avro Tudor, the loss of a KLM Connie in Scotland and a Flying Tiger DC-6 in New York City. The famous Aloha 737 and many other accidents. 160pp, sc, photos, maps, dias, biblio, index. Nice copy $9.50 B

[ ] An Ancient Air Penrose. Bio of John Stringfellow who experimented in England with flight in the mid-1800s Smithsonian publ’n. 182pp, photos, index. Fine copy. $10.00 B

[ ] Wings of War: An Airman’s Diary of the Last Year of the War Translation of German WWI ace Rudolph Stark’s book covering his final year at the front. Full of details about squadron life at JG-35 and deadly aerial combat. Much German vs Allied commentary. The final optimistic German aerial push, but the Allies succeed at long last. 200pp, hc, photos. Like new. $20.00 B

[ ] I flew for the Fuhrer German ace Heintz Knoke’s famous story of his WWII years. His boyhood years then his indoctrination and training in Nazi Germany, and his years flying the Me.109. Much about the war against the US daylight bombers and the daily dogfights with Mustangs, Lightnings, etc. 186pp, hc, photos. Nice copy, 1st ed’n 1953, no dustjacket. $14.00 B

[ ] Flight of Eagles: The Story of the American Kosciuszko Squadron in the Polish-Russian War 1919-1920 Karolevitz & Fenn (1974). A masterly piece of work covering a largely forgotten topic. American airmen who could have gone home in 1918 volunteer to help Poland against massive Russian power. 280pp, hc, photos, artwork, maps, biblio, index. A lovely book. $12.50 B

[ ] Men Behind the Medals By renowned Air Commodore G. Pitchfork. Summarized on the dust jacket: “… a timely reminder of the debt we owe to all those gallant airmen…” Pitchfork covers 21 RAF airmen (all Commands and aircraft types) who received various gallantry awards 1939-45. 272pp, hc, photos, index. Nice copy, ex-library. $10.50 B

[ ] Men Behind the Medals Ditto except sc – softcover. Nice copy. $9.50 B

[ ] The Maritime Defence of Canada Sarty. Serious coverage (1996) of this key topic, initially from the 19th Century. Coast artillery since WWI, surface vessel patrols, and anti-submarine/anti-surface vessel air patrols (HS-2L to Liberator) all are included. 222pp, sc, photos, notes, index. Nice copy. $14.50 B

[ ] Defence 1971 Canadian DND 6.5 x 9.5 inch booklet outlining Canada’s present state of defence readiness land, sea & air. Photos. $8.00 postpaid

[ ] B-1B Bomber Lindsay Peacock’s excellent 48-page Osprey monograph. Photos, colour profiles. Nice copy. $8.50 postpaid

[ ] Manned Spaceflight Log Tim Furniss’ outstanding history of this leading topic. Janes 1986 ed’n. From Vostok 1 to STS-51L & Soyuz T-15. All the great history for each mission – the ships and crews, etc. 160pp, sc, lf, photos. New copy $15.00 A

{ } Aviation Record Makers: Innovations in Modern Flight Technology Chant. Excellent overview of developments in main chapters headed “Basic Design and Structure”, “Powerplant” and “Electronics”. Covers a wide range of aircraft programs from the Northrop flying wings to the Mosquito, SR-71, Harrier and Yak-38 VTOLs, AH-64 Apache, L-1011, even the Canadair CL-289 drone.128pp, hc, lf, photos, index. Nice copy $15.00 A

[ ] “Popular Flying” magazine for January 1933 After almost 90 years, not too bad a copy of this renowned UK magazine. Even has a bit of Canadian content. 56 pages $15.00 postpaid

[ ] Encyclopedia of the World’s Civil Aircraft Mondey. Absolutely a wonderful compendium of aircraft, all the essential details for each type. 1981 ed’n, a real beauty. History, photo, 3-views, specs for any type you can mention. A gorgeous, extra-large format book.254pp, hc. Very nice copy. $21.50 A

[ ] World Encyclopedia of Civil Aircraft: From Leonardo Da Vinci to the Present Angelucci. Huge and indispensable title for any broad aviation library. 100s of aircraft described – you name it. 3000 photos and art ill., 3-views. 414pp, biblio, index. Amazing! Very nice copy $17.50 A

[ ] Encyclopedia of World Military Aircraft Vols.1 and 2 Donald & Lake. “World Airpower Journal” series, 1994 ed’n, lovely set of books, collector items. The world’s military a/c with full technical descriptions, specs, 100s of photos and 3-views, 1200+ ill. 448pp, extra large format, index. Set $35.00 A

[ ] Combat Aircraft of the World By the great John W.R. Taylor. Just as it says and what an ace of a book. Most combat planes from WWI to 1969. And … an absolutely beautiful copy of this massive, ever useful book. A real beauty for the aviation bibliophile! Arranged by nation. 646pp, lf, hc, photos, index. $15.00 A

[ ] The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World’s Rockets & Missiles By the great Bill Gunston. A comprehensive directory and history of the military guided missile systems of the 20th century. 264pp, extra large format, massive treatment, vast photo and diagram content. An example of the all-around beautifully done book. Content arranged by nation, Canada included. Very good copy except for a beat-up dust jacket. $24.00 A

[ ] The Aerospace Chronology Michael J.H. Taylor. As it says, worldwide coverage. Valuable research sourcebook, just a good book to have handy. Earliest times to 1989. 330pp, hc, photos. Nice copy. $12.00 A

[ ] Canadian aerophilatelic item … First Day Cover Sept.4, 1999, commemorating the 50th Ann. of the Canadian International Air Show This is a 4.5 x 7.5 envelope with 4 large-format 46-cent stamps Illustrating the Fokker Triplane, Manfred Radius’ glider, RCAF Vampire (photo by Milberry) and Stearman wingwalker. Very nice item, makes a special little bookmarker. New. $6.00 postpaid

[ ] Salute to Her Most Gracious Majesty Elizabeth II” Canadian Officers and Ex-Officers of the Defence Forces Coronation Tribute June 2nd, 1953 A nice example of this unique 152-page, magazine format honouring Elizabeth II upon her coronation. Includes some excellent history of the RCAF incl. the Womens Division, list of VCs. Loads of good reading! Rare item. $12.00 B

[ ] 125 Years of Canadian Aeronautics: A Chronology 1840-1965 K.M. Molson et al. Famous 1983 CAHS publication. As it says … massive amount of info. 328pages, hardcover, photos galore, index. Essential sourcebook for any Canadian aviation library. Nice used copy but no dust jacket. $20.00 A

[ ] Birdman: The Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtiss and the Battle to Control the Skies Beginning with pioneers Lilienthal & Chanute, author Goldstone brings us to the Wrights & Curtiss c1900. They fly America’s first successful powered airplanes, but the Wrights clash with each other, let alone Curtiss. They popularize aviation & become wealthy, but at a huge cost. Their early “rock stars” pilots introduce millions to flight, but by 1912 more than 100 already have died. Airplanes disintegrate, pilots are hurled from their seats, the first fatal bird strike occurs, etc., but the crowds love it. A joy of a read! NEW Copy. $35.00 $24.00 B (Complements Aviation in Canada: The Pioneer Decades, both books $63.50 A)

[ ] Commander in Chief: FDR’s Battle with Churchill 1943 Nigel Hamilton’s detailed explanation of how FDR came up with his own brilliant war-making strategy, especially in the face of Churchill’s dogged opposition to FDR’s proposals for that the Allies not pour too much into Sicily/Italy in 1943, but save their main resources for D-Day. Churchill prevailed in Italy, costing the Allies dearly. A solidly researched theory/book that flies in the face of the usual understandings of Sicily/Italy strategy. 464pp, hardcover, map, notes, index. Very nice copy $14.50 A

[ ] The Accidental Airline Spilsbury. Fascinating first-hand account of one of Canada’s important post-WW2 regional airlines, BC’s Queen Charlotte Airlines. Stranraer, Canso, Norseman, DC-3, C-46, etc. Kemano, PWA rivalry, etc. Many wild & crazy adventures along the coast and in the mountains, some terrible results. Solid Canadiana, very readable! Photos. 240 pp, sc, photos, map, index. NEW copy. $18.95 $16.50 B

[ ] Under the Maple Leaf Cothliff. Remarkable adventures of 4 WWII Canadians in Bomber Command – men from different backgrounds who came home with lives much changed. Remarks Fighting High: ‘Ken Cothliff’s book is extremely valuable in telling of Canada’s vital contribution to the air war against Germany.” Another ace of a read! 240pp, hc, photos. NEW copy. $48.50 $32.50 B

[ ] Going Over: A Nova Scotian Soldier in WWI Titus Mossman goes to sea at 13. Toughened up by this, in 1915 he joins the army. All the details of what he experienced, chiefly the horrors of trench warfare in France. Much of Vimy, Passchedaele, Amiens. Titus comes out in Nov. 1918 with the Military Medal and Bar & in the 10% of his regiment still physically unscathed. He returns to sea & dies at 80 in 1974. Says the flap copy, “This dramatic story underscores the close kinship among soldiers, the self-sacrifice … dubious glory of war and the after effects” A superb book for any reader who loves the true story of Canada! 224pp, sc, photos, maps, biblio. NEW copy. $21.95 $13.50 B

[ ] Vimy Pierre Berton’s huge 1986 bestsell. Very well research, readable. A staple for any Canadian following WWI. 336pp, hc, maps, biblio, index.Nice copy. $8.50 B

[ ] For King and Empire: The Canadians at Vimy April 1917: A Social History and Battlefield Tour By Norm Christie of the Canadian War Museum. As it says, a very fine little item that puts the Berton book into perspective for 2020. 108pp, sc, many maps and photos, walking tour fold-out. Nice new copy $14.95 $9.50 B (Both Vimy books $16.00 A)

[ ] Forever Vigilant Graham Pitchfork’s seminal 100th anniversary tribute to Naval 8/208 Squadron RNAS/RAF, where many Canadian excelled in WWI. Much of the brutal air action “over the front”. The interwar years (Bristol Fighter, Atlas, etc.) then into WWII (Lysander, Hurricane, Spitfire) when Canadians again served 208. Finally, the modern era from Meteor to Hunter & Buccaneer to today’s Hawk. 272pp, hc, photos, app’x, biblio, glass, index. NEW copy. $49.95 $42.50 B

[ ] Airborne: Finding Foxtrot Alpha Mike Jonathan Rotondo’s story of a father-son passion for the sky. Start reading this one and you’ll resist all effort to put it down! A young Italian learns to fly in Kenya, emigrates to Canada, then, how his affair with the tiny Smith biplane C-FFAM impacts the family. Son Jonathan learns to fly in Air Cadets, but “FAM” is sold when his father dies. Years later the Smith is found, but it can never fly again! In the 2000s Jonathan flies his own Smith and one day takes his own son to see the original “FAM”. You’ll really enjoy this gem of a story. 228pp, sc, photos. NEW copy. $22.95 $12.50 B

[ ] The Unknown Navy: Canada’s World War II Merchant Navy Bob Halford’s renowned tribute to Canada’s 12,000 merchant seamen & their ships. Daily life for these oft-torpedoed sailors. Not to be missed, a rare piece of Canadian history! 288 pp, sc, photos Last chance for this beauty. NEW copy. $19.95, $14.50 B

[ ] Champagne Navy: Canada’s Small Boat Raiders of the Second World War Nolan & Street. All the basic history covering this exciting era where Canadians operated British MTBs and Canadian Fairmiles. Battling E-boats in the Channel, operations in “The Med”, Adriatic, etc. Says the great Donal Graves, “Its dramatic and lively style will provide riveting reading for all those interested in Canadian naval history and fast-paced action at sea.” 260pp, hc, photos, maps, app’x, biblio, index. Nice copy $16.00 B

[ ] Air Battle of the Ruhr: The RAF Offensive March-July 1943 Cooper. The air battle in which thousands of Canadians fought and died in the Wellington, Halifax, Lancaster, etc. Essential WWII reading, one of the best bombing campaign histories. 228pp, sc, photos, app’x, index NEW Copy. $35.00 $15.50 B

[ ] Insignia and Lineages of the Canadian Forces Vol.2, Part 1 Extant Commissioned Ships Invaluable DND resource book, 126 pp, sc, large format. Ill. $40.00 A

[ ] The Norman Flayderman Collection of Vintage Aviation Memorabilia, Tuesday, November 14, 2000 in San Francisco A magnificent catalogue from this huge auction. Beautifully produced 280pp, lf, sc, colour catalogue listing and showing 100s of items for sale up to a complete JN-4 Jenny. Very rare collector item. Google “Auction of Legendary Dealer Norm Flayderman Brings $1.1M” $50.00 A

[ ] Air Canada Horizons Very nice collection of 36 copies of this highly informative and historic Air Canada employees/retirees broadsheet. Av. 24-28 pages, many key photos of Air Canada’s people, places, events, planes. Nice condition 1998-2002 editions. Collection only $60.00 A

[ ] Aviation Safety Reports A small NTSB collection of original reports. Accident synopses 1-2 pages each: Crash of Skyways Int’l DC-7C Florida 21—6-1974; APLC Super Constellation Miami 15-12-1973; USA annual airline accidents – summary for 1977. More detailed reports: Mid-air collision UAL DC-8 & TWA Super Connie NYC 16-12-1960 (30 pages); Crash of Delta DC-7C Memphis 13-1-1963 (12 pages); Crash of Aerotransportes CL-44 Miami 27-9-1975 (20 pages); Crash of AA DC-10 Chicago 25-5-1979 safety recommendations only (6 pages); Canadian Aviation Safety Board info brochures c1990 $20.00 A

[ ] Aviation Safety Reports A small collection of 24 original misc. (1988-99) Transport Canada Aviation Safety newsletters. $12.00 A

Previously Listed New & Used

[ ] Cleared for Takeoff the 8×10 20-page VIP program for opening day June 17, 1986 for Canada’s National Aviation Museum. Detailed history of the museum, photos. Includes a separate gilt invitation. $20.00 B

[ ] Service is Our Business 38-page 1947 Canadian P&W magazine format special publication. Intro letter by the great James Young. Mainly a photo album showing details of how the plant in Longueuil then was operating, what products, etc. Very nice copy. $25.00 B

[ ] 50 Years in Progress in Flight Training and Private Flying 40-page program for the RCAFA’s 50th AGM held in Toronto 1979. Regional reports + the association’s corporate overview, very detailed. Excellent copy $30.00 B

[ ] The Aerospace Capability Framework: A Guide to Transform and Develop Canada’s Air Force 120-page White Paper type document describing the Air Force at the time + predicting and suggesting future developments. Very detailed analysis, 1st ed’n 2003, like new. $15.00 B

[ ] Canadian Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Introduction to the Facilities and Operation A beautiful 14-page 8×11 booklet c1960 designed to brief new employees + visitors to the plant in Longueuil. Basic history & current status as the PT6 was being developed. Very nice copy $25.00 B

[ ] Trans-Canada Air Lines Systems Timetable Set of 6 of these beautiful souvenirs from the 1956-58 era of the DC-3, Viscount, North Star and Super Connie. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember these beautiful foldout publications. These are all “The Maple Leaf Route” timetables covering domestic, USA, Bermuda-Caribbean, UK-Europe. Very nice examples. These are for the collector, or will make very exotic gifts for any aficionado. Set only $45.00 B

[ ] Canadian Geographical Journal Royal Visit Number 1939 A very rare copy of this issue featuring full coverage (100+ pages) of this huge Canadian event of 1939. Very nice copy, wonderful photos and text. $40.00 B

[ ] Canada’s Aircraft Industry Text of Address by W.J. McDonough President of Central Aircraft Mfg Co. Ltd. McDonough (see Aviation in Canada: The Formative Years) was one of C.D. Howe’s lead aircraft industry moguls in WWII. He gave this talk to the Society of Automotive Engineers on November 15, 1944 in Toronto at the Royal York Hotel. 12-page pamphlet, very detailed, inside info of the day. Almost perfect copy, I’ve never seen another copy of this speech. $15.00 postpaid

[ ] Air Museum of Canada Calgary Canada Very rare 1965 14-page program for the 1965 Calgary Air Show “Presented by the Air Museum of Canada”. Profiles of the nascent museum’s aims and initial collection (Lysander, Spitfire, Mosquito, etc.). The museum’s history and goals are described, even its initial struggles. Air displays listed include Mustang, Hurricane, Vampire, T-33, C-130, CF-104, B-52, F-89, Vulcan. Nice copy $25.00 postpaid

[ ] Northern Aerial Minerals Exploration Limited A beautiful 58-page Morocco-bound 6×9 inch NAME publication chiefly outlining how this pioneer company used aircraft to push into the Arctic exploring for gold etc. beginning in 1928 (see Aviation in Canada: The Formative Years). Charts, maps, many photos. Intro by the great Jack Hammell, one of Canada’s kings of mining in the early 20th Century. Rare item in excellent condition but missing map insert at the back. Few copies in existence. $75.00 B

[ ] 80 Years of Powered Flight in Canada 1909-1989 Rare 26-page special Oerlikon Aerospace publication featuring many outstanding Canadian aviation success (and other efforts) over the decades. Photos. Very nice copy $16.00 postpaid

[ ] Skill and Devotion P.E. Butcher’s personal memoir of No.2 Sqn RFC in WWI Superb coverage of life at the front for a Corps squadron flying the BE2, FE2, etc. $12.00 B

[ ] Journal of the American Aviation Historical Society –-many annual sets available from 1960s for this invaluable publication (1999, 2000, 2001 no longer available). Let me know what years you need and I’ll get back to you. Ea. annual set of 4 $25.00 B Also available in annual sets mainly 1950s-90s: Canadian Aviation Historical Society, Flying Magazine, Cross & Cockade UK + USA, Aeroplane, Aviation News, Flypast, Scale Models/Scale Models Int’l, Scale Aviation Modeller. Let me know which issues you need and I’ll get back to you. Good prices available.

[ ] Propliner 2018 Annual Developments with the Avro 748, Beech 18, DC-3, Electra, F-27, PBY, etc. Special features covering Air North of Whitehorse, Sproat Lake (Mars, Goose, Beech 18) and the ubiquitous AN-12, DC-6 happenings in Hawaii, BOAC’s Constellation fleet, final days of the Neptune fire bomber, what one Otter is doing in the South Pacific, Convair operations in New Zealand, the story of a renowned DC-4 & an airworthy C-97G. You’ll enjoy every page. 132pp. Fresh copy $25.00 B

[ ] Flight Information Manual Canada Min. of Transport 1971 hardbound ed’n. 9 chapters, 500 pages, diagrams galore. Nice copy $18.00 A

[ ] Canada’s Air Force at War and Peace, Vol. 3 First book dedicated to the postwar RCAF. Beginning with late 1945 you’ll see how Canada disposes of 1000s of aircraft. Next? The built-up to Korea & Cold War with Vampires, Sabres, CF-100s; North Stars, C-119s; Lancasters, Neptunes, Argus; Harvards, T-33s. R&D, CF-105 coverage. 100s of photos from the 1950s-70s. Wrote Air Pictorial: “Milberry has excelled in this volume by combining riveting personal experiences from air & ground crews with an unrivalled selection of illustrations… rarely does a book so handsomely exceed the most sanguine expectations …” Adds reader Bernie Pregler: “I started reading Vol.3 and was reminded of W.B. Yeats poem — ‘When you are old and gray and nodding by the fire, take down this book and read — and dream…'” 520 pp, 1500+ photos, 250,000 words, 9×12 lf, hc, glos, biblio, index. Sticker price $85.00 Clean new copy, just missing half-title page. $25.00 A

[ ] Sixty Years: The RCAF and CF Air Command 1924-1984 Milberry. Still the best ever single-source RCAF history book. More than 22,000 RCAF veterans & fans have ordered their copies. Early days, interwar, WWII, postwar to modern. 800+ photos, 95 colour profiles. Notes Aircraft Illustrated: “one of those all-too rare aviation books … a delight to read and a joy to possess and to treasure… superbly produced and printed and is likely to become a classic collectors’ item … a masterpiece.” 480 pp, lf, hc, app’x, biblio, chron, index. 1st edition signed to original owner, nice copy. $25.00 A

[ ] Between the Lines: Canadians in the Service of Peace John McQuarrie’s fine tribute to Canadians on peacekeeping postings from Somalia to Kuwait, Croatia, Cyprus, etc. Spectacular is the word for John’s book! 184pp, hc, lf, photos, app’x. Nice copy. $15.50 A

[ ] Barker, VC Wayne Ralph’s acclaimed history of Canada’s most important WWI fighter pilot. The research shows this “Air VC” bio. for what it is — A+. 336 pp, sc, photos, app’x, biblio, index. New copy. $18.00 B

[ ] Light and Water: A Study of Refexion and Colour in River, Lake and Sea Pollock. This original 1903 gem of a book is intended for artists, art lovers and art students. The subject is as it says. 116 pages, hc, dias, photos. Very nice copy. Signed “To Reginald from Jesse 1920 Most important for painting water”. 1903 edition (there are lots of cheap reprints out there, this one’s strictly for the collector). $45.00 A

[ ] The Genius of Color Photography Roberts. Begins with 19th Century concepts to the present. Very important book for photographers at any level. In-depth, authoritative text + many significant colour reproductions. Beautifully produce. 256pp, lf, sc. New. $12.50 A

[ ] U.S. Civil Aircraft Juptner’s renowned 9-volume set, original 1962 edition. A beautiful set, esp. being a first printing. Each vol. about 250 pp with photos. All the details foe every airplane type to 1962 licenced in the USA. Set only $200.00 A

[ ] J.P. Bickell: The Life, the Leafs and the Legacy Bio of the great Canadian who started in grain c.1900, then got into mining, eventually building McIntyre Mines into Canada’s top gold producer. He acquires the Toronto Maple Leafs, and his role in aviation is outstanding, whether pioneering in corporate aviation (Grumman Goose, etc.), getting Lancasters built at Malton or backing Avro Canada from 1945. An important book about a Canadian business icon. 238pp, hc, photos. List $24.95 $16.50 A

[ ] Air Power Key to Survival Alexander Seversky’s seminal treatise current to the Korean War (1950 ed’n). 126pp, magazine format. Decent but well used (marked up) copy. Maps, dias. $6.50 B

[ ] Lords of the Sky: Fighter Pilots and Air Combat from the Red Baron to the F-16 Hampton. Major analysis and a simply wonderful book about the fighter pilot since 1914. The evolution of the profession – aircrew, planes, tactics. Invaluable sourcebook. 622pp, hc, photos, biblio, notes, index. $35.00 spec. Fine copy $14.00 A

[ ] Complete Catalogue of Victor Records for 1946-47 As it says, very nice copy for the collectors. 340pp sc $15.00 B

[ ] 45e Anniversaire de la 425 Escadrille Alouette Vice nice copy (in French) of 425’s 45th Anniversary 1942-87 held at Bagotville. 45 pp, photos. Collector item. $15.00 B

[ ] The Fierce Light: The Battle of the Somme July – November 1916 Powell. A must-have book covering this seminal battle of WWI. Mainly comprises personal writings from men taking part at this blood bath. 310pp, sc, maps, biblio, index. New. $24.95 $13.50 B

[ ] The Last of the Ebb: The Battle of Aisne 1918 Rogerson Reprint of 1918 original covering one of the last great WWI battles. Says “The Times”, “Rogerson opens what is new ground … a graphic account of the tragic involvement of four British divisions in the disaster …” 148pp, sc, photos, maps. New $18.95 $12.50 B

[ ] Death from the Heavens: The History of Strategic Bombing Werrell. In-depth coverage from the Naval Institute Press. From WWI to interwar developments, WWII all sides, and into the Cold War. All the basic tactics, aircraft, results. A classy book with lots to say. 334pp, lf, hc, photos, notes, index. New. $49.95, $15.00 A

[ ] The Flight 981 Disaster: Tragedy, Treachery and the Pursuit of Truth The early DC-10 disasters. Things hit the headlines on June 12, 1972, when American Flt96 survived near-disaster crashed over Windsor, Ontario. Said the NTSB “The improper engagement of the latching mechanism for the aft bulk cargo compartment door during the preparation of the airplane for flight. The design characteristics of the door latching mechanism permitted the door to be apparently closed when … the latches were not fully engaged, and the latch lockpins were not in place.” Then, a Turkish Airlines DC-10 crashed in Paris – at the time the world’s worse loss of life in an airline accident. Cause? Same. If you follow airline and airliner history, you’ll want this gem of a research effort. The DC-10 survived these early woes to become a great jetliner. 232 pages, hc, notes, index. New Copy. $33.95 $13.50 B

[ ] The Tools of War 1939/45 and a Chronology of Important Events Large format softcover about the basic weapons of war – land, sea & air – as used by Canada in WWII. Very decent general treatment, nice copy. 96 pages. $8.50 A

[ ] Flight Guide Airport and Frequency Manual Central and Eastern US 1973 & 1974 editions. 5×5 inch pocket editions. Nice copies. Pair only … $12.00 A

[ ] Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal 50th Anniversary NRC Institute for Aerospace Research Very nice copy of this 350-page Sept. 2001 ed’n (Vol.47 No.3). More than 25 research papers are included, special item ref. advanced aerospace research in Canada. $15.00 B

[ ] Courage of the Early Morning: The Story of Billy Bishop The bio of W.A. Bishop, VC, Canada’s renowned WWI fighter pilot. Beautifully authored by the great man’s son, Arthur (himself a WWII Spitfire pilot). Nice enough hardcover edition (corners aren’t perfect on the covers, also no dust jacket). If you don’t have one, here’s a good opportunity, since few WWI air combat books capture the essence of it all as well as this one. 210pp, hc (no dust jacket), photos, index. $12.50 B

[ ] Arrowhead Tribune No.1 Fighter Wing RCAF 16-page reunion programs covering the 2005 and 2006 reunions held in Marville, France. Each with photos and detailed background, attendee lists, etc. Pair only $10.00 all-in

[ ] Airspeed 48-page 2009 Canadian Int’l Airshow Program, Special ed’n for 100th ann. of powered airplane flight. Nice copy $15.00 B

[ ] Flying Magazine Aviation Past, Present and Future Special 400+ page 50th Ann. (of Flying) ed’n September 1977. Masses of photos and special contributions form such luminaries as Isaac Asimov, Richard Back and Ernest Gann. Nice copy, bit of wear but well worth having. $8.00 B

[ ] Boeing Commercial Airplane Group Jet Airplane Orders and Deliveries 1993 Year End Official Boeing 16-page document. Includes all the types and operators. Numbers and dates galore. Comparative stats going back with Boeing to 1955. Very nice copy. $12.00 all-in

[ ] 34th Annual Report (1968) Air Transport Association of Canada Detailed 26-page 8×10 booklet. Includes all the basic stats – revenue, expenses, employment, a/c registered, no. pilots, accidents, 10 pages of members, payrolls, passengers, freight tonnage, some hand notes at end on “Notes” page. Nice copy $15.00 B

[ ] Confederate Air Force November 15, 1966 Official Progress Report Very nice copy 6-page 7×9 inch As it says a general overview from the CAF at Rebel Field Mercedes, Texas $8.00 all-in

[ ] Canadian Aviation Safety Board Annual Report 1988 As you would expect. Very detailed, many charts, graphs, photos. 116-page 8×11 format, bilingual. Very nice copy $8.00 B

Water Trails West: The Western Writers of America Lovely history of the waterways of the American West in pioneer days, contributions from numerous renowned historians. Great Lakes, Mississippi, Red River, the Columbia, etc. 270 pages, 150 archival photos. Nice copy. $15.00 A

Miscellaneous New Copies

[ ] Achtung Panzer!: The Development of Tank Warfare The master Heinz Guderian’s own thesis of the specialized use of armoured vehicles in modern warfare. He argues (in 1937) how vital these would be in the conduct of the coming war. Less than 2 years later, Blitzkrieg proves him right 220pp, sc, maps, photos, dia, index. $19.95 $12.50 B

[ ] Brief History of Medieval Warfare: The Rise and Fall of English Supremacy at Arms 1314-1485 Reid. Essential reading about the evolution of warfare and the English peoples. Covers a period of almost non-stop warfare among the English, Scots, French and their varied hangers-on. Wonderful but brutal reading. 560pp, sc, ill, maps, gloss, biblio, index. $18.95 $11.50 B

[ ] Our Atlantic Attempt Pioneer aviators Hawker and Grieve set out before anyone in 1919 to fly non-stop more than 1700 miles from Newfoundland to Ireland. After making 1000+ miles they end “in the drink”, but miraculously are rescued by a passing ship. This important book (first published in 1919) describes an enormous feat of courage and airmanship. Solid aviation reading. 118pp, sc, photos, dia, $19.95 $10.50 B

[ ] The Churchills in Love and War Lovell. Another magnificent scholarly yet readable book for Churchill fans. As the flap copy notes, “[Churchill’s] failures and triumphs are revealed in the context of a poignant and sometimes tragic private life… Lovell has created a page-turner that is both magisterial and intimate.” 624pp, hc, photos, app’x, notes, index. New copy. $40.00 $16.50 A

Other Nice Used Copies

[ ] The Few: The American Knights of the Air … in the Battle of Britain Kershaw. As it says, the “Yanks” flying Hurricanes & Spitfires over the southern UK in 1940. Like new copy. 300pp, photos, index. $13.50 B

[ ] Aviation Record Breakers: Innovations in Modern Flight Technology C. Chant. As it says, very nice hardcover. 128 pp, lf, photos, index $15.00 A

[ ] The Great Warplanes of the 1980s A classic Bill Yenne book, as you’d expect. 112pp, hc, lf, photos index. GC $12.50 A

[ ] Defence 1971 Standard annual Canadian DND “White Paper” sort of 6×8 booklet. Typical of “the way ahead” DND publications 74 pages, photos, very nice copy $6.50 B

[ ] Membership Directory International Aerobatic Club 1973 56 page booklet. Names by region, all of Canada included. $6.00pp

[ ] The World’s Fighting Planes Third and Completely Revised Edition Green & Pollinger. Excellent 1959 small format hardcover with all the info you’d expect of these famous authors. 240pp, hc, photos, index. Nice copy but no dust jacket $9.50 B

[ ] Canada Department of Transport Civil Aviation Branch Flying Training Manual 1st ed’n 1959 very nice example of this 112 page booklet. Owner’s name on cover. $10.00 B

[ ] Airspeed Special Anniversary Edition 2009 program for the Canadian International Airshow 100th ann. of flight ed’n. As you’d expect 48-page large format magazine. Nice copy $8.50 B

[ ] Encyclopedia of US Military Aircraft 1908 to April 6, 1917 Vol.3 Curtiss J, N, JN-2, JN-3 and JN-8 One of R.B. Casari’s detailed profiles 74-page 1972 profile with photos, drawings, charts. $10.00 pp

[ ] The Planes the Aces Flew Morgan & Shannon Vol.1 from the “Famous Aircraft Series”. This volume from Spaad to F-86. 55pp, hc, lf. Very nice copy $9.50 A

[ ] Terrible, Swift Sword: Union Artillery, Cavalry and Infantry 1861-1865 Langellier. From the “Illustrated History of the American Soldier, His Uniform and His Equipment” series 72pp 7×10 format, sc, loads of archival photos + artwork. New copy $7.50 B

[ ] Fix Bayonets: The US Infantry from the American Civil War to the Surrender of Japan Langellier. From the “Illustrated History of the American Soldier, His Uniform and His Equipment” series 72pp 7×10 format, sc, loads of archival photos + artwork. New copy $7.50 B

[ ] Mountain Men: The Remarkable Climbers and Determined Eccentrics Who First Scaled The World’s Most Famost Peaks Conefrey & Jordan2001. As it says. For the reader of outdoor adventures. 280pp, sc, photos, biblio, index Nice copy $6.50 B

[ ] Another Icarus: Percy Pilcher and the Quest for Flight Jarrett 1987 Like Stringfellow, Pilcher pioneered in IK aeronautics, but later in the 19th century. Another Smithsonian publication, so it’s solid! 226pp, hc, photos, maps, index. Nice copy $10.00 B

[ ] Aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm A 4-panel, 8-page cardstock fold-out illustrating (in paintings) these aircraft from 1910 to 1980. Rare item. $10.00 B

[ ] Toronto No Mean City Eric Arthur’s renowned 1964 urban case study. Nothing need be said if you’re after this one or just follow urban history. 314pp, soft cover ed’n, photos, diagrams, biblio, app’x, index. Very nice copy $15.00 A

Other New Copies

[ ] Blitz: The Story of December 29, 1940 Gaskin. The Blitz at its most fearsome — the night the Luftwaffe tried to raze London. Says the flap copy, “Through first hand accounts, diaries, reminiscences, letters and newspaper reports … see and feel what those on whom the bombs fell heard saw and felt … an immersion in history as it was lived hour by hour”. Luftwaffe bombers vs RAF night fighters. 430pp, hc, photos, map, index. $27.00 $14.50 B

[ ] Monty and Rommel: Parallel Lives Caddick-Adams. Major study of these two huge names in WWII generalship. Who each man was, his road to success, how they came army-to-army, and how it all panned out for each. A serious study. 610pp, hc, photos, maps, notes, chron, index. $42.00 $18.50 B

[ ] El Alamein 1942 Battistelli Solid coverage of this great WWII battle in the Libyan desert. Monty vs Rommell. 160pp, hc, photos, maps, biblio, index. $15.00 $9.50 B

[ ] Hughes: The Private Diaries, Memos and Letters: The Definitive Biography of the First American Billionaire Hack. Amazing story of HH. Much of his life with all its “firsts” incl. “Spruce Goose”. His many other interests – submarines, satellites, babes, etc. 444pp, hc, photos, notes, biblio, index. $35.00 $10.00 B

[ ] Unfriendly Skies: Revelations of a Deregulated Airline Pilot Dodson (1989). Airline safety and all such topics in the post-dereg world. Not to unnerve you, but … 236pp, hc. VG. $8.00 B

[ ] Wild Bill Donovan: The Spymaster Who Created the OSS and Modern American Espionage Waller. A wonderful bio about one of the great behind-the-scenes Allied figures of WWII. Finishes at Nuremberg and the opening of the Cold War. Important history and a great read for cheap! NEW 466pp, sc, photos, notes, biblio, index. $16.00 $9.50 B

[ ] Backwater War: The Allied Campaign in Italy 1943-45 Hoyt. Coverage of this brutal campaign to break Hitler’s grip in south Europe. Canada’s involvement as at Ortona. 246pp, app’x, index. $10.50 B

[ ] Stalin’s General: The Life of Georgy Zhukov Robert. Highly acclaimed bio of the greatest Soviet general – his youth, early army life, saving Leningrad & Moscow, Kursk, the fall of Germany. Essential WW2 reading. 374pp, pb, photos, notes, biblio, index. $24.95 $13.50 B

[ ] Moscow 1941:A City and Its People at War Braithwaite. Another epic WWII siege researched in astounding detail, The grand German push to the edge of the city, then the ingenious defenses thrown up by the Russians, air defence included. 398pp, hc, photos, maps, notes, biblio, index. $14.50 A

[ ] The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: How Churchill’s Secret Warriors Set Europe Ablaze and Gave Birth to Modern Black Ops Lewis. The Daily Mail calls this one “A howitzer of a tale”. With the fall of France, Churchill declared Britain’s determination to survive, but called on every resource. Britain developed the “secret agent” as a special asset, but few survived the war. Lewis used all the records & interviewed survivors in telling this important story. 402pp, sc, photos, app’x, index. $15.95 $12.50 B

[ ] The Unknown Navy: Canada’s World War II Merchant Navy Bob Halford’s renowned tribute to Canada’s 12,000 merchant seamen & their ships. Daily life for oft-torpedoed sailors. Not to be missed, a rare piece of Canadian history! 288 pp, sc, photos $19.95, $16.50 B

[ ] The Road to Russia Edwards. Detailed coverage of the Arctic convoys to Russia of 1942. How three convoys brave Germany’s military might at and below the sea, and in the air, to supply Russia in its time of dire need. One convoy loses 30 ships, another seven. 210pp, map, biblio, index. $29.95 $13.50 B

[ ] Wolf Pack:The U-Boats at War Carruthers. Excellent compilation/review of this great topic. 124,sc, photos. $18.00 $11.50 B

[ ] Escape from the Deep Kershaw. Incredible story of the 1944 sinking of the submarine USS Tang. How a handful survived, escaping from the bottom only to become POWs. Their horrible ordeal at the hands of brutal Japanese captors, then their liberation. One of the war’s most astounding survival stories. A finely done book. 270pp, pb, photos, dia, biblio, index. New Copy $18.50 $12.00 B

[ ] Miracles on the Water: The Heroic Survivors of a World War II U-Boat Attack Nagoski. U-48 torpedoes SS City of Benares in September 1940. The ship with British children being evacuated to Canada goes down. This is their story – the plan to send the children to safe haven, the sinking, the heroics that saved nearly half the passengers and crew, the aftermath. 344pp, sc, photos, map, notes, app’x, index. $14.95 $10.50 B

[ ] Dictionary of Naval Terms Cutler NIP. Outstanding compendium of great use to anyone who sails over just reads about the sea. 246pp, hc. $29.95 $8.50 B

[ ] Fusiliers Saga of a British Redcoat Regiment in the American Revolution Urban. Excellent coverage of the life and times of a British fighting unit in the 2nd half of the 18th Century. From Boston to New York and as far south as Carolina, the Fusiliers fight to save the colonies for the king. How the Revolutionary War led to new British tactics that are credited with the later defeat of Napoleon. For anyone with a broad interest in history. Ideal for the War of 1812 reader. 384pp, hc, maps, notes, biblio, index. New $15.00 B

[ ] Through So Many Dangers McCulloch. Memoirs of Rbt Kirk, Royal Highland Regiment. His years in the French-Indian wars from Niagara to the Gulf of Mexico. A classic read. 176pp, sc, lf, ill, maps, biblio, index. New. $10.50 A

[ ] Seven Firefights in Vietnam Cash, et al. Not to be missed by anyone following this conflict. 192pp, sc, maps, gloss, index. Good coverage of air support as it affected a firefight. New $14.95 $9.50 B

[ ] Abandoned in Hell: The Fight for Vietnam’s Firebase Kate Albracht and Wolf. Astounding story of a remote firebase with 200 “friendlies” besieged by 6000 Vietcong and NVAs. Important memoir of leadership, violence and sacrifice. Much of the air support provided as the Americans and their Allied made a break for it. 356pp, sc, photos, app’x, index. $21.00 $12.50 B

[ ] Oil & Ice: A Story of Arctic Disaster and the Rise and Fall of America’s Last Whaling Dynasty Nichols. The whaling fleet is trapped and destroyed by Arctic condition in 1871. Solid history and adventure, big focus on the New England whaling trade. 294pp, pb New $20.00 $10.50 B

[ ] The Error World: An Affair with Stamps Garfield. For any stamp collector. A revealing book about the passion for philately, especially regarding mis-printed stamps, the mystique surrounding them and their often amazing value! 244pp, hc, New $24.00 $12.50 B

Misc. Used

[ ] Fighter Squadron: 441 Squadron from Hurricanes to Hornets Milberry. World class & the gold standard of sqn books. Begins with flying in Newfoundland’s finest winter weather. Army co-op, flying a Hurricane through a ship’s rigging, etc. Spitfire ops in the UK, France. Kills, losses, etc. Postwar on Vampires, F-86, recce CF-104s, nuke & conventional roles to 1986. The Hornet years — NORAD, “Willy Tell”, Aviano, etc. This book honours everyone from the air combat world. In its review, Combat Aircraft addresses the topic of what is ideal in a squadron history: “They are intrinsically difficult to write … the overriding need is to get the right balance… [Fighter Squadron] has achieved the elusive balance … Everything about this volume has the feeling of authority and authenticity.” 320 pp, hc lf, 700+ photos, biblio, index. Nice slightly used copy. $25.00 A

[ ] Flying Stories McAllister. Well done compendium of these, anything from Jules Vernes and Arthur Conan Doyle to such others as McCudden, VC, Red Baron, Buzz Beurling and Bob Braham. Nice, eclectic list. 304pp, hc, ill. $9.50 A

[ ] The Battle of Britain Collier. Rare “Jackdaw” 1960s educational packet of BoB material in 14×9 in. folder. Incl. such content as a letter from Air Chief Marshal Downing., German order appointing a chief of Security Police for Britain, and translation, German propaganda leaflet, layout of defences, how the network of radar stations and Observer corps were used, aircraft recognition cards., orders from A/V/M Park, combat reports, Fighter Command report, several broadsheets. Very good set. Collectible $25.00 A

[ ] Gulfstream Aerospace GII Flight Manual for GII serial 28, C-GCFB 1967. In original Grumman binder + Gulfstream II Training Checklist 1985 Both good condition $16.00

[ ] Gulfstream 1159 Initial Study Guide 3-kg Flight Safety 3-rig binder, as it says $16.00

[ ] Beechcraft Pilot’s Operating Manual and Airplane Flight Manual King Air C90 November 1987. As it says, large 3-ring format, complete. $15.00

[ ] Beechcraft Pilot’s Operating Manual and Airplane Flight Manual King Air A100 November 1987. As it says, large 3-ring format, complete. $15.00

[ ] Beechcraft Pilot’s Operating Manual and Airplane Flight Manual King Air C90 November 1987. As it says, large 3-ring format, complete. $20.00

[ ] Illustrated History of the RAF Nesbit. Just as it says. Very well done in text and photos, probably the best of a list of such RAF general histories. 320pp, hc, extra large format, index. VG. $12.50 A

[ ] History of the Royal Canadian Air Force Chris Shores’ coverage of the RCAF 60th. 128 pages, large format, hardcover, photos, index. Nice copy $8.50 A

[ ] Aircraft of the RAF: A Pictorial Record 1918-1978 Very nicely done 192-page book covering everything from pre-WWI to the modern era. Arranged by decade. Large format, softcover, index, chronology, excellent copy of a worthwhile book, 100s of photos. $12.50 A

[ ] Royal Air Force Bombers of World War Two, Vol.2 Outstanding Philip Moyes book covering the B-17C, Blenheim, Hampden, Halifax, Ventura and Wellesley. Outstanding text with specs, etc,. photos and really wonderful multi-view colour profiles. 64pp, hc. GC. $9.50 A

[ ] Courage in the Air, Vol.1 Arthur Bishop’s 1992 title that covers many great Canadian WWI airmen + WW2 RCAF figures from Len Birchall to Johnny Fauquier, Moose Fumerton, Reg Lane, “Big Joe” McCarthy and V.C. Woodward. 308pp, hc, photos, app’x, gloss, index. Very nice copy $14.50 B

[ ] The Design and Construction of Flying Model Aircraft Russell As it says, a total handbook from Harborough circa 1944. 248 pages, hardcover, photos diagrams, graphs, formulae. Good condition, no dust jacket. $25.00 B

[ ] European Land Battles 1939-1943 Dupuy. Excellent collector item. Vol.1 of the 1962 “Military History of WWII” series. From Poland in 1939 to Russo-Finnish war, Norway, collapse of France etc. 92 pp, hc, photos, maps, index. Very good copy. $8.50 B

[ ] Song of the Sky Guy Murchie’s delightful, wide-ranging 1954 philosophical look of aviation in every aspect. 438 pp, hc, ill, index. $7.50 A

[ ] Final Approach One of Spencer Dunmore’s decent aviation novels. The aviation world in the UK from 1910 through WWI into the interwar years. 282pp, hc. VG. $6.00 B

[ ] Avro Arrow:The Story of the Avro Arrow from Its Evolution to Its Extinction Arrowheads (Wilkinson et al. 1990 ed’n). Best of the CF-105 Arrow books. 180pp, lf, photos, profiles, dia., stats, foldout, biblio, index. Nice softcover ed’n. $16.50 A

[ ] History of the RAF Chaz Bowyer (1977). Typical of the genre. Good stuff – decent text, loads of photos. 224pp, hc, lf, app’x, index. GC. $9.00 A

[ ] Encyclopedia of World Air Power Military Aircraft, Air Forces, Missiles – The World’s Most Comprehensive Military Aviation Encyclopedia Gunston (1980). What a title, but it’s all true! One of those books that deserves the appellation “indispensable”. 384pp, hc, lf, photos, 3-views, profiles, specs, you name it. GC. $16.00 A

[ ] Putting NASA and America Back in Space Former NASA planner Michael Simon’s 1987 treatise analyzing the US space program to date, then discussing future potential. 218pp, sc, photos, index, very nice author autographed copy $12.00 B

[ ] Tragic Victories: From Pearl Harbour to the Allied Assault on Occupied Europe. One of Ed Jablonski’s classic WWII air war histories. 206pp, lf, hc, excellent photo content, index. $16.50 A

[ ] Epic of Flight “Life” magazine commemorative portfolio of colour aircraft paintings: Sopwith Camel, Fokker Triplane, SPAD 13, Spitfire IX, Bf.109G-6, P-51D. ea. 8 ½ x 11”, very good copies. $15.00 B

[ ] The Incredible War of 1812 Hitsman. The history of this strange war, updated by Don Graves. Should be in every Canadian home where there’s the remotest interest in history. 432 pp, ill., maps, app’x, biblio. NEW $18.50 $13.50 B

[ ] Power: The Pratt & Whitney Canada Story Sullivan & Milberry. Last few original hardcover copies! From early bush flying years to the PT6 & PW100 in the Dash 8, ATR, etc. Photos galore of all the aircraft, etc. Airlines remarks, “An attractive example of how to make a company history come alive.” CAHS: “If you have enjoyed previous books published by CANAV, you will treasure this one.” In 2010 Pierre Gillard, one of Quebec’s leading aviation aficionados, notes (to the publisher’s delight): “Même si le livre est déjà assez ancien, il n’en demeure pas moins un indispensable.” 320 pp, hc, app’x, index. New copy, signed by Milberry $35.00 A

[ ] An Investigation of an Emergency Backup Guidance and Navigation Procedure for the Transearth Phase of the Apollo Mission 1963 86-page MIT 8×11” document by Breck and Wilson. Very nice copy 9 of 20. $12.00 A

[ ] Orbital and Ballistic Flight: An Introduction to Space Technology Sandorf 240-page 1960 MIT original document. Very good copy. $12.00 A

[ ] The Canadair Sabre The Canadian-built Sabre with the RCAF, RAF, USAF, Luftwaffe, etc. 600+ photos, prod’n & accident lists, maps, index, etc. Noted Air Fan, “The aviation literary event of the year.” Air International: “there seems scant prospect of a better history.” Greece’s aviation monthly Ptisi: “a real oasis for F-86 fans and anyone interested in the Golden Years of the 1950s-60s.” 372 pp, hc. New copy but no dust jacket $12.00 A

[ ] Aviation in Canada: The Formative Years Milberry. From 1920 the CAF/RCAF struggles with its raison d’être, endures the Depression, then blossoms with WWII, training more than 100,000 aircrew, protecting Atlantic convoys, guarding the Pacific against Japan, etc. Real depth of coverage for any serious reader. Is the book any good? George Sweanor , the famous “Scribe” of 971 RCAF Air Marshal Slemon Wing, Air Force Association of Canada, writes: “It’s amazing how much Larry has squeezed into it… Go buy your own copy. You will not regret it.” 336 pages, 800 photos, hc, lf, photos, gloss, biblio, index. Missing ½ title page, otherwise perfect. $15.00 A

[ ] Spitfire: The Story of a Famous Fighter Robertson. Harleyford, so as above except no colour. 216pp. GC but no dust jacket $15.00 A

[ ] Conquerors of the Air: The Evolution of Aircraft 1903-1945 Edme (1968). Glorious extra-large format book covering its topic in text, photos, art, line drawings + wonderful c-profiles, authoritative text, a classy book all the way. 202pp, hc, index. VG. $14.50 A

[ ] Lindbergh: A Biography Leonard Mosley’s seminal 1976 history of Charles Lindbergh, his great aeronautical achievements, his odd politics, family tragedies, etc. 446pp, photos, notes, index. VG, no dust jacket. $10.00 A

[ ] Military Aircraft of the World Chant (1981). Top effort – Very well done by nation in alph. order each with all the basic gen. 646pp, hc, 100s photos, 3-views, specs. A beauty of a book for the collector. VG. 224pp. VG. $15.00 B

[ ] International Directory of Military Aircraft Frawley. Excellent 2002-3 compendium listing all key types. Very nice item, 193 pp with glossary & index. VG. $12.00 A

[ ] Billy Bishop, VC Mathieson. Similar, smaller publication. 62pp, sc, photos, index. $6.50 B

[ ] The First War Planes, Bombers 1914-1939, Bombers 1939-1945 Phoebus History of the World Wars series (1975) All nations. ea. 64pp, photos, profiles, art, dia. Ea. VG. Ea. $6.00 B

[ ] Winged Victory A novel by Norman Leslie about life and death on an RAF night bombing squadron in WWI. 320pp, hc pocket side, 1933 ed’n. FC. $9.00 B

[ ] The World’s Fighters King (1971). From WWI well into the supersonic age. A very fine effort. 128pp, lf, hc, photos, solid text, specs, biblio, index. GC. $8.00 B

[ ] Aviation Ephemera/Collector Items in Print. Each item $5.00. Postage: single items add $2.50 postage to max of $15.00 (then the flat rate kicks in):

High Flight misc. copies of this great Canadian journal from thee 1980s. No.1 Vols. 1 & 2; and Vol.2 No.3 & 4
Sabre Jet Classics Rick Mitchell’s fine newsletter covering F-86 history around the world. Vol.1 No.1; Vol.2 No. 3, 4. Ea. 16pp with photos. VG. Set only $20.00 B
Program “Dedication Ceremony Canadian Fighter Pilots Memorial” CFB Trenton 2004.
Program “Canadian National Exhibition 1986 Aviation Day”
Program “425 Alouette Squadron Club” 50-page 1989 wartime members meeting agenda, list of members, etc.
Souvenier publ’n 1987 “45 Anniversaire de la 425 Escadrille Alouette” Detailed 42-page booklet with photos. French language.
Folder “The WB-57F High Altitude Research Aircraft” NASA folder outlining this rare type, how NASA uses it, includes an 8×10 colour photo.
Program” Canada’s First International Antique Airplane Fly-In, Mountain View Airport June 15, 26, 27, 1971”
Program Yankee Air Museum Presents Air Display 2002 Salute to Freedom” 32pp with photos
Booklet Canadian Wartime Heritage Museum special 38-page souvenier production
Folder+CD “75th Anniversary de Havilland Aircraft BombardierAerospace 1928-2003”
“World Jet Airplane Inventory at Year-End 1988” Boeing publication. Detailed analysis of the state of affairs then. All you ever dreamed to know about how many 707s, Convair 880s, Comets, Tu-134s, etc. at that time. Every operator in every country. Collector’s item. 100pp, magazine format.

[ ] DND Flight Information Publication GPH 204 Flight Planning and Procedures Canada and North Atlantic May 1986 Standard such publication at 143 pp, sc, maps, diagrams. Comes with the flight supplements (instrument approaches, etc.) for Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba; Quebec Maritimes and North Atlantic; Europe North Africa and Middle East. All 1986. Also 6 related 1986 low/high altitude en route aeronautical charts such as “Enroute Low Altitude Canada and North Atlantic”. Nice collection $10.00 A

[ ] Interceptor Goulding (1986). Stunning production in text, art and photo. Evolution of the RAF single-seat fighter from WWI onward to the P.1 Lightning. One of those true gems You’ll love it! 192pp, index. New copy $12.00 A

[ ] US Military Aircraft Directory 1984 Jennings. Highly detailed Air Britain book. 240pp, sc. Photos. VG. $10.00 A

[ ] World Combat Aircraft Directory Norman Polmar’s in-depth 1976 sourcebook. All the details of the world’s air forces and the aircraft then in service. Collector’s item. 374pp, hc, photos, index. $10.00 A

[ ] Artist at War Charles Comfort’s memoir. A soldier’s (and official Canadian War Artist’s) experiences. Of Ortona he writes: “The familiar world disappeared, and in its place a grotesque and malignant forest of ruins crowded all about us, leaning, tottering crazily, reeking with the malodorous stench of death…” 32 colour, gloss., maps. A gem for those with a sense for literature/Canada at war. 200 pp, sc. New. $10.00 B

[ ] Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla, Biography of a Genius Seifer Acclaimed bio of the great scientist and inventor. 542pp, sc, photos, biblio, notes, index. VG. $9.50 B

[ ] Courage of the Early Morning: The Story of Billy Bishop Bio. of W.A. Bishop, VC, Canada’s renowned WWI fighter pilot. Authored by Bishop’s son, Arthur. Good hardcover edition. 280pp, sc, photos, index. VG. $15.00 B

[ ] Can Canada Survive? Royal Society of Canada papers on this ever-interesting subject. Well-known sooth-sayers give their views. 126pp, sc. New. $7.00 B

[ ] Famous Bombers of the Second World War 2nd series (1960). William Green’s essential title, this volume covering such types in fine detail as the Ar-234, B-29, Blenheim, Halifax, Hampden, He.177, Stirling and Whitley. 130 pp, lf, hc, photos. Very nice copy $15.00 A

[ ] Encyclopedia of Modern Warplanes: The Development and Specifications of All Active Military Aircraft Another of Bill Gunston’s typical and excellent major books. Content is as stated, no one will be disappointed. 288 pp, lf, hc, photos, c-profiles, 3-views. A real gem of a sourcebook. Like new. $14.50 A

[ ] Space Andrew Chaikin’s blockbuster of a book at the overall space program to 2008. Foreword by astronaut James Lovell (Apollo 8 & 13). A wonderful book. Extra large format, masses of choice photos. 270pp, indexed. VG. $15.00 A

[ ] Toronto: No Mean City Architect Eric Arthur’s renowned 1964 history of the buildings of old Toronto, a real classic among the city books. 314pp, photos, app’x, biblio, index, very nice softcover ed’n. $14.50 A

[ ] Historic Fires of the West 1865 to 1915 Andrews. Just as it says and very well done for the serious fan. 192pp, hc, photos galore, index. $12.50 A

[ ] The Fire Service Today Eyre & Hadfield The UK fires services in the early 1950s. All the background, equipment, tactics, training, etc. 156pp, hc, photos, dia, index. $12.50 B

[ ] S.O.E.’s Ultimate Deception Boyce. The story revealed – how the SOE planned near war’s end to destabilize Hitler’s regime by lies, deception and weakening it from the inside. A vital operation pulled off by the ever-secret SOE. 244pp, hc, photos, notes, biblio, index. $42.95 $12.50 B

[ ] Airline Confidential: Lifting the Lid on the Airline Industry Insiders Havers & Tiffney analyze the modern airline scene. Get informed & entertained at the same time with this excellent perspective taken over two long airline careers. 296pp, sc. New. $8.50

[ ] Civil War Weapons an Equipment Pritchard (2003). Great coverage in one nifty book. 128pp, hc, beautifully ill, index. New. $7.00 B

[ ] British Naval Air Power 1845 to the Present Beaver (1983). Warbirds Illustrated series. 68pp, sc, photos. VG. $6.00 B

[ ] A Companion to the Royal Navy A detailed history of the RN from the 1660s, a major work by renowned RN historian David Thomas. As the flap copy notes, “The reader may easily follow the fortune of individual ships, naval battles and battle honours.” 442pp, hc, lf, photos, ill, chronology. 30.00 A

[ ] Illustrated History of the Royal Navy Winton (2000). From the Royal Naval Museum. From King John to the Falklands & beyond. All the ships, the sailors, the battles. 224pp, hc, extra large format, index. Beautifully ill. GC. $14.00 A

[ ] The World’s Aircraft Carriers 1914-1945 Chesneau. Warships Illustrated series No.8. As it says, 64pp, sc, photos. VG. $6.00 B

[ ] Royal Navy Escort Carriers Hobbs. A classic study, lovely book. Profiles each class, each ship. 232pp, hc, lf, photos, dia, app’x, biblio, index. VG. $30.00 A

[ ] Fighting Ships of World War II Westwood. A good general sourcebook, many excellent individual ship profiles, all navies. 160pp, hc, lf, chronology, index. $7.50 A

[ ] An Illustrated History of the Navies of World War II Preston. As it say and a very worthwhile volume covering the RN, USN, such other navies as German, Italy, France and Japan. Battle of the Atlantic, Okinawa, etc. 224pp, hc, lf, photos, maps, artwork, diagrams, index. Nice copy. $14.50 A

[ ] Instrument Flying Handbook 1966 FAA document. As it says, covers al theatres. Collector’s item. 226pp, sc, photos, dia, index. New copy $8.00 A

[ ] Canada’s Navy Annual 1985 edition. Key sourcebook 194pp, lf, sc, GC. $8.00 A

[ ] Canada’s Navy Annual 1990 edition. Ditto 92pp, lf, sc, GC. $8.00 A

[ ] Illustrated Directory of the United States Navy Roberts (1991). Top example of the directory genre. All the USN’s ships, aircraft, weapons, bases and its structure. 256 pp, hc, lf, photos, app’x, gloss, biblio. VG. $12.00 A

[ ] The American Line 1871-1902 Flayhart (2000). One of those ultimate books. Everything about the great firm, its people, ships, routes. 404pp, hc, lf, photos, maps, art, biblio, index. $55.00 $15.00 A

[ ] Their Times and Their Lives: Life, Love and Death in Plymouth Colony Deetz (2000). An awesome piece of work for any reader of early Americana (17th Century). 366pp, hc, ill, index. New copy. $8.50 B

[ ] British Regular Cavalry 1644-1914 Cooper (1965). A Thorough review from Cromwell to WWI. Special piece of work for the warfare generalist. 216pp, hc, ill, index. VG. $8.00 B

[ ] The Glorious First of June Warner (1961). June 1, 1794 and the first British sea battle with Revolutionary France. Lord Howe defeats the enemy, but a French convoy eludes him. The only extensive account of the bloody events. 184pp, hc, ill, app’x, index. VG. $7.00 B

[ ] Guerrilla: Col von Letto-Vorbeck and Germany’s East African Empire Hoyt (1981). L-V fights on after Germany surrenders in East Africa, almost bringing down the British by war’s end 1918. 246pp, hc, biblio, index. VG. $7.50 B

[ ] Back Down the Ridge White. The US in Korea. Up close and personal in combat, lives saved in MASH units, etc. 182pp, hc. $8.50 B

[ ] Polar Exploration Riffenburgh. From the Royal Geographical Society A wonderful large format production covering the challenging and oft tragic early years exploring the poles (pioneer aviation era included). All the great names. Several insert maps, foldouts, etc. 60pp lf, hc New copy. $15.00 A

[ ] Literary Digest 1927 Atlas of the World and Gazetteer A lovely collector’s item. 192pp, 6×8”hc, many colour maps. For the collector. GC. $12.00 B

[ ] Billy Bishop: Canadian Hero McCaffery (1988). Detailed treatment on this always controversial topic, very worthwhile. 226pp, hc, photos, app’x. Like new $9.00 B

[ ] Six War Years: Memories of Canadians at Home and Abroad Broadfoot. Wonderful best seller that paints a vivid picture of Canada at war 1939-45. 418pp, hc. GC. $8.50 B [ ]
[ ] Aviation in Canada: The Pioneer Decades Solid coverage from ballooning in the 1840s to the Silver Dart in 1909. The first great air meets, Canada in WWI with all its death and glory, the birth of Canada’s modern aviation industry, postwar denouement, etc. “A treasure for anyone with an interest in Canada’s wonderful heritage in the air,” says Air Force Magazine. Bob Merrick adds in COPA Flight: “The spectacular pictures perfectly supplement the tight, well-written, heavily researched narrative.” David Baker in Aviation News comments: “… well written and easy to follow, logically connecting the images with the text – not always the case with history books .. a story that is both inspiring and worthy …” Vast text + 300 b/w & colour photos. 176 pp, hc, lf, photos, gloss, biblio. Usually $50.00 new, this good used copy $12.00 A

[ ] Undaunted: Long-Distance Flyers in the Golden Age of Aviation Spencer Dunmore’s 2004 review of many a great such undertaking. Lindbergh, Earhart, Cobham, the Mollisons, Post, etc. Useful rehash in case you don’t have the originals from which Dunmore has cribbed all his material. 326pp, hc, photos, biblio, index. New. $9.50 B

[ ] The True Face of Duplessis Laporte 1960. Renowned bio of an old-time Quebec premier from the days when premiers ruled totally. 142pp, hc. VG. $7.50 B

[ ] From the renowned Squadron Signal “In Action” series … lovely aircraft profiles crammed with photos, drawings, historical facts, etc. These are to be savoured. Each 32-80pp, lf, sc. Nice copies, like new: Each $7.00 B These titles av ailable: F-4 Phantom II, F9F Panther/Cougar, B-29 Superfortress, SR-71 Blackbird, B-17, F-84 Thunderjet, C-123 Provider, Fighter Squadron Fourteen Tophatters, USN Aircraft Carrier Units Vol.1, USN Aircraft Carrier Units Vol.2, Modern Military Aircraft Eagle. Each like new $7.00 B

[ ] Aerofax items – you know this incomparable series: F-15A/B; F-15A/B/C/D/E Eagle/Strike Eagle; SR-71. For the collector! VG copies. Each $7.00 B

[ ] F-15 Eagle Kinzey. Top-notch profile from the “In Detail and Scale” series. 72pp,photos, drawings. GC. $5.00 B

[ ] F/A-18 Hornet Peacock. Osprey series. 48pp, sc, text/photos, app’x. For the collector. $6.50 B

[ ] A Century of Flight Bonds. Excellent Salamander publication reviewing 1903-2003. 360pp, sc, 100s of photos. VG. $6.50 B

[ ] World Combat Aircraft Directory Norman Polmar’s in-depth 1976 sourcebook. All the details of the world’s air forces and the aircraft then in service. Collector item. 374pp, hc, photos, index. VG $9.00 A

[ ] Military Aircraft of the World Chant. Superb 1981 compendium covering 180 aircraft of the day, all nations. 224pp, hc, photos, art, dia, 3-views. Collector item, a gem. Like new. $9.50 B

[ ] Warplanes of the World Top-notch. J.W.R. Taylor compendium. 1966 Arco ed’n. 220pp, hc, photos galore. A real gem! VG. $9.50 B

[ ] The British Civil Aircraft Registers Air-Britain publications: All the listings G-APAA to G-APZZ. 80pp, sc, photos. Also G-FAAA to G-FAAZ and G-AAAA to G-AAZZ. VG. Pair only. $6.00 B

[ ] Racing Planes and Air Races: A Complete History Vol.III 1932-39 Kinert. Aero Publishers Series 1969. 96pp, sc, lf, photos, charts, index. VG. $7.50 B

[ ] Aircraft of World War II A solid compendium by the renowned Ken Munson. Just as it says. 5”x9”. Worth every penny! hc, 272pp, photos, index. VG $7.50 B

[ ] The Pictorial History of the Flying Tigers Operation Desert Storm Unit combat history of the US Army 229th Attack HeCANAV Black Friday Cyber Monday 11-2019licopter Regiment. The 229th goes to war in Iraq with the AH-64 Apache in 1991. 80pp, lf, hc, photos. New. $12.50 A

[ ] Rising Above It Edna Gardner Whyte’s superb autobiography of her years as a young woman aviator in the 1930s-40s. Learning to fly, then air racing. Many famous types covered from Aristocrat to Monocoupe, Ryan and Waco. Postwar, Edna qualifies on the Bell 47, then flies into her old age. 257pp, hc, photos, biblio, index. Nice copy except some yellow highlighting. $8.50 B

[ ] The Brass Ring The story in detail of America’s greatest cartoonist of WWII, Bill Mauldin. The great booster of the lowly “dogface” (infantryman) on the battlefield. An eye-opener. 272 pp, hc, ill. VG. $6.50 B

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Two news books…

Bagotville: 75 Years of Air Defence by Marc-Andre Valiquette

Here’s the info about Canada’s aviation blockbuster book for 2017. It’s a major effort – 512 pages, hardcover, some 1600 photos, 30 paintings and colour profiles – on and on, so no one will be disappointed in this outstanding production.

Marc-André has done his usual solid, in-depth coverage, assembling the exciting history of one of the great RCAF air stations. Also as usual, he has blended in both languages in his attractive and seamless layout. The book begins with WWII, with Bagotville training newbie fighter pilots on the Harvard and Hurricane. Many famous aces pass through on instructing tours, many students go on to stellar careers overseas. Next, comes the postwar era with Vampires, Sabres and CF-100s – all the historic squadrons, especially the all-weather CF-100 units – 440 and 432 form with CF-100 Mk.3s in 1953-54. Following, come steady developments – 440 goes overseas, 413 forms up, the CF-100 Mk.4 and 5 arrive, there’s a steady stream of air defence exercises, etc.

The CF-100 gives way to the CF-101 Voodoo era (410 and 425 squadrons), then the tactical world arrives with the CF-5 and the renowned 433 Squadron. Finally, the CF-18 Hornet years arrive for 425 Squadron. The evolution of Base Flight/439 Sqn is also included – from T-33 to Griffon helio. Many other aspects of life at “YBG” are included in this huge colour production, from DEW Line helicopter times to Air Cadets and airshows. So don’t think that my brief overview here begins to cover all the exciting content.

All things considered, Marc-André’s book is a bargain at the sticker price of $60.00 + $12.00 postage (Canada only, so USA and overseas please contact me for a shipping price) + tax $3.60 … Total in Canada $75.60 How to order? PayPal to larry@canavbooks.com, or post a cheque to CANAV Books, 51 Balsam Ave., Toronto ON M4E3B6.

Exile Air: World War II’s Little Norway in Toronto and Muskoka

Andrea Baston has spent years working on the history of this epic WWII story. Her wonderful history finally is in print.

To begin, Andrea provides an in-depth description of the 1940 Nazis invasion of Norway, and how Norway and the UK struggled valiantly to stave off disaster. Detailed coverage of the air war including RNoAF 1920s Fokkers and RAF biplane Gladiators putting up a strenuous defence.

Norway is overwhelmed, but the government, treasury, many citizens, etc. make it to the UK. By June 1940 arrangements are made to establish a Norwegian air training plan in Canada. “Little Norway” is established at Toronto Island Airport. Almost a hundred aircraft initially are assigned, Curtiss P-36 fighters included. Training officially begins in November. All the details are given, including the expected growing pains and how Little Norway dovetailed with the BCATP. Besides all the training, housing, contracts, administration, accidents, sports, social life in Toronto all are part of this outstanding new book – this is really an all-encompassing treatment. Then, Little Norway opens a new base in the Muskoka area to the north. Here, new pilots train on the Fairchild Cornell. Eventually, the Norwegian graduates end up manning RAF squadrons flying Spitfires, Catalinas, etc. All this also is carefully covered.

Many personal profiles (based on in-depth research and interviews) are part of the content and everything is described in detail to war’s end. The aftermath also is covered, including such important events as unveiling commemorative monuments and plaques in Toronto and Muskoka. This beautifully-produced, large format, 240-page softcover is one of the most important Canadian aviation stories in recent years. It includes many first-class photos, essential maps, notes, bibliography and index. An all-around beauty of an aviation book. $30.00 + $12.00 Canada Post + $2.10 tax = $ 44.10 (Canada). USA and overseas CDN$52.00. PayPal directly to larry@canavbooks.com, or post a cheque by snailmail to CANAV Books, 51 Balsam Ave., Toronto, Ontario M4E 3B6 Canada.

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John Colton, another Typhoon pilot

Letters from the Past

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Our Ancestors

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This is the introduction to the story.


My Uncle Charlie (Charles David Knight) was my mother’s brother. He served in World War II from 22 Dec 1942 – 14 Oct 1945. Born 14 Aug 1915 in Westbrook, Cumberland, Maine, USA; he was the oldest of five children in the Frank and Nina Knight household. He enlisted in the Army at the age of 27 hoping his younger brother, Eugene, would not be drafted. He did boot camp at Camp McCoy in Wisconsin and was deployed overseas beginning in Northern Ireland for 10 months training as part of Operation Overload, for the Normandy invasion. On June 7, 1944 (D Day +1) the division stormed Omaha Beach. His division liberated vital port city Brest on September 18, 1944 and seized Roer River Dam on December 11, 1944. His division…

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Someone’s uncle

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This is what’s it’s all about…

My Uncle Charlie (Charles David Knight) was my mother’s brother. He served in World War II from 22 Dec 1942 – 14 Oct 1945. Born 14 Aug 1915 in Westbrook, Cumberland, Maine, USA; he was the oldest of five children in the Frank and Nina Knight household. He enlisted in the Army at the age of 27 hoping his younger brother, Eugene, would not be drafted. He did boot camp at Camp McCoy in Wisconsin and was deployed overseas beginning in Northern Ireland for 10 months training as part of Operation Overload, for the Normandy invasion. On June 7, 1944 (D Day +1) the division stormed Omaha Beach. His division liberated vital port city Brest on September 18, 1944 and seized Roer River Dam on December 11, 1944. His division held key roads leading to Liege and Antwerp during Battle of the Bulge. The last days of war his division spent moving across Czechoslovakia, and met Soviet allies in Pilsen.

While serving his country, he wrote over 200 letters to his parents and they were saved. I have the great opportunity to read these letters and share with my readers my uncle’s feeling, fears, hopes, and concerns of a soldier while serving his country overseas in World War II in the European Theater of the war. I will use information obtained from several sources to determine where my uncle’s battalion was likely located on the day he wrote the letter I will be sharing on the specific post in my blog. The blog is entitled “World War II in the Words of My Uncle.” He will become a Sergeant during the war.