About Remembering – Introduction

A request…

My name is CWO Frank Raeman MSM and I am a proud serving member of the Belgian Army. Since the age of 11, my interest has been the 154 airmen of the Air Forces who lost their life and who are or were buried at three cemeteries nearby: Adegem Canadian War cemetery, Eeklo Town cemetery and Maldegem Communal cemetery.

In fact my interest goes to a total of 209 airmen, including those who were taken POW or managed to get back to England. My goal is to write the story about those men but also a biography including where they came from, who were they, what was their background, when and where did they join, where were they initialy buried, where are they reburied.

All of this will be illustrated, when possible of course, with a photograph of the airmen, their initial and present burial place, etc. As you can understand it has been and still is a work of many hours but through all the years I am very happy to have been helped by families and friends of the airmen and the help of numerous researchers and (amateur) historians all over the world.

Now I would like to ask you very humbly if you or your contacts could help me find a photograph and/or information of the following Canadians I am still looking for?

Here are their names:

Sgt Bradley, Norman William RCAF 419 Sqn (POW June 17, 1942),

FSgt George, Richard RCAF 25 OTU ( KIA September 11, 1942),

Sgt Hutchinson, David RCAF 408 Sqn (POW June 13, 1943),

WO King, William RCAF 409 Sqn (Safe December 12, 1944),

FO Love, Fred RCAF (POW May 2, 1944),

Sgt McGowan, Norman RCAF 14 OTU (POW August 1, 1942),

FL McKenna, Donald RCAF 403 Sqn (KIA September 8, 1941),

PO McLean, David RCAF 14 OTU (KIA August 1, 1942),

WO2 Noble, George RCAF 101 Sqn (POW July 21, 1944),

Sgt Rayment, Frederick RCAF 408 Sqn (POW June 13, 1943),

PO Trites, Alan RCAF 51 Sqn (POW August 19, 1941)

PO John Watson RCAF (POW May 31, 1941).

I know it is a long shot but these are the last of the 97 RCAF airmen I am looking for. I want to stipulate that I am only looking for scans or duplicates of photographs and documents relating to the airmen and that it is not my intention to obtain original items! My sole goal is to write the book so people will know what happened and will be able to see who those men were instead of imaginating them when visiting one of the headstones at the three above named cemeteries.

I am still looking for a number of RAF casualties too so if you want their names, please feel free to contact me at


Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely, CWO Frank Raeman MSM