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This is what you get when you find this blog by chance. It’s about unsung heroes who never told their stories…

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How I came about to create this blog is such a long story it’s easy to get lost. This is why you have to use the search button or better try to contact me with a story of an unsung hero who never told his story like my wife’s uncle who was a stoker on HMCS Athabascan G07.

HMS « Jenny » Wren

On 27 July 1940, HMS Wren and Montrose raced to aid two stricken minesweepers under attack by German dive-bombers. It was to cost the Wren dear; at least three bombs struck the Wren and she sank soon thereafter. 37 of her crew lost their lives when she went down, fortunately my grandfather wasn’t among them.

HMS « Jenny » Wren