Jim L’Esperance

I had to start a new blog when I wanted to talk about the sinking of the Athabaskan. It is called Souvenirs de guerre.

The story was too vast for Nos Ancêtres, my blog on genealogy.

Since August 17, my research brought me to Manitoba.

This is where Jim L’Esperance lived.

His son Jim wrote me several times.

Today, his daughter Sharon just wrote me.

Jim and Sharon will send me by mail photocopies of the documentation they have concerning their father.

This is a picture of the reunion of the Athabaskan crew taken in 1971.

Athabaskan 1971 with numbers

My friend Yves Dufeil, who lives in France, sent it to me.

This is a close-up…

Jim Lesperance 1

Jim L’Esperance

I wrote to Sharon…

Hi Sharon,

Thanks a million for all the info you can provide.

On another note, I am also an amateur genealogist.
I write a blog on genealogy and in this blog I wrote about a family, the Bohemiers, who moved from Ste-Anne-des-Plaines to Manitoba in the 1880’s.

I was always fascinated by history and now genealogy is my passion. I was an history teacher for only two years in a 34-year career.

Can you provide me with some info on your father’s parents and grandparents so I can trace back his ancestors ? They surely come from Québec.

This is the link to my first two articles I wrote in January 2008.


I talked about my great-grandfather Édouard Métayer. As a child, I remembered his picture on my grandmother’s dresser.
Édouard Métayer died following injuries he sustained while responding to a fire in 1928. I never knew him of course (I was born in 1948), but now after all my research I know him well and I traced back his ancestors.

As for your father’s ancestors, I will use the Canadian census to help me and parish registers if I know where his ancestors were married.

Thanks again,


I think you know what I want to do with that information… but that’s between me, Sharon and Jim.


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