Kenneth G. Roberts DFC, CD

Written 11 years ago and updated with this comment I have just received…

Ken was my mentor and close friend. I wrote a profile on him when I was in journalism school at Carleton U. in the mid to late 90s. I attended his funeral in Ottawa in ’97 and the profile was shared among his friends.

I will look for a copy to share here. He wrote other things, including a long story for children that I don’t think was ever published. He was on dialysis last few years. I remember he smoked and once when three of us were standing around smoking, I went to give him a light and he stopped me, explaining why the third light was bad luck: the enemy would spot you on the first light, aim at the second and shoot on the third.

While I had the pleasure of spending many hours listening to his stories and agree that The Way it Was is a great poem, Ken never spoke much about the way. My copy of the Way it Was is signed by him and says: “A life of research and writing is a great satisfaction.” Ken was a writer and my mentor.

Today, Nov. 11, I honor his memory as a veteran of WWII and am happy to read your account of his heroic life as Squadron Leader. Thank You.

Little is known about Squadron Leader Ken Roberts. I looked him up on Google. Not much. But since he received a DFC, I knew where to look.  Click here… ROBERTS, P/O Kenneth Godfrey (J89779) – Distinguished Flying Cross – No.158 Squadron – Award effective 15 March 1945 as per London Gazette dated 27 March 1945 and AFRO 1085/45 […]

Kenneth G. Roberts DFC, CD

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