A humbling experience

I am turning 66 by the end of the month although I am still that little 10 year-old who is still standing in front  of  a display window of a men’s clothing store on Jean-Talon street in Montreal.


I am a humble person by nature, and I like to help people.

I have met several veterans since 2009 either in person or virtually.

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The first one was my wife’s uncle, a sailor  aboard  HMCS Athabaskan. All those meetings  were a most humbling experience. Seeing young kids almost 70 years later with all their recollections about WWII is most humbling.

All the veterans I met were humble except one, and I could write a book on that experience. People would not believe me so that’s the reason I will not never write about it. This veteran air gunner led me to create a blog about him and his squadron, 425 Les Alouettes, a squadron I never knew had ever existed  before I met him.

logo escadron 425

When I found out he was using me for his own self-serving projects, I decided to virtually “shoot him down” on that blog. That was in August 2010.

Four years later the scars of being used are still there. But these scars are nothing compared to the scars of the veterans I met virtually or in person…


26 thoughts on “A humbling experience

  1. Sadly, there are always people on this earth that are looking for opportunities to take advantage of others. I like to think they exist so we can truly appreciate the kind, the honest and the decent people that come into our lives. Let it go and be assured that you have not only enlightened us all with your website, allowing the sharing of incredible memories, both sad and happy but also reconnected friends, family and ensured that those who have past will live on in the sharings on your website. Joyeux Noël et Bonne et Nouvel An en santé.

      1. A 84 year-old man looking for his hero when he was a teenager… Eugene Gagnon, a Mosquito pilot.

        George Stewart another Mosquito pilot who flew with him.
        The daughter of Paul Beaudet, George’s navigator. George had lost track of Paul…

        The list goes on and on…

    1. As a footnote… meeting George in Hamilton in 2011 led me in meeting the grandson of Walter Neil Dove.
      Google that name and read one post a day. You will be in January 2016 when you read the last one.

    1. One day the truth will surface, and some people will have a red face…
      I won’t be the one to break the story. It’s much too big!

  2. Sorry you had to experience a veteran using you in that way. Just keep in mind the great work you’re doing now with all these interesting WW2 stories you always seem to find. I hope you can forget what happened and move forward by continuing your memory project about all those who fought in WW2. You’re doing an amazing job.

    1. It did not come across the wrong way.
      Meeting this veteran opened a lot of new doors,and made me realise I had to be more careful.

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