This weekend, Superbowl LIV will be played at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens Florida, in front of an expected crowd of 65,326. In 1938, forty-five times that number were mobilized in the first four days alone, primarily children, relocated from cities and towns across Great Britain to the relative safety of the countryside.

via January 29, 1944 Operation Pied Piper — Today in History

Message from Holland to Jane

Bussum – Holland 19th August 2019

Hello Jane, I have about finished the family-tree Sulkers in honour of your father and published it on internet a couple of days ago., my best friend ever ! As you may remember your father and I searched for the grave of his aunt Adriana and visited Canadian wargraves. We met in Holland several times, the last time being the moment (august 2003) when finally I found the grave of Adriana in 2003. You may see the tree via the following link:

I would love to come into contact with you and brother Neil as I am planning to visit the grave of father Herm in due time.

Kindest regards,

Roelf Schrik – Bussum – Holland