In 2014 I had found a blog which paid homage to RCAF 404 Squadron. I wrote back then that I would not start a new blog about 404 Squadron, a squadron that I had never heard about before.

You can’t click here no more for a Website that was dedicated to this RCAF squadron.

There was a page on Black Friday


Black Friday

On 9 February, the Z.33, a Narvik class destroyer, accompanied by escort vessels (including a sperrbrecher), two minesweepers, tugs and trawlers, was found stationary in Førde Fjord by two Recce Beaufighters of 489 Squadron. Amongst various other local fjords, the recce aircraft reported, “no less than 5 transports were seen in Nord-Gulen, the largest between 4000-5000 tons, very attractive targets indeed. ” Even though normal operations would target the merchant vessels the warships were rare prizes and it was decided that this difficult target warranted attack.

There were awesome pictures to see.

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