Who remembers (J/10751) William James Stangel?

I’m the daughter of the listed William James Stangel. He went on to serve in the USAAF, flying a P-51 Mustang and with five “kills” was listed as a Flying Ace. I would be very much interested in hearing from anyone who had any information about his time in the RCAF. For  now William James … Continue reading Who remembers (J/10751) William James Stangel?

Who remembers R J Hetherington?

Flight Lieutenant  (Raymond Joseph) R J Hetherington, from Morrinsville, New Zealand, was with  33 Squadron, service number 414290. For  now he is just  a name on a list… on this  blog. http://rcafdunnville.blogspot.ca/ Course 44: December 6, 1941 – March 27. 1942 Wing Commander Patriarche addressed the graduates. “This coming year is going to be an … Continue reading Who remembers R J Hetherington?