The Stampede Sabre Saga

Updated 9 September 2022 with these comments A fantastic piece and very timely with the SPAADS reunion in Montreal taking place this week. One note- correction; North American Aviation used an Inglewood, Ca. mailing address. The actual plant(s) were in El Segundo, California. About ¼ of El Segundo was taken up with aviation plants, and still is. Boeing, Grumman, Raytheon & etc. Part of NAA was North of Imperial Highway, and thus in City of Los Angeles, adjacent to what we know as LAX Having lived in Los Angeles area ( including Inglewood), I am somewhat aware of the role aviation played in the growth of LA especially the South Bay area From Douglas in Santa Monica …to Douglas in Long Beach with Hughes, Boeing McDonnell, Grumman and a million smaller shops in between. Cheers, Mike A second comment as the location in a photo of the 413 Sq is not on station at Zweibrucken Germany but at Volkel Holland while on Exercise “Lucifer”, late August/ Early September 1954. My Dad is just to the left in 23139 RCAF/ DND has a number of great pictures taken at this time. Thank you both for this fantastic work ! I have F/O Kaye’s log here if I can look up or help with any information. Dad was also involved in transporting MKII’s to Turkey and training pilots in July 1954 Mike Kaye

Research by Clarence Simonsen The Stampede Sabre Jet Click on the link above. Text version with the images found in the PDF document) The Stampede Sabre Saga Each year in July, the City of Calgary, Alberta, holds an annual ten-day rodeo billed as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” This exhibition, festival, and rodeo attracts […]

The Stampede Sabre Saga