Searching for information on Jean-Paul Michaud

More about 425 Alouette Squadron

RCAF 425 Alouettes III

On November 15, 2014, I had this comment from a reader on the original version of my blog dedicated to the Alouettes…

My father Jean-Paul Michaud was a KW Lancaster pilot with the 425 Alouettes squadron during WWII. I don’t know a lot about it since he died when I was very young and my mother knew very little about it because he refused to talk about the war. If through this blog I could know a little more about his history and the man he was, I would be delighted.

In 2014, there was not much information about Jean-Paul Michaud.

Five years later, this is what that reader sent me to help me find more about her father who did not talk about his service with 425 Alouette…

Jean-Paul Michaud

LA PATRIE 1943-03-19_12 (PDF)

La Patrie 1943-09-01_04

La Patrie 1944-08-14b

La Patrie 1944-11-29_02

La Presse 1944-05-16_03

La Presse 1944-05-23_03

La Presse 1944-11-28_03

To be continued…

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