D-Day for Rossie

D-Day for Rossie

Message from Nicolas Paquin

Ross Eveleigh Johnson is a young Quebec pilot who was involved in the Second World War. On July 15, 1944, he was killed by German artillery fire. He has been forgotten for decades, and no monument pays tribute to him in Normandy.

This fundraising campaign will be used to build a monument to his memory. A work of visual art that bears witness to the uselessness of wars and the waste of lives they represent.

Contribute now to the height you want. As much as you can. As for me, who has chosen to carry out this project, I will send my little collection of stories of our soldiers, Le Nerf de la guerre, to all those who have donated $25 or more.

Thank you!

Click here to be directed to the gofundme site.


SHORT STORY – John Caulton Spitfire Pilot



Of Enemies And Friends

This is a short article of my Grandfather John Jeremy Caulton’s encounter with Major Hans Joachim Jabs during WW2. For a longer version please see the “Full Story” page.

John Caulton, retired and living in Havelock North, New Zealand and Hans Joachim Jabs, also retired and living in Ludenscheid, West Germany, became the best of friends.

Theirs is a unique friendship forged from a desperate few seconds in the skies over Holland many years ago. It was April 1944 and Jabs (pronounced “Yarbs”) – a Messerschmitt BF110 pilot with the German Luftwaffe – tried to kill Caulton in a one-on-one air battle. Caulton too, had the same fate in mind for Jabs as he aimed his near new Mk IX Spitfire at the distant outline of the Bf110.