22 April 1944

75 years ago, 128 sailors had only one more week to live…

On 29 April 1944 at about 0300 hours Athabaskan was patrolling with her sister Tribal-class destroyer Haida in support of a British minelaying operation off the coast of France near the mouth of the Morlaix River. She received the first of a series of Admiralty orders to intercept German warships near Ile de Bas (sometimes ‘Île de Batz’) as spotted by coastal radar in southern England. During the subsequent engagement with German naval vessels, Athabaskan was torpedoed and sank. 128 men were lost, 44 were rescued by Haida and 83 were taken prisoner by three German minesweepers sortied from the coast after the departure of Haida.

2 thoughts on “22 April 1944

    1. Linking stories isn’t? HMCS Athabaskan and HMCS HAida were escorting minelaying ships before D-Day and attacking the German navy remaining ships there…

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