Lest We Forget – Remembrance Day 2018

Last month I got this message about paying homage to a sailor.

My husband’s Uncle was William Donald McCrindle. He is one of the missing men from that fatal night. We are going to France next week and making our way to Roscoff, Isle de Batz and area by end of month. He will be the first of his family to go to Donald’s final resting place. Donald was very close to my husband’s mother and his last letter was to her. Overwhelming to finally have family go.

To be continued here

HMCS Athabaskan 11

9 thoughts on “Lest We Forget – Remembrance Day 2018

    1. Will do later next week. I will mostly send my readers to view the acesofww2.com website. All the information is there.

      1. If you want to add something more personal, I can update the post. I don’t want to copy and past what is already on that Website since i know the Webmaster.

      2. I will be adding a personal touch later. I think you will like what I will write.

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