Remembrance Day 2018 – Leading Stoker Ralph Cummins

Remembrance Day 2018 will remember all the sailors who were aboard HMCS Athabaskan G07 on April 29th, 1944.

These two photos were shared by Paul Sulkers whose father was Herm Sulkers.

Old photo - WW 11-2_mod

old photo WW 110002

Paul had a mission to identify all these sailors. Many were identified since 2009. Everytime someone would write a comment about his or her relative I would go full speed ahead to find more about him.

This was the case of Leading Stoker Ralph Cummins yesterday. 

My grandfather was POW on this ship. I am not sure of his position, his name was Ralph Cummins and I am positive he is #9 in the group photo. I can’t tell you how it touches my heart to see these pictures.

Gérard Tourangeau




15 thoughts on “Remembrance Day 2018 – Leading Stoker Ralph Cummins

  1. My Dad, Petty Officer James Tickner, Royal Navy was in Marlag in Westertimke too. He was captured after scuttling Steam Gunboat 7 in the Baie de la Seine. On page 30 of his POW log there is a lined ink drawing of HMCS ATHABASKAN drawn by L/Sig. A.B. Thrasher, Toronto, Canada. If I can possibly upload the photo of the drawing here I will.

  2. Regarding Leading Stoker Cummins, Stoker Ernie Takalo, is still living in ThunderBay. He may be able to shed light on Cummins. I can provide contact info if the Cummins family would like to contact me.

  3. Just in case my dad has not been identified, I have circled him in the picture.

    Ernie Anderson


    Thank you for all the work you do!

    Karen Anderson

  4. Thanks Pierre

    I’ve updated the photo captions for the pics on my site with him in them.

    Could you pass my email address on to L/Sto Cummins’ granddaughter please.  I’d like to get info on when he passed for the Crossed the Bar section on my site.

    Yours aye


  5. My Great Uncle, and Godfather, was William E. Connolly. He is number 11 in the image above. Signalman on the Athabaskan, and one of the POWs. He is also in the picture from “Ripples in the Water” of the boys returning home (he is in the center of the picture – fifth from the left).

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