Scary…when you think of it nowadays.


The following may be a little contentious. It may offend and annoy some people. I don’t intend that. I just thought that maybe there are some things that need saying. If you don’t like it you don’t have to say. Just wait a little and I’ll write something about birds or sunsets.

The 1930s saw a great depression, world-wide, and at the same time the rise of Nazi Germany. Hitler, and his National Socialist party needed a scapegoat and this was found by playing on the deep-seated antagonism many held for the Jews. Now notice he didn’t talk about the money lenders and the industrialists who were accused of undermining the economy. No. Hitler lumped ALL Jews together and blamed them.
Years went by and millions of Jews and Communists and Socialists and Gypsies and the physically and mentally handicapped were destroyed , executed, massacred or starved to death. Then…

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