Preserving the past

Sergeant Gerald Thomas Padden

The wireless operator in Horace Bagnall’s crew…

has been found!


Hi Pierre,

Stuart Goff is the last man on the right in the top row. I also have a letter from him taking about his life on the base around the time of his commencement of his second tour. I have sent a copy to Graham Padden as well.

I got re interested in this on seeing the story on YouTube about the Stirling found in Normandy and that the French don’t want to investigate the crash see below.

Thanks Rod


Sgt. Stuart John Goff was on his second tour. Stuart had survived the first one.

This is the letter he wrote to his Uncle…


Dear Uncle, many thanks for your letter…page-2




Cheerio and best of luck.
Your loving nephew


Letter courtesy Rod Mountford

The letter will be transcribed later  for posterity…

Two airmen in Horace Bagnall’s crew…

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4 thoughts on “Preserving the Past – Stuart Goff Wireless Operator

  1. Really, preserving the past is what you and I are all about. In fact my other half noticed an ad in yesterday’s paper about the Wings of Freedom Tour coming back to Boca Raton airport the end of this moth. Two years ago I went and saw the B-24, P-51, and B-17, but now I see they have added the Mitchell B-25 – so we’ll be going back!! [it was too much to ask that they add a P-61, eh?]

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