Paying Homage to Pilot Officer Donald Hickson

About an unsung hero who flew with RAF 203 Squadron.


Pilot Officer Donald Hickson was assigned to RAF 203 Squadron he completed 23 reconnaissance sorties as observer / navigator / second pilot flying in Martin Maryland IIs and Baltimores over the Mediterranean Sea.

His story will be told by his son on a new blog.

RAF 203 Squadron


This site is dedicated to the memory of all those aircrew that served in the Commonwealth Air Forces during World War Two. The numbers are astounding. Some 185,600 aircrew served and approximately 70,200 made the ultimate sacrifice. The number of sorties flown and the number of aircraft lost is also difficult to comprehend.

  • Bomber Command – 392,100 sorties and 9,100 aircraft lost
  • Fighter Command – 700,200 sorties and 3,500 aircraft lost
  • Coastal Command – 235,700 sorties and 1,600 aircraft lost

To the best of my knowledge, there were about 126 Squadrons in the RAF, RCAF, RAAF, RNZAF and other Commonwealth Air Forces.

Obviously, the subject is much too broad to cover in any meaningful way in a single blog.

In particular, this blog is dedicated to those who served with RAF 203 Squadron during World War Two and all relevant submissions are welcomed.

I will make periodic posts about…

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