73 years ago today…

Albert Dugal received posthumously the medal of l’Assemblée nationale du Québec November 11th, 2016. His sister Claire received it.


RCAF 425 Les Alouettes

Jacques Desjardins had written a tribute to his uncle Albert Dugal. What he had written  in French was so touching that I had told him it had to be translated in English.

Jacques had a cousin who did just that…!

Her name is Thérèse Kirouac. She too wanted to pay homage to her uncle…


I would like to talk to you about my uncle, Flight Sergeant J. J-B. Albert Dugal, member of l’Escadron 425 Les Alouettes during the last World War. He died on March 3, 1943 during a bombing mission on Hamburg; he was the «bomb aimer» during this mission.

bomb aimer

I never knew my uncle, as I was born 11 months after he passed away. My grandmother and my mother, his sister, kept his memory alive for me. He was that brave hero who sacrificed his life for his country and liberty. But who was he exactly?



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2 thoughts on “73 years ago today…

    1. Thanks. Helen remarried 12 years later. She waited in the hope he would come back. This story isn’t over yet because we have found Helen’s daughter from her second marriage.

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