Time to remember…

Herm Sulkers…


And Harry Shave…


Harry and Paul…


 Time to remember the good old time…


Herm Sulkers

athab 2


14 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Remembrance Day – Collection Harry Shave

      1. That as the figure I had. Thank you for the links. And thank you for the prompt. I am just about to repost the story of my uncle who died at Badia on the first day that Australian troops engaged the enemy in WWll and a remembrance for my maternal Grandfather who died in France in WWl.

      1. Herm’s son Paul had shared the two large group pictures of HMCS Athabaskan. This enabled us to identify more sailors since then.

    1. Lawrence R. Johnson killed… body found… grave in Plouescat.
      Edgar E. Bieber killed… body never found… MPD Missing presumed dead

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