A lifetime research about tail art found on V-2 rockets

Feel free to share this post because preserving the past is important.


Preserving the Past

Research and story by Clarence Simonsen

All right reserved

Table of Contents

The Title (Published 22 July 2016 – click on the link.)

Cover page copyright

The Preface (Published 1 August 2016 – click on the link.)

Preface 3

Dedication – The 555 Russian and Polish POWs killed 18 August 1943 (Published 8 August 2016 – Click on the link.)

Dedication 1

Other posts every Monday…

History introduction – Maya Goddess of the Moon, [IXCHEL] , and other folklore (To be published on 15 August 2016)

Chapter One – Aggregat V-Missile (To be published on 22 August 2016)

Chapter Two – German Rocket Nudity (To be published on 29 August 2016)

Chapter Three – WWII German Luftwaffe Aircraft Insignia (To be published on 5 September 2016)

Chapter Four – WWII German U-Boat Insignia (To be published on 12 September 2016)

Chapter Five – The Hitler Youth Organization (To be published on 19 September 2016)

Chapter Six –…

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