I visited the ship that saved Norris John Legh in 2011.

Little did I know back then that my interest in HMCS Haida would be rekindled in 2016 by someone who left a comment…

My father was one picked up by her sister ship, just wanted to thank you for all you are doing in the memory of those who served, my father’s name Norris John Legh.

Little did I know that Michael’s father was on that picture in the book page 141.

Haida with survivors

Norris John Legh 001-1

Norris John Legh

Little did I know that he was also in more pictures in the book.

Especially this one with the wrong caption identifying him as Stu Kettles…

Norris John Legh 003.jpg


5 thoughts on “Pictures of HMCS Haida taken in 2011

      1. When I went to Hamilton in 2011, I also went to Dunnville, Ontario, to visit a little museum dedicated to No. 6 SFTS. Eugène Gagnon got his wings there.

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