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This  is  the  best  book  review  written about  Unlucky Lady – The  Life  & Death  of HMCS  Athabaskan.

It was  never  written  but told by Norris  John  Legh to his  son Michael.


Norris John Legh was aboard the Unlucky  Lady  on April  29th, 1944. He could  have  been  among  the 128  sailors  who never came  back.

He was lucky to survive.

Athabaskan sinking 1944


3 thoughts on “Read the book!

  1. My Grandfather, Wilfred Henrickson was aboard the HMCS Athabaskan and although he was badly burned and picked up in the water by the Germans, he too was lucky to survive. Thank you for the well deserved attention paid to all of the heroes aboard the ‘Unlucky Lady’.

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