I started writing this blog so I could find people who could have known people who knew my wife’s uncle.

This was my first article…

Click here.

Many people wrote me and shared information and pictures.

Every time I would ask permission to post them. I only share what people permit me to do.

If you have been reading this blog from the start, you know my wife’s uncle did not want to talk much about his ordeal. So I bought the book The Unlucky Lady written by Émile Beaudoin. In the book there is a list of sailors who took part in that fateful mission on April 29, 1944.

Pierre Bachant’s name is not in the book. I can’t find any trace of him in the book. But he has given me enough information to believe that what he said was true. One of these things was that he recognised Thin in this picture…

Thin is in the middle of picture between the two guns. He is all but thin.

Dorothy wrote me last week. She recognised another sailor. She said his name was Jack Edwards. He was from Edmonton, Alberta. Dorothy shared some information with me and even though I had a hard time figuring out who he was refering to in this picture, Dorothy and I had fun exchanging e-mails back and forth to find Jack.

Right, left, port, starboard… I was all confused. At least I knew who Thin was.

Jack is listed in the book under the name John. There is another Edwards in the crew. His name was Lloyd Edwards. He was from Ontario.

I believe it’s him…

Click to zoom in

What’s this blog all about…?

I think you know the answer.

By the way, are you related to Thin?


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