Lucien Riendeau was a sailor aboard HMCS Athabaskan on April 29, 1944. He was Taken on Strength on  March 29, 1944.

His training was on guns so he must have been stationed either with A/B or X/Y turrets.

X/Y turrets sailors circa 1943

Paul Riendeau has no picture of his uncle who served only one month aboard the Unlucky Lady. He is still wondering if this is his uncle Lucien.

Lucien Riendeau

Lucien  Riendeau (1923-1944)? 
circa early April 1944 aboard HMCS Athabaskan

early April 1944

Lucien Riendeau 1


His  nephew Paul  

Lucien and Paul?


22 thoughts on “Is Lucien Riendeau on that picture?

  1. Pierre you do awesome work and with a side by side I have no other choice but to fully agree with your findings plus if I could ever find on my other computer other photos of myself around the ages of 18 to 25 as myself remember my own looks is the reason that I had picked this sailor as my long lost uncle that I have been wanting to find for over 55 years now. I will keep trying to find Real and Carmen Riendeau but all I know they are still in Ottawa. Carmen is married to Johnny Boyer and lives somewhere in Vanier.
    Thank you for your awesome efforts Pierre.

    God Bless You


  2. As of September 4th 2016 I still have not found definite assurances that Pierre helped me finding my long lost Uncle Lucien Arthur Joseph Riendeau and the only possible way I could make a certified verification is to locate soon his living brother Réal Riendeau that was an employee at OTC bus driver and a sister to Lucien Riendeau is Mrs Carmen Boyer Riendeau married to Jean (Johnny Boyer ) living somewhere in Vanier Ottawa Ontario as Real must be living in possibly lower town Ottawa as he loved lower town Ottawa and is retired from OTC in Ottawa.

    1. This is a long shot but the only way to go Paul.
      Have you tried to contact the union representing the OTC bus drivers.
      They should have some information that could lead you to Réal.
      I would go that way if I were you.

      1. Thanks Pierre that’s one heck of a great idea as my brains have not been able to locate Real or sister Carmen Boyer Riendeau from Vanier . Been beating myself for not being able to locate both brother and sister to my Uncle Lucien Arthur Joseph Riendeau and that would be so hard on me to have been actively searching most of my life for informations without making waves about the issue but that now my time is now 68 years old it’s time to start yelling for help before my ship comes to take me away in possibly the very short future without ever finding my longggggg losstttttt Uncle Lucien Arthur Riendeau and to find out as much as possible before I make a trip to his burial site in Plouescat Cemetery in France this coming april 29 th I will be with my uncle and hopefully knowing what he at least looked like in real life. ((( This is so important to put a face to a departed loved one who you have never met buy so closely connected in spirit and soon to meet again hopefully myself going to heaven and cannot wait to shake his awesome hand that saved so many lives in giving his life for us to carry on in peace and free from dictators such was adolf hitler ( NOTICE THE SMALL PRINT as i never wish to respect a dictator that destroyed to many lives such as many other sailors and millions of innocent people all over the world. God Bless our HEROES Rest in Peace Lucien sincerely Your Nephew Paul Riendeau

      2. M Pierre Lagacé you can surely put a $5,000.00 bet I will be finding my uncle Rheal with the H I just knew there was an H to Rhéal’s name as I remembered it for it took me forever to remembering how to ever spell my uncle name’s when Christmas would come around each year ha ha ha and it’s awful to be telling your Uncle I cannot temember how to spell your first name and for years I always mixed it up and I think it will always be that way in making the same spelling error on my own Uncle’s name

        Oh well he forgives me cause he’s Lucien’s Brother whode looking out for me since a young boy because I cherrished my Uncle Lucien Arthur Riendeau in secretly always wanting to connect the missing link. My Uncle Lucien Arthur Joseph Riendeau’s face in real life as he lived such a short 21 years being with us as he gave his life for all of us as did so many others who never had that chance to be like most of us to have enjoyed a full life and to get old. God Bless our Heroes as I have found my personal HERO in my Uncle Lucien Athur Joseph Riendeau able seaman of the HMCS ATHABASKAN G 07 and all who served on the Athabaskan I wish to thank you all for helping us all live a free life without fears ………… sincerely M. Paul Riendeau

      3. My uncle Rheal Riendeau was so very much younger then my uncle Lucien Arthur Joseph Riendeau and was I believe not even born when his brother died on the April 29th 1944 or possibly Rheal was just born as a baby possibly is why we never spoken together about me finding out any informations on my Uncle Lucien with Rheal my uncle possibly not having been told much on his brother’s exploits of being a brother who died on a boat was possibly the only thing that was ever mentioned to Rheal but I hope someone has given Rheal some indications of whom his own brother was and what he looked like or may very well have been given succession photographs of his own brother by family during the years. Myself have not one photo of myself when I was a child or even a baby or do I know the location of my birth other then being Ottawa Ontario somewhere I was told on King Edward street in Ottawa ???? Other then that I have no memories of Lucien Arthur Lucien Riendeau on his looks or even myself as a child. The only photos of myself as a child is a friend who took my photo at age 12 years old in Ottawa sitting on a desk looking very sad.

      4. Pierre thanks to your awesome work I am waiting for a call back from the association as I have left a message to please contact me with any infos on locating my uncle Rheal Riendeau with the H in the right place lol and that’s my uncle on the photo as I remember his appearence from when younger we played many tag games on the front lawn of the grey nuns grassy lawn in front of 388 St-André street in Ottawa Lower town in the 50s and 60s. We all were members of the Patro Of Ottawa situated on St. Andrew Street in Ottawa as it started as the Patro with the directions of the Fathers and several Priests in the middle 50s is when the Patro of Ottawa was formed and I was one of the very first children to be inducted into the ranks of being a member as I sat on a wooden bench listening to a Father Priest that I wish I could remember his name as I will never forget his face or the size of the gentleman father of the Holy Fathers as they were known as he work black glasses on a very large face always having that great big smile to greet his children. Its sad to hearing that some people accuse them of being child molesters and believe me it’s very rare for I have never been even come close by any who socialized with the Patro Of Ottawa or the boys scoots of Ottawa either for that matter. I wish to say a big thank you to Pierre and others who have been responsible in locating my HERO M. Lucien Arthur Joseph Riendeau Able Seaman Gunner on the HMCS ATHABASKAN G 07 1939 – April 29th 1944 May the Unlucky Lady rest in peace with its Sailors whom served Canada God Bless Them …………….. sincerely Paul Riendeau Nephew of Lucien Arthur Joseph Riendeau

      5. J’irai voir aussi le salon funéraire en question ici

        Paru dans : Cyberpresse – Le Droit, Ottawa, ON

        AVIS DE DÉCÈS M. Marcel Riendeau Retraité d’O.C. Transpo décédé le 29 septembre 2012, à l’âge de 85 ans. Il était le fils de feu Ivanhoe Riendeau et de feu Yvonne Dubé et l’époux de Thérèse Routhier. Outre son épouse, il laisse ses enfants: Jean (Diane) et Michel (Connie). Il était le grand-papa de Julie, Monique et Adèle et l’arrière-grand-papa de Logan. Il était également le cher frère de Carmen (Jean-Louis Boyer) et Rhéal. Il laisse également plusieurs beaux-frères, belles-soeurs, neveux, nièces et ami(e)s. Un merci spécial à l’infirmière Joanne Veilleux et son équipe du Centre d’accueil Champlain pour les excellents soins. Il y aura une messe commémorative le vendredi 5 octobre 2012, à 10h30, en l’église Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes (435 ch. Montréal, Ottawa). La famille recevra les condoléances à compter de 10h. En mémoire de M. Riendeau, des dons au Centre d’accueil Champlain seraient grandement appréciés. Vos souvenirs et hommages peuvent être envoyés à; 613-241-3680.

      6. Je crois bien reconnaître mon oncle Réal Riendeau chemise blanche et jeans bleu foncé avec lunettes. C’est possiblement mon oncle Réal Riendeau le frère de mon père et frère de Lucien Arthur Riendeau. Ça c’est très encourageant pour moi de recevoir ces bonnes nouvelles aujourd’hui à en pas croire mes yeux de voir même mon oncle Réal Riendeau car des souvenirs multiples sont envers nous deux depuis nos enfances car mon oncle Réal est beaucoup plus jeune de la famille des frères et soeurs des enfants de Ivanhoe Riendeau Pere et Yvonne Dubé la Mere des enfants multiples de la famille Riendeau.

      7. Mme Linda Savard, présidente du CEPEO, M. Raymond Delage, président du CA CSC Vanier, M. Henri McCambridge, président de l’association locataire du 280, Montfort accompagné de résidents, M. Rheal Riendeau, président de l’association locataire du 300, Lacasse accompagné de résidents, Mme Lucille Collard, viceprésidente du CEPEO, Maître Andrée-Anne Martel, membre du CA CSC Vanier, M. Michael McLellan, membre du CA CSC Vanier, M. Michel Gervais, directeur général CSC Vanier, M. Matthieu Vachon, surintendant de l’éducation, Mme Helena Arruda, directrice secteur counselling et développement communautaire, Mme Caroline Johnston, directrice de l’école élémentaire publique Le Trillium ainsi que Jean-Philippe notre conducteur et autres membres de la communauté.

        –30 –

      8. Je t’ai trouvé Rhéal.

        C’est dans le texte.

        M. Rheal Riendeau, président de l’association locataire du 300, Lacasse accompagné de résidents,

        Get down on the phone!

      9. M. Rheal Riendeau, président de l’association locataire du 300, Lacasse…

        J’ai trouvé ceci.. un article sur Mauril Bélanger

        M. Bélanger a reçu le diagnostic de la sclérose latérale amyotrophique, connue sous la maladie de Lou Gehrig, en novembre 2015. Peu de temps après, malgré les souffrances, il s’est présenté au souper de Noël des locataires du 300, rue Lacasse, une résidence pour aînés du quartier Vanier.
        « Normalement, il restait avec nous pour le souper, mais cette fois, il est parti avant, en pleurant. On a pleuré avec lui. Mauril, ce qu’il a fait pour la communauté, surtout pour les aînés, je lui lève mon chapeau », a dit Rhéal Riendeau, président de l’Association des locataires du 300, Lacasse.
        « Il tenait beaucoup à aider les gens. Il a combattu jusqu’au bout, même avec la maladie », a ajouté M. Riendeau.

      10. Bien c’est comme un miracle de retrouver ces mots dans ma boite à malle que M. Real Riendeau mon oncle et frère de Lucien Arthur Joseph Riendeau est à Ottawa et je vais faire mes démarches pour aller porter visite à mon oncle Réal Riendeau dans les prochains jours merci en grand pour l’aide incroyable. Pas de mots peut décrire mes émotions en ces moments

        Paul Riendeau

      11. Tu m’as mis sur la piste avec le fait qu’il était un chauffeur d’autobus et qu’il vivait dans Vanier.
        Ça m’a pris 30 secondes pour le trouver…
        Lucien doit rire là-haut.

      12. Lucien bien certain il est très heureux car là ça va déboucher enfin le mystérieux visage de Lucien qui va certainement être confirmé d être bien le Matelot mystérieusement une ressemblance dramatique à moi-même quand j’était âgé de 21 ans c’est comme si c’est mon frère propre et c’est vraiment le frère de mon Père M. Ivanhoe (Pete) Riendeau fils de Ivanhoe Riendeau son père et mon Grand-Pere bien aimé car j’adorais mon Grand-Papa et beaucoup je le manque depuis son départ le 8 janvier 1961 et enseveli au cimetiere Notre-Dame-d’Ottawa et demeurait à la même résidence que Lucien Arthur Joseph Riendeau son fils qui demeurait en famille au 388 St-André à Ottawa Basse-ville face au couvent des Soeurs Grises et très prêt du ancien Patro d’Ottawa sur la rue St-Andre à Ottawa.

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