Herm Sulkers and Jim L’Esperance

Final repost of the day.
This one is for you Ed.

Lest We Forget

Herm and Jim were often seen together in pictures I have about the HMCS Athabaskan.

I know a lot because I have been searching a lot since August 2009.

Herm and Jim were both made prisoners on April 29, 1944, and we see them on the ship that brought them back to Canada in 1945.

Jim is in the red rectangle. Herm is of the left just beside him.

I had this next picture in my file.

Jim L’Esperance’s son sent it back in 2009 or 2010.

Herm is on the extreme left and Jim is on the extreme right in the second row.

I never met any of these brave sailors personally, but I know what kind of men they were.

Paul Sulkers had the same picture but with captions. His father Herm Sulkers wrote them.

Jim’s son and Herm’s son are teaming up with their photos to pay…

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3 thoughts on “Herm Sulkers and Jim L’Esperance

  1. Hi Pierre, I follow your site and i figured you would be interested in my information. The unidentified sailor, AKA “the good looking guy”, is actually my Dad! His name is Ernie R. Anderson. He was gunner on the Athabaskan the night it sank, but he is not listed.

    Thanks Pierre!

    Karen Anderson

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