Published 7 years ago.
This one’s for you Michael.

Norris John Legh 002-1

Lest We Forget

This is what Able Seaman Jim L’Esperance told his children…

Jim L’Esperance

Jim in the back extreme right

Jim in Halifax in 1940

Jim in Halifax in 1940

My dad often spoke of Commander Stubbs. He thought the world of him.

I found that was one way to get some information out of him, just ask who was the captain on the Athabaskan and my dad would say what a great man he was.

He said there was a lot of  trouble aboard the ship until Commander Stubbs took command.

Feel free to use any pictures I send especialy for your story on Commander Stubbs.

I know my dad would feel honored to have his picture in a story about that great man.


Tomorrow I will talk about Lieutenant-Commander Stubbs

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2 thoughts on “Commander Stubbs

  1. I don’t know if you are aware but John Stubbs’ decoration, medals and memorial cross are in a museum here in Victoria.

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