Able Seaman Lucien Riendeau is somewhere on one of  these two group pictures  taken in early April 1944.

These were  shared  by Herm Sulkers’son.

Old photo - WW 11-2_mod

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The only way for his nephew Paul  to have a  picture  of his uncle  is to find a family  ressemblance.


7 thoughts on “Just group pictures

  1. To try and find one sailor out of so many sailors from the HMSC ATHABASKAN is like finding a needle in a hay barn,but someday I will eventually finally see one photo of my Uncle who gave his life at the age of 21 years. For me not to be doing my best so I can to see my uncle on a photo is like giving up when he never gave up and I will never give up searching for my uncle Lucien Riendeau.

    1. I will try my best Paul. Posting all this might just help. Lucien is no more just a name on a list.

    1. He has no picture of his uncle so the only clue would be family ressemblance.
      These two pictures have quite large definition so it is not impossible.

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