From Lest We Forget to Lest We Forget II

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24 thoughts on “From Lest We Forget to Lest We Forget II

  1. Yesterday I was asked this question on Quora –

    “I have never been able to find anything like the obituaries available in some of the British newspaper. Here’s one item, for a Canadian, that datelined today: Lt-Cdr Margaret Brooke – obituary . I’m interested in reading about notable Canadians or people that played some role in the life of Canada.”

    The person asking is named Bill Bell ( I’ll link his Quora bio below ) hope you don’t mind by I answered by giving him your name and a link to this blog 🙂

    1. I had seen the Discovery Channel documentary about it. It was well done. I have not seen the others. Thanks for the link.

  2. I just realized my last comment here pertained to Quora, and here I go again. I’m SO disturbed by a question request tonight, I’m sharing my frustrations with you. 🙂
    Question – “Do Canadians genuinely believe that the Canadian military played a decisive role in WWII?”
    My answer –
    “Decisive role” is a fixation of U.S./super-power military hubris. Canadians possess no such quality. The sacrifice/ contributions of our veterans, reside in silent respect within the hearts of our nation. Our reverence recognizes the magnitude of conflict, extending far beyond any inclination to participate in testosterone fueled high fives.
    “Genuinely believe” strikes me as derogatory, as in incredulous to think Canada’s sacrifice made any difference. I lack the slightest inclination to document “decisive” Canadian contributions. To do so would compromise the foundation of my Canadian identity. In truth, it saddens me to think “decisive” is the standard by which “contribution” is measured. Character, dedication, determination, sacrifice and perseverance stand as reasons why Canada is a great nation.
    Sigh 🙂

    1. I knew just a little about that battle.
      There’s an expression in French.
      C’est la guerre.

      Well that’s war for you!

      1. I am sure this was not the first time Canadians paid the brunt of the fight.
        Liberating Holland was another one.

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