9 thoughts on “Quite amazing blog

  1. What an absolutely amazing blog. Those pictures are truly stunning! Such a shame he stopped blogging. I am sitting here on a wet UK Sunday morning with my coffee marveling at these shots. Thank you Pierre for flagging this site up. Rich.

  2. Pierre, I am looking for the son of Athabaskan Hubert Peart. I have lost his name and contact info. He may live in Barrie. Anyway, if you would be so kind as to forward this to him I would appreciate it. FYI and those of your followers who may be interested, I am writing a revision for AllTheShip’s Men, to be published now by BorealisPress. I am seeking those AthaB families who would like their loved ones stories included in the upcoming version. Presently the original is available thru iTunes as an interactive Ebook and thru Amazon As a regular Ebook.

    I can be reached via my website–sherry pringle.com or by email–shelou2005@yahoo.ca. Many thanks Pierre and Happy New Year!

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