Who remembers Léo?

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Lest We Forget II

Taken from an article of the Ottawa Citizen (found on this Webpage) with pictures I found  on different  Websites.

Divergent Portraits of War: Léo Major

by Tony Atherton

ZWOLLE, The Netherlands. If you saw him sitting in a hotel restaurant along the Stationweg in this old walled city, your gaze likely wouldn’t linger.

Just another old man warming himself over a cup of tea, an insubstantial collection of brittle angles in a shapeless overcoat.

But take away 60 years and add 60 pounds. Stand him up on the straight, clean limbs of a 25-year-old and dress him in fatigues. Strap three machine-guns on his back, put a sack of grenades in one hand and a patch over one eye, and what have you got?


Anyone who ever read a Marvel comic in the 1960s would have a ready answer: Sgt. Nick Fury, American G.I. Blood-‘n’-guts, veins-in-his-teeth Nick freakin’ Fury who…

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