Who remembers?

I had no choice…if I wanted to keep remembering  the Fallen

Lest We Forget II

This was intended as a follow up story about LeClare Allerthorn Walker on Lest We Forget.

Walker (2)

I had found his name here on a blog when I started my research.

This is what little information there was.

Course 30: May 16 – August 20, 1941
Squadron Leader A.V. Ashdown, Chief Accounting Officer, Camp Borden, presented the pilot “wings” assisted by Group Capt. R. S. Grandy, O.B.E., Commandant, and Flt-Lieut S. F. Douglass, Adjutant.

Squadron Leader Ashdown addressed the young pilots following the presentation.

“The awarding of these badges here today marks the culmination of a carefully planned course which you all have completed in a creditable manner. Shortly, you will enter more intensively into the training for the object for which you entered the service – to defeat and destroy our common enemy, an enemy as cunning and resourceful as he is barbarous and ruthless. This task will require all…

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