Building the Alaska Highway


19 thoughts on “Building the Alaska Highway

      1. Most interesting.

        French-Canadians were no treated the same way, but racism was also present in the armed forces towards French-Canadians.

        My wife’s uncle struck an officer on his ship because of racist remarks the officer had made. That was after the Athabascan ordeal he went through. He said little. It could have been after the war.

        He was put in the brig for 90 days. When he was released, they put him back in the brig for another 90 days. He said the maximum was 90 days for such an offence. So that’s how they managed to add to his sentence.

        When he got out, he told us he was mad as hell at everybody.

        I have had similar stories told about racism in those days.

      2. Guess what GP…

        When you reach 1000 you’ll be scratching your head and pondering why you have been writing so much…

        Your old mentor

      3. Exactly GP…

        No one deserves to be left unknown… that’s my bottom line.

        Every December 18, I think of Larry Dubois who died on December 18, 1944. And on December 24, I think of his brother Eddy whom I never had the chance of meeting. He died on December 24, 2010 before we could meet.

        Now you know GP why you will never stop writing.

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