The log book


RAF 238 Squadron


The most precious souvenir of any airman.

His whole career is written inside for all to read. Most  airmen will never talk about what they did in the war. When they take off for their last mission, their precious  log book is left on the runway to be picked up by someone  who knows how precious it is…

Lest We  Forget

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3 thoughts on “The log book

  1. My Mother-in-Law recently showed me her Father’s log-book, he was a USAAF P-51 pilot in Europe. I felt humbled and tremendously privileged to read his accounts of air combat over Germany. He wrote notes in the margins about his feelings of fear and at times elation at participating in missions escorting B-17’s. He never spoke of his wartime career, he was a humble man and I am in awe of the men who undertook these dangerous sorties in the name of freedom. Thank you Pierre for highlighting this immensely important subject.

    1. Now can you tell me how come so many log books find their way in a garbage bin?

      This is why I post on my blogs every log book people share with me.

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