An act of compassion – must read

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it was not the soldiers he fought against but the faulty leaders and prejudices that make men war with each other


8 thoughts on “An act of compassion – must read

  1. It must have weighed heavily on his mind though; the thought that the Japanese pilot could re-enter circulation and even kill a fellow American or Allied pilot/troops/sailors. I wonder if they ever did learn who the Japanese pilot was and what he did after this incident

    1. My thoughts exactly… but I hope he did survived and got back home and lived to raise children.

      Writing about the war made me realise how young generations are still being used to wage wars all over the world…

    1. I read all that he said about the war during the signing of the profile.
      Very thought provoking.
      The remarks made by John Mollison are also interesting about politicians.

      1. Little by little democracy is dying all over the world because of politicians… In fact has it ever existed?

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